The TV Addict Podcast: Angry Podcasters [S02E02]

Much to our surprise, podcast is ready to download for a second week in a row [a new record we think!]. This week, the gloves come off as Dan and Ari discuss DANCING WITH THE STARS, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK and more. Also, as an added bonus, ‘Angry Dan’ offers iPhone safety tips so that you too can avoid his costly $500 mistake!

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  • John K.

    Yes, a new podcast. It’s amusing that you “predict” Barney and Robin will hook up at the end of this season. Also: it’s JASON Bateman, not Justin. Best line goes to Daniel: “He survived 7th Heaven AND cancer.” Keep these podcasts coming, and as you asked for advice, I think you need a strict agenda of topics to discuss. I love the tangents, but I think those will be more effective and endearing if they’re veering off of something.

  • John,

    Thanks for the great feedback. So what you’re saying is that it’s clear there’s no prep involved? D’oh! Rest assured, next week I will have an agenda, that we’ll quickly veer off of. But I’ll try!

  • mimi

    hey you guys! Quick question. I have an mp3 player and can’t seem to download the episode through any of the sites you listed. Plus, the ones that do work have your old shows and not your recent reviews? help.

  • Dear Mimi,

    iTunes for some reason takes a bit longer to update. But if you click subscribe in iTunes, the newest podcast will download right away. Or you can click on the direct link below. Hope this helps and thanks for listening!

  • Aileen

    Hey, new podcasts two weeks in a row! Keep it up, I always love your podcasts (even when I disagree with you, as in the case of your ambivalence towards Samantha Who?).

    Sorry you had a rough week, but I’m glad it didn’t stand in the way of your podcasting!

  • I love your podcast. This time it keep me company during delivering newspapers – so thanks for that. 😉
    Like John, I also thought it’s funny that you predicted that Barney and Robin will hook up. I enjoy hearing other opinions on shows I like to watch, too – so please continue your work, guys!
    And I also think, it wouldn’t hurt if you tried to have a structure – it’s funny and good the way it is, but maybe that way, you know from the beginning, if you want to listen to the hole podcast or just parts of it, you know?

    Uh, and by the way – the deaf musician’s name was Van Gogh. 😉