Just How Awesome is GOSSIP GIRL?

gossip girl new york magazine

Spotted, one massive over-exaggeration.

New York magazine may be ready to proclaim GOSSIP GIRL the most “awesomely awesome show ever!” But this TV Addict certainly isn’t.

In fact, until the offscreen buzz [Chace & Carrie!] and behind-the-scenes antics [Are you on team ‘Blake’ or “Leighton’?] stop overshadowing the onscreen drama — ‘S,’ ‘B’ and the rest of the Upper East Side Alphabet still have an awful lot to prove. Especially if they expect to replace the original bad girls of prime-time [see eerily similar cover shot above] as TV’s most awesomely awesome show ever.

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  • Kara

    If you read the small print in front of magazine..they say the DON”T think its the best show EVER..but a really GREAT show…The magazine just supposed to attract your attention, which it obviously did.

    That Cover is HOT. Ed and Leighton chemistry is AMAZING.

    For me however, I watch alot of shows ppl/critics like to say is the best show ever (ie. BSG, Lost, the office, etc)…but as of right now man Gossip Girl gets me the MOST EXCITED every week!! It has yet to disappoint me. It’s the only show I can watch more than once…I love everythign about it (fashion, music, cast, LOCATION, etc)

    And since I don’t care about all the fake off screen drama and don’t read about it anyways…its NOT overshadowing anything for me!

    Don’t forget to watch LIVE tonight at 8 PM on CW!!!

  • TVFan

    After only half a season, GG still has a lot to prove before I call it the next Dawson’s Creek, let alone Melrose Place.

  • puck

    Here are the opening sentences for Gossip Girl (the TV series) on wikipedia:

    Gossip Girl is an horrible TV show that everyone hates. Only Losers who’s initials are BB like this show, and for that she should be stricken of the cleavage she thinks she has. May God have pity on her soul, and her lack of cleavage

  • Stella08

    I agree. The show is pretty mediocre. It doesn’t really add anything to the genre that I haven’t already seen many times before.

  • tim wilkins

    I’m catching up on Gossip Girl now. I’ve watched 5 eps so far. It reminds me of “cruel intentions” meets “clueless”. lol Music is great and B reminds me of “alicia silverstone” when she was “hot.” As for Chuck, he’s the one to watch. Everybody loves a bad boy.

    but this is not “melrose place” yet. Give it time. And lets hope we don’t get stuck w/ the “college years.” been there, seen that.

  • shanna

    I love GG. To me it strikes the right balance of humor and drama. I don’t feel like I’m waiting for the next crisis to hit every week like The OC (which I like a lot more in repeats especially the last season).

    That NY magazine cover is the staple of teen dramas. It’s been done with 90210, OTH, Dawson’s, etc.

  • lena sparis

    Gossip girl is one of the dumbest and poorly acted television shows. The show makes me fear that there are actually people like the over-hyped characters.