Random Musings: SMALLVILLE, 30 ROCK and ELI STONE

Talk about a bad week to be a child actor. Monday THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Asian Doogie Howser trades in his status as ‘the next Bill Gates” for a date with a girl. Then on BACK TO YOU, Kelly and Chuck’s daughter gets re-cast when the producers decide to ‘go in a different direction’ and finally SMALLVILLE’s Lex Luthor puts an end to Mini-Lex by tossing him in a roaring fire. Ouch!

And speaking of SMALLVILLE. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that after waiting the better part of seven seasons for Lex to finally go to the dark side, he’s being quickly written off the show due to Michael Rosenbaum’s real-life wishes to only return to the series part-time next season. Talk about a letdown of super proportions.

Tim Conway, roaming the halls of 30 ROCK for the better part of a half hour — most bizarre guest starring role ever? You decide.

And finally, ELI STONE. After last night’s fantastic season ender, two things are abundantly clear. First off, someone needs to find special guest star Richard Schiff [THE WEST WING] another regular gig on TV. And more importantly, now that Eli’s brain aneurysm has been successfully removed, ABC has no choice but to pick up the show for a second season. Not only did showrunners Greg Berlanti and Marc Huggenheim brilliantly set the table for a heartfeld and emotional second season premiere. This TV Addict is left pondering way too many questions. Not the least of which is what happens next?

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  • KaeDee

    Regarding Smallville, I don’t feel let-down in the slightest about Michael Rosenbaum leaving next season. Kristin Kreuk either. The show has been stuck in wobble-land for too many seasons: Lex on the “verge” of going evil, Clark running away from his destiny, the on-again/off-again relationship with Lana. Let the boy grow up already! Clark is meant to be a journalist. How about getting on with that story, him averting disasters while pursuing a story lead, having him and Lois start to really get to know one another. Let the show move on! Besides, does anyone really want to see Lex go completely evil and irredeemable on screen?

    And Eli Stone! If ABC doesn’t give this show a pick up, I won’t watch their network any longer. Which, I suppose, isn’t saying much, as the only show I watch on ABC is Eli Stone! *grin*

  • Linda B.

    I was a bit disappointed Eli had the aneurysm removed. Will he still continue to have visions and revelations next season? And if so, what will be the cause or should i say what can he blame it on?

    Nevertheless, I love the show and will definitely watch WHEN it comes back next season!

  • Common Sense

    Conway was hilarious, as always. So politically-incorrect, I love it.

  • I did have my doubts about Eli Stone, but last few episodes were really good. It would be plain silly not to have another season, but then again I dont understand how the networks make that choice sometimes…
    And Linda me thinks (and thats just my opinion) Eli will still have visions even after the operation… call it a hunch 🙂 embrace it Eli 🙂

  • Starbuck

    I was actually kinda disappointed with the Eli stone finale.. Some of the latest episodes have been REALLY GOOD…but this one was just alright for me. I wish there was more Maggie/Eli interaction..I love them!!

    THREE MORE DAYS till Gossip Girl returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gowan

    I think it’s pretty obvious how Clark will get involved in journalism. Chloe is going to die at some point and he’s going to take up the journalistic mantle as a tribute to her. Also, he knows that being in the thick of things at a newspaper is a fine way to know who needs help where.

  • Josh C.

    I just got around to watching the season finale and have to say that if ABC doesnt pick it up ill be really mad at them lol

  • Melissa

    Chances are pretty good with the more limited availability of Michael Rosenbaum next year the writers will be forced to use him better and so he having lass episodes might result in more and better Lex.

    As for Clark’s interest in journalism, why in the world would Chloe need to die? He decided in high school his liked it. He just needs to get off the farm and do something. As for Chloe dying in general, that would be far too anti-climatic (she does it all the time) and would mean that Lois is a poor third in his life.

    Not a good ending for anyone.

  • I posted most of this on 4/3….

    its time for a total reboot…

    Kill Lana…

    Kill Lionel… (check)

    have Martha move back home…

    send Chloe on her way to Gotham to investigate some Bat like hero (and stop in every now or then)

    Jimmy becomes that annoying friend of clarks

    lex turns serious bad ass business man (no more freaks but robotics and government weapons – closing farms and killing small villages without a care) but with that change no more pop ins from Clark – they could bump into each other… but they shouldnt allow clark to just show up whenever and whereever he wants…

    have Clark move to off the farm and start saving people in the city…

    have kid flash come back for a quick visit… cause another race scene around the world would be pretty cool…

    So what have I just done? all new women… all new action fights… time for freaks of the week to begone… and time for us to wrap this great show up with a fitting ending.

    For the big finale which is a 4 eps long arch of which a cross over of Clark and Bruce fighting together… at which point clark gets a costume too… and also could lead to a spin-off Gotham type series…

    Bruce being a rich 20-something who can fix up lex’s bad business and get introduced into the series as a fling with Chloe after a fund raiser that Chloe confronts Lex and Bruce notices her and helps her by coming to her aid after lex pushes her out of his way… Bruce already fixes the some of the bad business byproducts Lex leaves behind with alot of charity and then they introduce Clark to Bruce and its like insta-friendship…