TVGuide Ends Their Podcast, Makes Colossal Mistake

Okay, so this most likely won’t come as news to my fellow TV Addicts, but since this marks the first weekend that I didn’t have the pleasure of walking Mac [see pic, video] whilst listening to the weekly TV Guide Podcast, I just thought I’d take this opportunity to re-iterate what a colossal mistake TVGuide is making by putting the kibosh to what was once, a weekly weekend tradition.Don’t get me wrong, from a business perspective I get it. The not-at-all-subtle ‘Comcast’ logo in the bottom left corner of Ausiello’s Vodcast [see above video], not to mention the sixteen second ad that you’re forced to endure, makes it pretty clear why TVGuide is shifting their focus to online video content. That said, the ‘old-fashioned’ audio podcast was about so much more than simply ad revenue.

Not only was TVGuideTalk informative and fun, it gave fans an opportunity to really get to know the personalities behind the browser [or magazine, for the five subscribers still left]. From Angel revealing her bunny bashing tendencies, to Dan Manu’s FANTASTIC FOUR review that will never die, inappropriate incest jokes, Maitland and Matt Roush’s thoughtful reviews and Ausiello being well, Ausiello, TVGuideTalk accomplished something money can’t buy. It acted as the ultimate advertisement for TVGuide. Or, to put it in a way that the proverbial ‘Powers That Be’ might appreciate, the podcast helped build brand awareness and loyalty in a way the web site and new video podcasts never can.

Not only can I not walk, drive, or grocery shop whilst listening to the new vodcasts, they lack the spontaneity, length and most importantly fun of the audio version. Without getting into too much detail because I have a feeling TV critics are ironically not that susceptible to criticism, if TVGuideTalk is Emmy—worthy, the numerous Vodcasts would be lucky to snag a Blockbuster Video Award. TVGuideTalk was the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT of audio podcasts. The new vodcasts, at least thus far, are more akin to ACCORDING TO JIM. Case closed.

On a related note, looking to fill the void left by TVGUIDETALK’s unexpected exit? Why not try out a few of these TV Addict approved podcasts [linked to iTunes].

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  • Barbara

    I completely 100% agree with you. A part of me still hopes they’ll change their minds and restart, but I know that’s just wishful thinking. I hate the vodcasts. They seem so forced and I don’t get the point of watching these short clips for a tiny spoiler or a scoop. I rather wait and sooner or later the “scoop” shows up on a blog where I can spend 10 seconds reading it with no advertisement to sit through. The podcasts are much more about the chat among TV lovers, the jokes and the occasional behind the scenes scoop.

    Oh and thanks for posting the links to the other podcasts. I already listen to Ducky/GMMR’s and yours (although all of you updated really rarely). I’ll try the other two as well.

  • Barbara,

    Great points and I couldn’t agree more. Just so you know, Tim Goodman’s podcast is amazing and I guarantee you’ll love it. And just so you know, the TV Addict podcast is back on schedule and we’ll be releasing weekly editions every Tuesday. Thanks for listening.

  • Marisa

    Here, Here!!!
    I totally agree with you. All weeked I’ve been thinking, “Oh, now would be a great time to listen to the TV Guide Podcast” – but alas, there is none.

    Boo on TV Guide.

    A business decision, but not a wise one. Pissing off your most loyal “Alpha consumers” is never a good idea. we’re the ones who live and die TV – and who tell all our friends about it. It has certainly left a bad taste in my mouth when I think about TV Guide these days.

  • also check out the “MY TV” podcast available on iTunes here:

  • Barbara

    I’m really happy you’re going to update more regularly. And I’ll definitely check the other ones. I have a long commute so I listen to an insane amount of podcasts so a few more will be great!

  • Jacob

    I thought it was a late April Fools joke at first. I’m still kind of hoping it is.

  • Cris

    I totally agree with you! For me, it really wasn’t the same after Dan Manu left, mainly cause they had a pretty great balance between those four and he was going to be hard to replace, but i think eventually, like everything, they would have evolved and we would have all gotten used to it again, cause in the end the content was great, and like somebody else said it really was a chat between tv lovers. It was great to hear them discuss all the shows of the week and hear all the points of views, etc..

    And to be honest, i don’t even watch the vodcasts. They lack of spontaneity and since all of the scoop gets out there sooner or later, i just catch it somewhere else.

  • tboc

    Im so sad that they ended there Posdcast, that for the links of the other podcasts. I couldn’t even watch that whole Vodcast, its just no the same. If anyone has anymore great TV/Movie podcast Post them……And daniel i hope that you update regularly from now on too, I’ve have been listening to TheTVAddcit Podacst from the very beginging, Keep up the great work.

  • tboc

    Oh wow, maybe i should read before I post….Dont mind the grammar

  • Debsa

    It was never the same after Angel and Dan left 🙁