TV Addict Mailbag: When Will CTV Air GOSSIP GIRL?

Q: Love the blog.  Love the podcast.  Glad you are back. As a man with an ear to the ground, do you hear anything on where/when CTV will be showing GOSSIP GIRL?  Still not showing up on my TiVo and nothing on their website. 

Oh CTV don’t screw me again…. (don’t even get me started on all the ways this network has played with my favourite shows – not showing the 2nd to last episode of FELICTY is my all time greatest grievance, but there are many, many, more!!)

Toronto, Canada

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Dear Marisa,

Thanks for the kind words, I think it goes without saying that, ‘the cheque is in the mail.’ But to answer your question, after emailing back-and-forth with the friendly folks in CTV’s PR department, all I have for you is this statement, “As soon as we have some news on GG… will be sure to let you know!”

For what it’s worth, here are my two cents on the situation. As a result of CTV’s commitment to the immensely popular DANCING WITH THE STARS, Canada’s Television Network will most likely get around to airing the five remaining episodes of GOSSIP GIRL paired with CANADIAN IDOL sometime this summer. Of course by then, resourceful Canadian fans of will undoubtedly discover a plethora of other ways to get their GOSSIP fix. Not the least of which includes watching it on the CW, which is available as part of both the Rogers and Bell cable packages.

If CTV were smart, they’d take the initiative by airing tonight’s episode on their CTV Broadband Network. Thus ensuring they keep their young web savvy GOSSIP GIRL demographic happy. That said, CTV’s never gone out of their way to keep their core audience of TV-obsessed fans particularly happy, so why start now.

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  • Common Sense

    Wow, I guess I never realized that Canadians were having a hard time seeing U.S. shows. Although I don’t know why I’m surprised…it’s not like the U.S. is giving us CTV shows. I totally support the CW’s decision to not stream these last five new episodes, though. How else is a TV network to survive, if it doesn’t force viewers to tune in?

    P.S. Marisa, hopefully you got to see the missing Felicity ep sometime. Those last three “time-travel” eps were so fun; among the series’ best.

  • Ha, i was just desperately looking around to find out if CTV had posted anything, or even shipped it off to A Channel (they haven’t cause they already shipped Big Bang, 2.5 men, samantha who and New Christine there.

    you know. Im glad they are doing well but when they are starting to hog everything and NOT airing things, I’m starting to get annoyed.

  • Common Sense,

    Canadians in general don’t have too hard a time getting US shows. Most major cities get all the US networks, ie. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX etc… but the CW isn’t as readily available, so when our two big Canadian networks (CTV and Global) mess around with the schedule, Canadians are for lack of a better term, screwed.

    Oh, and CS, so was not a fan of the time-travel episodes!

  • Marisa

    Thanks for the reply Dan.

    CTV = victim of their own success.

    Thanks for doing the digging. I suspected they were messing with us (ME!!) again, and now I know!!! 🙂

    Their schedule is too full and they have nowhere to put Gossip Girl (I’m shocked they haven’t moved it to 4pm on Sundays – remember when they put Alias there?? – which by they way is #5 on my VERY LONG LIST of all-time CTV grievances!!!)

    What’s suprising to me is that they would let a show go in such an in-demand demo (don’t advertisers salivate over 18-34 year olds ?).

    I have a digital box (just not connected to my TiVo), so I will get to watch GG on the CW. I think it sucks for all the people who don’t have such an option.

    To Common Sense: thanks for your concern – to be honest, I have yet to see the 2nd to last episode of Felicity, but I’ve seen all the rest. I’ve been saving it for when I have the time to watch the whole series again. Plus, not watching it fuels my rage for CTV, which is sometimes needed 🙂

  • Kara

    Thankfully I HAVE the CW (thankyou rogers!!!)…but NOT in HD!!!
    I’m pissed at CTV cuz I wanna watch GG in HD…but I guess Ill take what I can get!

    Also, I remember what CTV did to Alias, felicity, gilmore girls, etc…

    This is what hapens when CTV tries to pick up 80% of the US shows and then expects to air them all…sigh

    Personally I dont understand why Canadian networks air stuff like AMerican versions of DWTS or American Idol …its not like we can vote or anything….Plus there is a canadian version of idol anyways…..

    Plus GG ratings weren’t even close to being bad at 7PM time slot. I guess CTV rather show teh 15464845th season of Degrasii…does anyone even watch that anymore=?????/

  • Whitney

    PUT GOSSSIP GIRL ON TV!!! and lost as well…

    If you put one season up, you should put them all up.