This Just In: Robin Sparkles “Sand Castles in the Sand”

robin sparkles sand castles in the sandNo doubt hoping to generate buzz in anticipation of the long rumored album re-release, this TV Addict has just obtained a ‘leaked’ version of Robin Sparkles “Sand Castles in the Sand.”

Whether or not ‘Castles’ will live up to the hype of Sparkles previous hit “Let’s Go to the Mall” remains to be seen. But with guest stars like James Van Der Beek, Canadian icon Alan Thicke and original pop princess Tiffany lined up for Monday’s episode, executive producers/creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas don’t seem to be taking any chances.

Judge for yourself when HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER unspools “Sand Castles in the Sand” this Monday April 21. And assuming you don’t mind really cheesy ballads stuck in your head all afternoon, simply press play on the icon below for the full version of “Sand Castles in the Sand.” But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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  • John K.

    Ha. Sure, the song and video are hilarious, but I’m laughing at Thicke being called a “Canadian icon.” Your little country is so adorable, no wonder our funniest shows use it as comedy fodder. That’s why Canada’s the best: HIMYM can create a character who’s primary comedic character flaw is her nationality, and Canadians are more than appreciative of the fact that at least we’re acknowledging your nation’s existence.

  • John K.

    As you’ve clearly discovered, us Canadians are a wee bit insecure! Anytime Americans recognize we’re not a really big state, we’re thrilled.

  • Robin D.

    Love the new song!(and the bit of the video we’ve seen). I knew they’d have her say “sorry” again. They really love to make fun of our pronunciation I guess, ha ha ha!

    And, have to admit, was exited at the Alberta mention! Whoo!

  • Aileen

    That song is so cheesy…yet so oddly catchy. Whoever wrote it is awesome.

    I love that Robin is Canadian, but out of the five friends she is the one who loves guns.

  • i love robin!! she is most definitely my favourite character on HIMYM. Canadians rock regardless.

  • jamie

    “my friends said i was a fool…your a fool….shut up…”

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