Which of these New 24 Cast Members is Going to Die?

24 season seven cast photo

First PRISON BREAK’s Sara Tancredi comes back from the ‘dead’, now 24’s Tony Almeida. Either FOX has one helluva medical plan, or somebody’s running out of story ideas. [Zing! — Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night!]

But seriously folks, in honor of this first look at 24’s seventh season cast, this TV Addict thought he’d offer up a little challenge. As 24 fans know all too well, each and every season you can always count on one actor being added to the cast who’s sole purpose is to be ‘shockingly’ killed off a mere four hour into Jack’s really bad day. So in the comments below, post away who you think this season’s victim is going to be. Need a closer look at the photo? Click here for a super-sized version of the photo.

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  • SimplyKimberly

    I’ve got no clue. I just know of one person (other than Jack Bauer) that it sure as hell better NOT be. Bringing Tony back and then killing him again would certainly not make me happy at all. I wasn’t one of the ones that bailed when he was “killed” in Season 5. But I wasn’t happy at the lack of people I gave a crap about and was weighing whether 24 was going to remain the show I watched LIVE on Monday at 8PM.

    Tony lives and he better stay that way.

  • Sam

    I reckon Tony. He’ll show up, be all evil and stuff, then die while redeeming himself by stopping the REAL baddies. We’ll know he’s dead for real because he’ll get the silent clock this time.

  • Ben

    It is going to be the guy 3rd from the left in the photo. Don’t ask me how I know, but I am always right about these things.

    Chloe and Jack will remain, but everyone else is free game.

  • David Dean

    Ok…Ok….Here it goes again!

    Not going to die:
    Tony (again…at least not till the end of the season if anything)

    might die:
    The character that we will learn to love from episode one and two!
    probably a male character, but I think it should be a female one, as the past three seasons killed a male charater….

    that’s my vote! …more specifically the guy to the far left of the guy behind chloe!

  • James

    I am pissed off.

    I dont know half of these people.

    Pretty much the first four episodes would be to set up these new characters.

    Is that Bill Buchanan behind Chloe? I’m confused.