O: Overhyped, Not.
Where as most television events are overhyped to a point where fans are virtually guaranteed to be disappointed [exhibit ‘A’: Robin Sparkles, but more on that later], last night’s return of GOSSIP GIRL delivered the goods in a big way.

M: “Maybe I’m a total Bitch”
Yes Blair, you totally are. But that’s why we love you. In fact what made last night so much fun was that even whilst dolling out evil, this TV Addict wasn’t sure which team he was on — Team Jenny, Team Blair, or Team I’m Way Too Old To Be Watching This Show.

Actually, check that. I’m totally on Team Blair. When is Jenny going to clue into the fact that she doesn’t have to pretend to be rich to fit in? I mean seriously, who does she think she’s fooling? Everybody knows she’s from [gasp!] Brooklyn. And if television’s taught us anything, it’s that it’s okay if you’re poor as long as you’re good-looking and friends with the boy everybody wants to date. Jenny, do yourself a favor and shoplift pick up BEVERLY HILLS 90210 season one on DVD. I think you’ll learn a lot.

F: Failure
Which is exactly what’s happened to this lame attempt to break up ‘OMFG’ into different paragraphs. So I’ll just move on and say how much FUN — oh wait, this might work out after-all — Chuck vs. Serena was. Well, not so much Serena, who for some reason continued to open mysterious and inappropriate gifts in front of her newly blended family. But rather Chuck, who genuinely seemed to enjoy having Serena, Eric, Lilly and even Dan in his penthouse.

Is it possible Chuck’s simply your average misunderstood rich boy who just needs the love of a stable family? Could this dysfunctional Brady Bunch do for Chuck what the Walsh’s did for Dylan McKay? Is there anything 90210 doesn’t teach us?

G: Georgina Sparks
As if you need to guess what the ‘G’ stands for! Considering the affect an off-camera Georgina Sparks had on Serena “I need a Drink” van der Woodsen, this TV Addict is counting down the days until next week’s episode. I have a feeling, yes you guessed it, sparks will fly.

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  • Stef

    BEST line of the night.
    Lilly: Can you get your dirty package off my table?
    Chuck: If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…

    I was dying. Awesome episode, awesome, awesome, awesome.
    I cannot wait for G to show up!

  • Common Sense

    Things actually HAPPEN on Gossip Girl. The storylines move, there are interesting twists. Jenny’s a jerk, but a fun jerk to watch. Lily von Bulow?! Genius!

    Then there’s One Tree Hill, where nothing happens and we’re supposed to be excited about Brooke and a baby. Sheesh! The most interesting thing of the night was the return–FINALLY!–of Barbara Alyn Woods as “Deb.” She is a fan favorite whose presence has truly been missed. Wait’ll you see the scene with her and Dan and the clown next week! HIGH-larious.

  • shanna

    I was really excited to watch the back and forth between Jenny and Blair, even though I’m fully on Team Blair. My reasoning is that Jenny is trying to be a bitch whereas Blair knows she is. And is fantastic at it.

    I really love the crazy Brady Bunch of the Van der Woodsen/Bass clan. And Serena trying to get Blair to be nice. LOL.

  • amy

    dang it i missed it. when does it show up on itunes???