Good News: Joss Whedon announced on his blog that ANGEL alum Amy Acker will join the cast of DOLLHOUSE as Dr. Claire Saunders, the overseer of the ‘dolls’. Bad News: Having yet to watch BUFFY or ANGEL [sacrilegious I know!] this TV Addict isn’t nearly as excited about the news as he probably should be.

Good News: ‘S’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘N’ and the rest of the Upper East Side Alphabet finally return to TV with brand new episodes of GOSSIP GIRL starting Monday. Bad News: You better be home on Monday, as the CW just announced that the final five episodes of the season will not be streamed online [but will be available on iTunes].

Good News: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT alums Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Henry Winkler reunite for a new FOX series titled SIT DOWN, SHUT UP. Bad News: The pilot executive produced by DEVELOPMENT mastermind Mitch Hurwitz is animated. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT part deux it ain’t.

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  • tboc

    you serioulsy need to watch some Buffy & Angel.

  • tboc,

    I promise, it will be my summer project. Truthfully, I’ve seen the first two episodes of BUFFY, and was seriously letdown. That said, everybody says the show really kicks into high gear starting with the second season. So I suppose I’ll simply have to power through the first thirteen to get to the good stuff.

  • paketep

    Buffy S1 is hard. It picks steam on S2, and by S3 you can’t stop watching.

  • Dana

    Seriously I can’t believe you have not watched Buffy. Trust me when I say once you start, really start watching it, you will love it. You have to watch the first few episodes with a level of patience, they are corny but enjoyable. I have been reading your blog since you started and I really need you to watch Buffy, I would love to read your comments on the show as you go through. It is always fun to read peoples reactions as they go through the show.

  • NikkiHolly

    you call yourself a tv addict?!?! c’mon man, buffy and angel are both great! if you really find that you don’t like Buffy, don’t let that stop you from trying Angel. It’s much different.

  • Yeah, Buffy is like a TV addict primer.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I don’t want to echo everyone else’s thoughts on the lack of Buffy/ANGEL viewing, but that is like being a sports fan and not watching some of the best championship games of all time.

    Buffy Season 2 made me a spoiler addict. I dove head first into them and never looked back. I was hooked. The Spoiler Slayer was the best site for that stuff back then. I’m finally back to watching most of television without any foreknowledge, but it took a few years to get here.

    And Amy Acker is on par with Summer Glau in excellence.

  • Hil

    I’ve not watched Buffy or Angel either. I’ve seen some of both and wasn’t impressed. I find it pretty dated. I am more of a Dead Like Me, Rome, or Dexter kind of girl and I know lots of people who don’t like those shows. To each their own. Buffy isn’t a universal love. So you are not alone. It is possible to be a well rounded tv viewer without being a Buffy fan. Just like some people think they can get away with not watching Rome. Sacrilege! 😀

  • Ashley

    I can’t take you seriously as a tvaddict if you haven’t seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That show is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. PLEASE start watching!!!!

  • CC

    OMG!!! Awesome! She is wonderful. Being the overseer of the dolls though? Hm. interesting. I can’t wait to see! I hope he gets more alums.

  • Aileen

    I HATED Fred (Amy Acker’s character) on Angel. Hated her. But Amy Acker’s guest spot on HiMyM was good. And I think that my hatred for Fred had less to do with Amy and more to do with the character itself, so maybe this new character will make me actually LIKE Amy.

    That said, of all the Whedon alum, Amy Acker, really? While many of the really good ones now have shows of their own (Alyson Hannigan, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin) there are still others I’d rather see on my TV screen on a weekly basis on Whedon’s new show than Amy Acker.

  • Common Sense

    Season One of Buffy with early appearances by the Master, the Anointed One, and Darla make it “must see.” And Angel’s appearance…so great. TVA, there is a definite reason why the WhedonUniverse of fans is so wide and passionate. Those two shows define television greatness, and fan affection for each character/actor is lifelong.

    (And Aileen, Amy Acker’s “blue” character on Angel may have been even better than Fred.) The Angel storyline with Jasmine was one of the most-chilling ever. There needs to be a VAMP cable channel that simply runs these 2 shows all the time.

  • nick

    to say you watched the first 2 episodes and were not that into it is crazy talk.Most shows take a few episode to even get the whole cast established.(not all shows can be LOST)Give it and Angel a try,you might not like it but i bet you will.Oh ,and Amy Acker is GREAT!Seeing her play Fred then Illyria (on Angel) convinced me of her talent.This news makes me happy…

  • Gabi

    Angel/Buffy = two of the three best shows I’ve ever seen! The third is Lost. You WILL love them if you start to watch

  • Tim

    If the tv addict is serious about watching both shows this summer, I envy him. The first time through on those shows is one of the most emotional, magical experiences you can have as a tv watcher. I never watched any of the Whedon shows when they aired, but caught them on TNT, FX and Sci Fi respectively. I am uber excited to watch my first Whedon show as it airs.

    Like everyone else said, give them both time. Joss doesn’t usually hit the ground running, but once he settles into a groove, his shows are AWESOME.