Good News, Bad News: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Edition

GOOD NEWS: Barney and Robin [spoiler alert!] hooking up not only gives the perennially underused Cobie Smulders something to do for the rest of the season, but finally makes good on the adorable flirting that fans have watched percolate since season one’s ‘Laser Tag’ episode. BAD NEWS: Should feminists be worried that the only way Robin can seem to find an identity on the show is if she dates one of the men?

GOOD NEWS: Robin Sparkles returned! BAD NEWS: Where “Let’s Go to the Mall” was hilarious, spontaneous and original, “Sand Castles in the Sand” seemed more like an executive order from the higher-ups at CBS in an effort to boost ratings.

GOOD NEWS: As a proud Canadian, it’s always nice to have our country recognized so that a small group of ignorant American’s clue into the fact that we’re not simply, as Homer Simpsons once put it, “America Jr.” BAD NEWS: After last night’s episode, I’m pretty sure American’s think, as my good friend TapeWorthy put it, “we all sound like mildly retarded Irish men.”

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  • Josh Emerson

    We clearly have different tastes. I just cannot get behind someone who is in love with Gossip Girl but has bad things to say about last night’s HIMYM. :p Even HIMYM’s worst episodes are better than GG’s best!

    The new Robin Sparkles video can’t match the classic “Let’s Go To The Mall,” but so what? I thought it was still so funny. And I loved how they played up the Canadian accents. lol

  • Gabi

    OMG I love Barney and Robin together! And I love that I didn’t know they were gonna kiss in this episode, good thing that CBS didnät try to spoil it before.

  • Josh,

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think HIMYM is a great show. I just think,that Robin Sparkles Version 2.0 paled in comparison to last season.

  • Aileen

    Sorry, TVaddict, but I don’t get how you aren’t completely in love with HiMyM and have spent two consecutive weeks criticizing it. I think that the post-strike episodes have been AMAZING and I especially loved this episode. I’ve been waiting for the Barney-Robin hook-up since Ted and Robin broke up. I’m really interested to see where TPTB take the relationship, because they’re definitely not going to turn into Lily/Marshall.

    It’s impossible to top “Let’s Go the Mall” but I really liked “Sandcastles in the Sand”. They’ll travel the world together, from Alberta to Ontario! Plus, there was revertigo and Lily/Marshall turning into Robin’s parents…and Robin and Barney hooked up! It was an awesome episode.

  • Rae

    Ahh but, D, I think “Sand Castles in the Sand” was supposed to be bad. Remember that in the previous Robin Sparkles episode we found out that she was a one-hit wonder so this one really couldn’t be as good as the previous song. That one had to be so bad but also so catchy that we’d buy into it being a hit. This one, on the other hand, I found to be an apt parody of the Tiffany and Debi Gibson ballads and still bad enough that I didn’t have to wonder why it didn’t become a hit for her.

    Plus, I liked that they used it and the previous Robin Sparkles momentum to completely distract us from what was going to be the real buzz worthy moment in this episode.

  • Is it just me, or is Lily turning into one of the shows best characters? Between her dry-spell a few weeks ago and her ghetto-fabulous teen personality, I’m in love with Alyson Hannigan all over again.

    Oh, and I love it when we get those rare glances of Barney’s humanity, it lets us know that he does have a soul in there somewhere. The scene where he let Robin rest her head on his shoulder was wonderful. I’ve liked the idea of Robin and Barney together for a while, and the process of Barney falling for one woman should make for some interesting character developments.

  • Rae, Completely agree that the whole Robin Sparkles bit was a brilliant distraction. But I just found the whole plot to get to the Robin Sparkles a little bit fake and contrived.

  • jeff

    Last week I was here defending HIMYM, but last night I was not impressed. They made James Van Der Beek too much of a loser that it became completely unbelievable. Having said that, the last few moments had me DYING. The way the voice over was going, I could tell something was about to go down… but even then it was freakin me out. I can’t wait to see where this goes… especially considering the mystery blonde from his Bracket Episode.

  • shanna

    Ok. I knew I shouldn’t have been looking away towards the end. In my defense I was watching the show at 7 am. I’ll go back and watch for the kiss again.

    And TvAddict, that will teach you to make fun of Brooklyn!!!

  • Josh Emerson

    Lily and her friend Michelle were my favorite part of the episode!

  • omg the moment Dawsons Creek opened his mouth i was like, “That sounds more Irish than Canadian!” we do not sound like that!!

    But im all for the Robin/Barney hook-up!

  • kd

    I’m soooo glad I’m not the only one who didn’t see the whole Barney-Robin thing coming on a mile away! All that cigar-smoking, ambition and mutual dislike of kids had to go somewhere! I agree this will probably signal a change in Barney’s womanizing personality. Robin will probably resist at first, and then the game will be how long they can keep it from Ted.

    As as American who grew up near Niagara Falls, I too wondered about Van der Beek’s accent and kept waiting for an explanation (Guess he’s just a bad actor). Considering we all know where Jim Carrey, Michael Myers and a billion other great comics and hockey players are from, I don’t think Canadians are in danger of their accents being confused with Colin Farrell’s. 😉

    “Robin, did he take your Maple Leaf?”

  • Matt P

    A little pissed that I am spoiled on Barney and Robin, since normally the TV Addict puts them behind the cut, I was not being cautious and totally missed the short spoiler altert. Maybe will forget it by the time I am caught up with the show.