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In this era of evil mega-corporations, greed and corruption, one man sticks up for the little guy. That man is Eli Stone and over the course of twelve episodes, he’s risked everything — his career, personal life and reputation to defend those who need most.

But tonight, Eli Stone desperately needs YOUR help. Thanks to mediocre ratings, television’s best new show of 2008 finds itself on the proverbial bubble. So much so that executive producer Greg Berlanti sent out this message [courtesy of E!Online]:

“Marc Guggenheim and I—as well as the cast, crew and other writers—are insanely proud of the show. Like any show, there was a learning curve, and our best episodes are clearly the last four or five. We just hope anyone who wants the show to come back will let that be known to ABC. And thanks so much to you and to all the fans who have reached out. It’s a great show, and it’s been immensely rewarding to have put something so unique and, hopefully, inspiring on the air.”

So I ask you, my fellow TV Addicts. Will you pledge your support to watch tonight’s season finale of ELI STONE? Because only you have the power to ensure quality scripted television can survive against the forces of evil [also known as reality TV]. Together we can make it happen. Yes we can.

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  • Alisa Young

    The final episode was anything but final in my opinion. It left much to be discovered and yet again a stupid executive somewhere totally disconnected from life makes a decision to cancel a quality show. I looked forward every week to seeing Eli Stone, sometimes I wasn’t home to watch it, but I always had it setup to automatically tape on ALL my tv’s in my home (5), just to make sure I could watch it in whatever room I was in. This is one of the few great shows, that don’t involve stupid reality shows that are anything but. This show has something to look forward to and in a time when things are so uncertain it was nice to look forward and tune into this every week. I’m surprised at your choice. Why not move it to ABCFamily or another affiliate, but really to cancel. Obviously there are idiots running the show at ABC

  • Priscilla C

    I am a huge fan of the show and was wondering why I hadn’t been hearing buzz about it coming back on. I was left in suspense after the last season finale! I wanted to see Eli (such a good actor and yummy eye candy as well) and Maggie act akward and hopefully finally get together. I am very upset with ABC in the cancelling of this show and if they put it back on, this woman will be very pleased. =)

  • Hayley M.

    I thought Flight Path was just fantastic a great ending if the series doesn’t return but I REALLY want to see this series return. Like I have said before we have to keep writing to ABC to ask them to reconsider the cancellation and possibly other networks to see if they’ll pick it up, keep watching the episode online on the web site and YouTube wherever you can find them, keep signing petitions, create TWITTER pages and web videos anything. It is because of the fans that we got a season 2 in the first place. Now we want more than the finale gave us. We to see if Maggie and Eli get together, if Matt and Taylor get married, we want to see Taylor have her baby girl, and what will happen to Nate, will he ever get back together with Beth. Eli Stone must be saved.

  • Brad Carollo

    My wife and I love Eli Stone. We hope to see many more seasons of this show. It is nice to see a TV show that depicts decent people doing good deeds. The story lines help motivate us to do good for those less fortunate. More of that is needed in our world.

  • Dennis S.

    A show with heart, a message, and substance and a moral…. we’ve been enjoying it with our 14 yo son and need more! Bring back Eli Stone!

  • Mike

    Eli Stone was the last show on TV that really had a heart. I looked forward to it every week! It’s too bad that a great show with a good message that the whole family can watch apparently doesn’t have a place on ABC. PLEASE bring Eli back!!

  • Melanie Ann

    They say that one person can make a difference and I am hoping that this will create a little impact. Please ABC don’t cancel Eli Stone. He has changed how we all look at life. He lives life to the fullest, he lives as if today were his last which can be taken at any moment because of his aneurysms. He sends out positive messages and these messages have brought us faith, hope, and something to believe in again which is something we need in times like this. The writing is fantastic and the actors perform unbelievably well that we just couldn’ t help but become emotionally involved with all the characters lives especially Eli’s. I mean we have seen him go from a cold hearted uncaring lawyer to a warm hearted caring and lovable lawyer. Eli fights for what he believe in. He helps the little man from being screwed over from the big man. Well it is now up to us to help Eli Stone be saved from being cancelled. It is after all because of us fans that we got a season 2 in the first place. We need to keep petitioning (there are a lot of those all over the internet) keep writing to ABC asking to reconsider the cancellation, write to other networks asking them to pickup Eli Stone, or create TWITTER pages of web videos anything. I think if we keep trying we will be able to save Eli Stone because I remember this show I used watch when I was little called ‘Big Wolf on Campus’ on ABC Family it was nearly canceled after its second season but because of how all the fans kept writing in it came back a year later for a third and final season. I think Eli Stone should be put on Sundays because I saw that season 1 episode 12 ‘Waiting for That Day’ did very well. I also think that Eli Stone possibly needs to be switched to another network like they did for ‘Scrubs’ and they recently moved ‘Medium’ to CBS from NBC. I also read online that shows like Eli Stone needs to be nurtured with the utmost care, the wasn’t advertised as much as it should have been, hardly no promos for most of the episodes. So I am asking everyone to help save Eli Stone because a show like this only comes around only once in a lifetime. ABC please save Eli Stone.

  • babylove1976


  • Kimberly Ann Bertolami

    ABC has already taken Eli Stone off their web site but that does not mean we have to give up. It only means that we have to try even harder. We have to keep writing to ABC asking them to please reconsider, write to other networks asking them to pick the show up, keep signing petitions there are a lot of them out there online, create web videos and/or TWITTER pages pledging our support for Eli Stone. Eli stone still has a lot of faithful fans who are not ready to say goodbye forever. The fans saved Eli Stone once before and we will again. Eli Stone has effected all our lives in so many ways. He changed our outlook on life. He has brought us faith, hope, and something to believe in again which is something we need in a time like this. Eli Stone has very well written episodes with fantastic actors and every episode sends a positive message and are appropriate for any age. Every producer throughout time has created wonderful program which make onto TV for us to watch they create a fan base and whenever the ratings start to go down the networks decide to cancel them just like that because all they care about is money. They don’t care about the rest of the fans who are actually watching it. Every so often a network listens and saves a show that fans have written in for it to return like ABC Family’s Big Wolf on Campus it brought back for a third and final season and narrowly escaping death/cancellation. I think Chuck was saved because fans kept writing in. I also think that Greg Berlanti and Mark Guggenheim, the creators of Eli Stone, should do more to try and save Eli Stone because it is THEIR show not ABC’s show their baby so to speak and I think that that we all should try to convince both Greg and Mark that if Eli Stone can not be put back on the then I think they they should create an Eli Stone web site so that they can continue Eli’s story. They can write their episodes there, adding links to the songs the Eli envisions his friends singing, and continuing to spread faith, hope, and positive messages. A show like this only comes around once in a lifetime and we the fans are not ready to say goodbye yet so please help me to pass this along to Greg, Mark, ABC or any other network who wants to pick this up. We saved Eli Stone before and we will again.

  • Astrid Colt

    I love all of the writers ideas except for the Maggie and Nate idea because it was said over and over again the Eli belongs with Maggie that Maggie is Eli’s soul mate and I think that Greg Berlanti and Mark Guggenheim should change their minds because either way in all our minds Eli and Maggie will always be together. I also think that Greg and Mark should either make a movie possibly a saga each one 2 to 3 hours each where it depict the rest of Eli’s life right up to where you know he dies. Who is with me on that idea. If there are any takers we should start a petition on that. I think we should all write in and ask them to do that. All in all I don’t think Eli Stone should have been canceled in the first place. Fans everywhere are doing anything to save Eli Stone which is how we got a season 2. Greg and Mark should have tried harder to save THEIR show. They should have tried and different time slot/day or asked to switch networks.

  • Cora

    The new fall season officially starts tonight and I am still unhappy that Eli Stone isn’t part of this years line up. I still say that we all have to keep doing our best to bring back this wonderful show. We have to keep petitioning, write to ABC or other networks asking them to pick up Eli Stone. Please this show has brought out the best in everyone and has changed the way people think. Maybe it’ll be a Gilligan’s Island thing you know. It ended after 3 seasons and then come back in movie form where they finally get off the island. Maybe the creators can create a movie sequel that runs through the rest of Eli’s life up until the end of his life. I hope that gets made. We only knew Eli Stone for a year but it seemed like we knew him forever. We just have bring this show back before Eli Stone gets lost in the cracks forever.

  • Lilly Sherman

    Come on everyone Eli Stone is still fresh in our minds and there is still hope that he will be saved. His story isn’t over yet. We have to keep doing all that we can to save Eli Stone to try and put him on another network.

  • Roberta Kim


  • Kalista Magnus

    In times like these we needed a show like this to take our minds off things you know. Eli Stone took us away from reality and made us think in different ways. I just really hope that somehow that this wonderful show can be saved by ABC or by any other network because this show was really worth watching and there will be no other show like it because it was one in a million.

  • Charla

    Eli Stone was canceled to soon. We need to know what happens to Eli next.

  • Angelica Hart

    The spirit of Eli Stone is still with us. Please ABC bring Eli Stone back to us.

  • margaret

    Please bring Eli Stone back!!!! It was such a great show and I miss it.
    At least bring it back for a finale!
    I hate when the networks do this. They get you hooked on a show then pull the rug out from under you.

  • Missmyshows!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!! ABC needs to stop shutting down shows that are awesome! I loved cupid, eli stone, and eastwick!! I wish they would listen to us!

  • Heepatrubl

    I guess Eli Stone is history. Just like any other great show that has a shred of moral fiber in it. I'm afraid the powers that be do not cater to the average person who enjoys a good story told by good actors. Must not have been enough “drama” and wailing, and gnashing of teeth written into the script. I believe that's why such shows as cheaters, choppers, any reality show, the foul mouthed chef, and all the bubblegum-popping squealy little girls and boys shows seem to go on endlessly.