Got a Question for GOSSIP Dad Matthew Settle and ‘V’ Actress Jessica Szohr

At 3PM (eastern) the TV Addict will be talking to GOSSIP Dad Rufus Humphrey [Matthew Settle] and perennial third wheel Vanessa [Jessica Szohr]. So if you’ve got a question for America’s new favorite father and rumored future Nate hook-up, please post away in the comments below.

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  • Dear Matthew!

    I am probably your biggest fan, therefore, I have many questions to you. 1) I love Rufus, but can we admire you also again in a movie? Or a mini-series like ” Into the west ” or “Band of Brothers”? 2) I am also a big fan of your sweet Naama. How big is her role in “You don’t mess with the Zohan”. 3) Can we see Naama (and your sweet dogs) also sometimes in “Gossip Girl”? Or in a romantic film with you?
    4) The first meeting of Rufus and Blair was so nice. Is there more of it? Or also with Chuck? 5) Do you knowmy German fan site for you? 8) Do you answer your fan post? I would be glad very much. I wish you and your family all love, luck and success!
    Rika from Germany:)

  • shanna

    For Jessica; In the rest of the season, will Vanessa’s character start to interact more outside of Dan and Serena? Do you lie the direction the character has taken with respect to the book version?

    For Matthew: Any hope for Rufus and Lily? Any?