You Be the Critic: BROTHERS & SISTERS

Not only did this TV Addict not make it home in time to catch the return of my favorite fictional BROTHERS & SISTERS, I woke up early this morning only to discover that GlobalTV [the Canadian Network that simulcasts the show] had hijacked the ABC HD feed and worse still, didn’t even bother broadcasting the show in high definition. Something which by the way I pay big bucks for. Needless to say, Global TV should expect an angry email in their inbox this morning [because that will show ’em!]

Moving on to the first half of BROTHERS & SISTERS — I’ll simply say this. Can we finally put an end to Senator McCallister’s Presidential aspirations? Sure it was a handy device to integrate the dashing Senator further into the Walker clan. But now that he’s trapped… err, I mean married to Kitty and let’s face it, the show’s focus has long stopped being on Kitty’s political career, why bother? This isn’t THE WEST WING and unless the show’s planning on sending Robert and Kitty off to Washington, which by the way would a fantastic spin-off idea — the show needs to find something else for Robert to do.

Sadly folks, that’s all I got folks. My sincerest apologies, but since I’m a television snob who couldn’t get through the entire episode in [gasp!] standard definition, the rest is up to you. What did you think of the second half of BROTHERS & SISTERS? Somehow I have a feeling Nora didn’t go to Washington and the episode ended with Rebecca holding onto the envelope containing her [double gasp!] DNA results. Post away. And while you’re at it, feel free to chime in on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES as well.

  • Common Sense

    Really? Can’t watch a show without HD? You’d hate my world. The first time HD will be seen on my screen is probably Feb. 17, 2009.

    P.S. Bros & Sis has lost its cache. Just like Grey’s. Thank heavens ABC has LOST returning this week. It’s become the only thing watchable on the network—seriously, the ONLY thing I watch on ABC. Shouldn’t that concern the suits?

  • Gabi

    BaS was good, not as good as it used to be, I hated the scenes with Nora and what’s his name, I just really can’t picture them as a couple and his voice is wierd. the other scenes with the family stuff was fun to watch, I love Kevin, he is always so fun.

    Desperate Housewives was fantastic though, Gaby was hilarious, especially the scene with the handicapped man “I have to walk in heels all day! You get to sit and roll!” LOL.

  • Josh C.

    well common sense you obviously have none. ABC has a plethora of absolutely fantastic show. Infact I’d go so far as to say that ABC has some of the best programming. Ugly Betty, Lost, Samantha who?, Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, Desperate Housewives and even reality programming with DWTS. And in response to Grey’s losing its “cache”. I’m really tired of people just deciding shows aren’t worth watching. Enjoy them for what they are, TV SHOWS. If the story line jumps sometimes and isn’t fantastic ho cares it’s still better than alot of the crap on tv out there.

  • Kara

    I noticed the HD thing on Global too so I switched to ABC and Gllobal had overtaken their feed….sigh

    The thing is once you go HD…you can’t go back….

    I need HD (I’m already pissed at CTV for not showing GG now I have to watch GG on CW in non HD because I’m seriously not spending an extra $35/month for one channel!!)

  • I totally agree that the McCallister presidential run is getting old. It already felt awkward before the hiatus when the show was referring to primaries that had already passed in real life. It got worse when the show mentioned the other imaginary Republican candidates by name, thus making a show grounded in reality feel like some sort of sci-fi’ish alternate dimension.

    With all the talk of political affiliations, the Iraq war, and the Bush administration, this show has always had some political overtones. If a Dem wins in real life, they’ll be free to refer to them by name on the show. But, what if McCain wins in real life? Will the show continue to exist in an alternate dimension where this imaginary Taylor guy is president? Will they refer to the same administration, policies, and current events but without mentioning the president by name? Or, will they pull a retcon (retroactive continuity) and pretend Taylor = McCain all along?

    And, what if they do make McCallister the VP? What a mess.

    As for Nora and the Danny Glover character, I don’t totally buy it either, especially since the most significant three month portion of their relationship happened off-screen.

    As for the rest, I liked everyone’s concern over Nora leaving, although the actual motivations were pretty transparent. The obligatory family blow-up is getting pretty cliche for this family, but at least it was really funny when Nora gave Rebecca the disclaimer at the end of her tirade, “None of this applies to you sweety. You’re fine. Happy Birthday.” 😀

    Lastly, I hope the Rebecca-not-a-sibling-afterall scenario is a false alarm. The show has worked too hard to establish Holly & Rebecca as valid attachments to the Walker clan to turn them into flailing appendages now. Plus, it’s nice to see a close relationship like Justin & Rebecca’s that does not have to turn romantic.

  • TVFan

    Todd W in NC,

    So in agreement with you about Nora + Danny Glover. How can fans be invested in the relationship when it all happened during the WGA strike.

    Same with the obligatory family blow-up. So cliche.

    I give last night’s episode a ‘C’

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree. Last night’s episode was so very mediocre. I know it’s only a single episode, so hopefully it’ll improve next week when they had better reveal that Rebecca is a Walker.

  • Definitely agree. This show has been trying my patience lately, and I can’t stand anymore hand-wringing from Sally Field. I can’t stand it.

  • shanna

    I like Nora and Isaac 🙁 I was sad that her kids couldn’t see past themselves (as usual) to at least give her a chance. I think it would have been great to see Nora move away for a while and instead of her calling them, all the kids calling her for advice and wishing she’d meddle.

  • Sheindie I understand why the creator/showrunner left and wrote that angry letter… they pushed him out to pursue mediocre storylines/writing … a current Exec. Producer says that she loves the political story and wants kitty and her guy to end up in Washington DC Pres. and First lady… and the awful Rebecca/Justin ‘thing’ negates what’s gone before… I thought Greg Berlanti would come back and write!..or even Ken Olin’s son, writer/editor, would be more acceptable than the tripe, cliches, lack of heart that this show has become..remember when Nora was strong and decided to go to school for writing and go back to her previous loves..and David, (Treat) had come into her life, and Holly and Sol were featured? I miss that! and Robby as the showrunner!