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The TV Addict has a secret.

No contrary to popular belief, I’m not the final Cylon! Rather, I’ve been keeping quiet that for the past two weeks I’ve had in my possession the prequel script to CAPRICA, the highly anticipated spin-off of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Yet, rather than risk the wrath of the Gods — and by ‘Gods’ I’m naturally referring to CAPRICA show-runners Remi Aubuchon and Ronald D. Moore — this TV thought he’d take a different approach. Because as much fun as it might be to play Michael Ausiello [ie. Spoiler King] for a day, I truly believe that television is far more entertaining when you don’t know what happens next.

But first things first, if you thought BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was a far cry from your father’s science fiction [ie. STAR TREK], you ain’t seen nothing yet. CAPRICA, set a mere fifty-one years prior to the planet’s destruction portrays a far seedier version of modern day earth, essentially reading like an episode of HBO’s THE WIRE. Like all Ronald D. Moore projects, the pilot is riddled with political intrigue, racial prejudice, religious zealots and a seriously cool take on Second Life courtesy of Graystone Industries million dollar idea, the Holodeck HoloBand.

Which brings us to the family Graystone. Meet Father/Billionaire scientist Daniel Graystone. Sure he may not be the world’s most attentive parent, but can you really blame him? He’s awfully busy worrying that his company is on the verge of losing the Government contract for the Robot Super-soldier and Meta-Cognitive Processor after wasting five years and half a billion cubits. Worse still, his lack of attention has led his wife Amanda to seek comfort in her husband’s chief rival Tomas Vergis [a Tauron!] while his daughter Zoey’s cries for attention lead her to an organization known as the “Soldiers of One” — a monotheistic religious group that advocates the worship of a single, all-knowing, all powerful God whose mission is to quote, “drive out the many Gods.”

Which is where things get a little murky. You see, Zoey and friends [particularly boyfriend Ben] take their mission very seriously. Thus, act one ends with a shockingly violent act of terrorism which lead to Ben and Zoey’s death as well as innocent bystanders Shannon and Tamara, wife and daughter of one Joseph Adams.

Not surprisingly, grieving fathers Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adams not only find each-other amidst their grief but also begin to formulate a plan. Using the technology available at Graystone Industries, Daniel believes it will be possible to download both of their daughter’s conscience into the cybernetic life-form nodes [or Cylons!] that are currently under development at Graystone Industries.

Needless to say, this being episodic television, no one is who them seem, everyone has an agenda and nothing goes exactly as planned. Complications arise, threats are made, rivalries will form and by episode’s end, Joseph Adams and Daniel Graystone will find themselves on opposite ends of the ethical spectrum. Pretty much the ideal start to what will be a phenomenal prequel.

Cue emotional final scene that will surely get fans stoked for CAPRICA’s premiere.

Our family will survive this, we’re going to put our lives back together. Your mother is gone and Tamara is gone. They’re not coming back.

Suddenly, without warning, tears begin to stream down William’s cheeks. Joseph takes his son in his arms and they hold each other tight as Joseph struggles with his own emotions.

I want you to know who you are, William. We come from a long, proud line of Tauron peasants who knew how to work the land and still stand proud. You’re named after your grandfather, did I ever tell you that?


He was killed in the Tauron uprising fighting for what he believed was the right of all the Children of Kobol — to live free. It’s a good name William and you should wear it proudly. And our last name isn’t Adams – I changed it when I arrived on Caprica.

Our family name is… ADAMA and it’s a good, honorable Tauron name.

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  • SimplyKimberly


    The only thing keeping me from openly weeping about there only being 17 more hours of BSG left is knowing that Caprica is on the way. Seeing this little bit of story lets me know that I have good reason to take comfort in that.

    Does this mean that either a Graystone or an Adama is the Cylon god? Hmmm.

  • JowjUK

    Excellent – i’m guessing this is the reason the Cylons are monotheists… With dead monotheist Zoe being uploaded. I’m so glad that this is actually being made. It better go to series!

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  • I thought it was an absolutely beautiful, taut script that gripped me from the opening scenes to that amazing first act break. Virtuoso storytelling at its very best. While “Caprica” is only greenlit as a two-hour backdoor pilot, I am hoping that Sci Fi orders it to series ASAP… especially with BSG coming to an end soon.

  • Erick Walter

    Cant wait! I have always thought Graystone will be a part of BSGs finale. I say it again. Cant wait!

    BTW. About the poll: Why do polls about the final cylon keep putting names that we KNOW are not the final cylon.

  • Matt

    I need to see posters of a young Adama walking through the desert with Darth Vader’s shadow behind him.

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  • Tamara

    How is “Tamara” pronounced in this story? Anyone know? Is it TAM-uh-rah (or something like it) or “Ta-MARE-uh” (or something like it), or “Ta-MAH-ruh” (or something like it)?

    Since one of the above is my name… I’m highly curious!

  • Jason

    Awesome preview; Caprica sounds intriguing. I, too, have become curious as to the Graystone/#12 connection, and I’m beginning to change my mind on who I think the last Cylon is … much pondering I must now do.

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  • Iz E

    … I think this prequal sounds pretty damn good. I also think BSG this season has addressed issues of modern society in an incredibly unique and artistic way. … As for the Greystone/#12 (uh…) assumption?. That could make a good tie in, but the real work would have be making that part of the storyline interesting after we already know the outcome. That is if we assume, of course, that hasn’t already been addressed by the writers and producers.
    To paraphrase an ancient proverb, ‘Assumption is Frakin’ illogical !’

  • kevin

    i think the prequel should also cover more backstory about earth & kobol, the whole shebang about the opera house, who were the 12 humans that the cylons are modelled after., et al.. the powers-that-be should also add the thrace family into the prequel, seeing that kara has a “special destiny”..

  • vncnt

    i’m wondering if the 12 humans the cylons were modeled after are in the webisodes. if you remember when william adama went into the “lab” where the cylons were experimenting on humans in the first war, there were in fact people in there. and what about the old man hybrid in “razor”, was that actually dr. greystone???

  • steve

    Great, it sounds like “moral equivalence” to me. By comparing faith in truth (that there is one GOD) with islamic terror are we supposed to think…”well I guess the moslums have a point”??? BS! Islamic terror is wrong, and no matter how Hollyweird tries to run blocks for it we know it to be so.

    I hope that sub plot about the monotheists doesn’t try to make us think that killing in the name of the moon idol is understandable…


    Ronald Moore is a savvy guy, I’ve been following him since he originally worked with Gene Rodenberry long, long ago in a far, far away galaxy….

    LOL… anyway I’ll keep supporting is well thought out works and I look forward to the future!!

  • Rachel Moore

    Ron Moore destroyed BSG with his ridiculous “One God” storyline. I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes of “Caprica.” What a piece of dung. I won’t get fooled again. Wake up, people. This new series is garbage, I know BSG was brilliant for the first couple of seasons but WAKE UP. This is just a bunch of religious mumbo-jumbo dressed up with snappy dialog. I can’t believe you guys are buying this crap AGAIN. Whatever. You get what you settle for. And you guys are settling for dog food.

  • I was searching for all the seven of the Caprica Preview Clips and I accidentaly found this. If you guys want to read a detailed review go check this out. Link in my name above

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