AMERICAN IDOL: America Gets it Wrong [Again]

Once again, it’s up to your friendly neighborhood TV Addict to take America to task.

Carly Smithson, seriously? I mean sure, Smithson doesn’t have a prayer of beating the unstoppable Davids, Archuleta and Cook in the final three [who does?]. But at least she seems to care. Who wasn’t reaching for the kleenex box during her emotional farewell video in which she choked up talking about the dreams that have slipped through her fingers? [And speaking of farewell videos — Ruben Studdard’s ‘Celebrate Me Home’ — worst IDOL exit song ever.]

Conversely, there’s Jason Castro, who seems so uninterested in remaining in the competition that he actually yawned on camera! Now I’m no Michael Slezak [official IDOL historian], but has that ever happened on the show? Could Castro look less interested? Is it not time America sends him packing, before he further destroys the reputation of dreadlocked hippies everywhere.

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  • Jo

    Why be so judgemental about one’s hair. Why not judge Carly or her husband with those hideous tattos ?
    By the way, he was sick during the last performance, he was on IV, got a shot and on antibotic medical …he never made that known to get symatphy votes…I would have yawn too under those medication

  • I’m not even surprised anymore because this is about the time America always gets it wrong.

    As for Ruben’s song. i’ve noted it too as a massive plug to try to boost a past Idols failing career and is just shameless.

    Especially since the song SUCKS.

    What happened to Hollywood is Not America from Ferras? I thought that was supposed to be the exit song this year (though I guess the hint at prostition didn’t help and they probably pulled it when someone finally listened to the lyrics closely.. haha.. too bad cause I love that song)

  • oh yeah. and about America getting it wrong.. the fact that Ruben won in the first place? Enough said.

  • I don’t know if Castro was sick or not (I’m prone to believe that was a rumor started in the Idol forums), but yawning on camera really doesn’t have anything to do with this singing competition does it? Castro is my favorite; I’ll be sad when he’s inevitably voted off, but you better believe I’ll be buying his CD when it comes out. He has a beautiful voice, face, and disposition, so I’ll let his occasional lackadaisical attitude toward the camera slide.

  • Gabi

    In the beginning I really likes Castro, but I thought he would be getting better not worse at this point in the competition. I don’t like him anymore, and you’re right, it doesn’t look like he want’s to be on AI. I don’t know why, it’s just a feeling I get from him. It’s like he thinks he’s better than that. The only two ones I liked from the beginning and still love are David Cook and David Archuleta.

  • Common Sense

    Stop the Jason bashing! Of course he wants to be there; and I guarantee even Simon yawns at inopportune moments. Jason is just a “chill” guy…if he doesn’t win this thing, his life will go on and he will always be happy. I’ve admired his stand to not get drawn into music he really doesn’t want to perform. He is active in his church, musically, and has done nothing he needs to be ashamed of in the national spotlight. I’m a fan all the way.

    Conversely, Carly’s song was shouted and ignorant. Remember your audience, dear. Midwest voters don’t like songs that mock their Creator. If there was any real injustice this week, it was Syesha instead of Brooke in the Bottom Two. That’ll be remedied next week, though. I’m psyched for the Neil Diamond tunes, as long as the Final Five don’t pick ND songs that I detest (and there are many). Let’s stick with the upbeat Cracklin’ Rosies and Sweet Carolines, okay?

  • Too bad Kristy Lee Cook isn’t around to sing Coming to America!

  • Nicole

    It’s just as wrong to judge Carly and her husband on their tattoos as it is to judge Jason on his hair! Carly appreciates being on the show, and is happy that she got the opportunity, while Jason throws the wonderful chance out the window each week as he gets more and more careless. They are ALL good singers, but there’s no need to attack their appearance.

  • Kristen

    I don’t think Jason doesn’t wanna be there, I think he realizes how corny some of the stuff is. Don’t get me wrong, I love AI but the Ford videos and group numbers are unbearable. Plus, sometimes you can’t help yawning. I think everyone forgets that yawning doesn’t technically mean you’re tired, it means your brain’s not getting enough oxygen. So if he did it after he sang, that could very well have been involuntary. Plus, he was stoned. Lol.