The TV Addict Conquers his Everest [Six and a half hours of Thursday Night TV]

I knew going in that last night was not going to be easy. Thanks to the recent WGA Strike — like any good athlete — this TV Addict was out of practice. One hour a night, two hours, heck even three on a good Monday. But six and half hours of television. It was a TV Addict’s Everest! And even for this self-proclaimed TV Addict, I wasn’t sure I could do it.

So I decided to get some back-up/moral support. Enter fellow TV blogger and local Torontonian TapeWorthy. Figuring at the very least we’d help each other through the ‘dark times,’ also know as commercials, TapeWorthy was more than happy to drop by TV Addict Central for a few hours. Bringing with him a TV Addict’s best friend, Popeyes [Cue Homer Simpson, “Mmmmm…. Chicken Strips”] for sustenance.

ugly bettyUnfortunately, the night didn’t start off on the right foot. UGLY BETTY was an ugly disappointment. Henry once again gets called away by a scheming Charlie leaving the far cooler Gio to pick up the pieces. And by pieces, I naturally mean Betty.

Which leads me to this question. Why is Betty still with Henry? Love triangles only work when one of the lovers isn’t totally lame. And I’m sorry to inform all you Betty/Henry [or is it ‘Benry’] shippers out there — Betty/Henry is no Ross/Rachel. In other words, the entire series should not be built around their snooze-inducing relationship.

UGLY BETTY works best, and by best, I mean it’s at its funniest and most entertaining when Betty is at Mode, your classic fish out of water. Interacting with her hilarious foils Marc, Amanda, Daniel and Wilhelmina. It’s time to put the bitch back in Betty. Or, in this case Wilhelmeena back at Mode. Or this TV Addict may soon find himself shaving an hour off his busy Thursday night schedule.

greys anatomyMoving onto GREY’S ANATOMY. Shonda Rhimes wasn’t lying when she promised that she “came back to work after the strike with a whole new purpose, a new dedication. And a sense of hope.” Because hope, is exactly the vibe this TV Addict was getting while reveling in the return of GREY’s. It was as if I was transported back to the glory days of the first two seasons. For the first time in recent memory, Meredith, Cristina, Izzie and even Alex weren’t depressing and endlessly whining about their personal lives [Rest assured, George was still whining until episodes end!]. Rather they were competing to save lives and at the same time remembering that they’re all talented, smart not to mention not half bad looking surgeons. Nice to see that Shonda Rhimes recognized that it was time for a change. Let’s hope the trend sticks.

Two hours in, the TV Addict and TapeWorthy are both starting to show signs of weariness. Will we make it? Do we have what it takes? Is it possible fried chicken isn’t the healthy food we needed to get us through the night? [“Mmmmm…. Chicken Strips”] Stay Tuned….

Whenever Will Arnett returns to 30 ROCK it’s a mixed blessing. On the one hand, Will Arnett is hilarious — but on the other, he also serves as a constant reminder that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is never coming back to TV. Moment of silence please.

ben linusFinally, the night’s most anticipated return — LOST. I’m not sure what was more surprising. The fact that LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse killed off Alex in such a cold-blooded and shocking manner. Or that Ben seemed to be genuinely affected by his daughter’s death. I mean think about it. Over the course of the show we’ve seen Ben lose countless ‘friends’, ‘colleagues’ and ‘Others without even batting an eye. Yet the eyeballs don’t lie. Ben is pissed about Alex’s death.

So pissed that he decides to confront the Holmes to his Moriarty, Valjean to his Javert, Ying to his Yang… get where I’m going with this…. the mysterious Charles Widmore. Turns out Mr. Widmore “Changed the rules.” And while this TV Addict has no idea what these rules entail, I can’t help but conclude that Ben and Charles have been playing this bizarre game of one-upmanship for centuries.

Is it possible the secret room Ben walked into is actually some sort of STARGATE like teleportation device? Does Ben have the ability to travel through time and space at will? Why else would he be so surprised that Alex didn’t die. It’s almost as if for the first time, things weren’t going according to Ben’s ultimate plan. Or more baffling still, that Ben didn’t see it coming.

And with that, I turn it over to you my fellow TV Addicts. For as much as myself and TapeWorthy tried, we could only get through three and half hours of television. THE OFFICE, SCRUBS, SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL will all be watched this weekend. But feel free to post away with your thoughts.

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  • Jimmy

    Grey’s and Lost were both awesome. I thought the Office was funny as well, though the locked in a building may have gone on to long. Haven’t hit 30 Rock yet!

  • Common Sense

    Centuries? I doubt it. Ben was just a kid when he went to the Island. More intriguing is why Ben cannot kill Widmore. Obviously, we’ve seen (with Desmond) the time-travel-consciousness….but I believe what we saw last night could be the first “physical” time/place-travel scene, with Ben in the desert. Can we assume that the polar bear in the desert was an earlier experiment in the time/place-travel?

    Alex’s death was brutal. That captain is cold-blooded. Sorry the monster didn’t get him. Do you think the monster that ate the plane captain in such bloody gore is different from Smokey? I have to think so.

  • TVFan

    TV Addict, I too tried to get through everything and failed. But I did see SUPERNATURAL and it rocked.

  • Gabi

    I watched five shows yesterday. And while I agree with everything you said about Ugly Betty, I don’t agree with the Grey’s stuff. You said you felt like it was getting better again, I feel the total opposite. The spark that show had was gone, and I didn’t feel like the story was moving forward. I hate seeing Hahn still not liking Christina, and I hate that it looked like they were in High School or something when Hahn and Callie ignored Christina, like they were the cool ones. Hated that. I will never stop watching Grey’s though, but I keep hoping it’s gonna get better.

    Scrubs was also not so funny. But that’s probably because there was too much focus on Kelso, and he wasn’t fun this time.

    And let’s talk Smallville, what is up with that show? I mean, what happened to Clark, has he totally gone wierd? He was hardly in any scenes, and the once he were in he was just lame. the world may be going under but all he can think of is LANA. Hate her. Why are the writers doing this to Clark, don’t they understand that after seven years we finally want to see some sorts of sign of the Superman Clark, and not the lame one?

    Saved the best for last – Lost. They can’t do anything wrong. The best episode of the season. I love Ben so much, and I love Michael Emerson, the best actor of them all. Wow, he can say so much without saying anything.

  • Common Sense,

    Okay, centuries may be a bit of an overstatement, but on LOST where pretty much anything’s possible. I’m sort of seeing Ben vs Charles as this epic battle between good and evil. Sort of like Liam Neeson’s Ra Al Goul in BATMAN BEGINS. Of course the challenge is guessing who’s on the side of good!

    Also, one thing I didn’t mention. Now that Sayid is tasked with killing everyone on Ben’s list. It’s going to a little bit awkward when he has to kill Penny. Seeing as though Sayid and Desmond are probably becoming fast friends stuck on that boat.

  • Oh yum!! Popeyes. Haven’t had that in ages. Did you have some biscuits?

  • LinzMcC,

    It’s not Popeye’s without BBQ sauce and a Biscuit!

  • SimplyKimberly

    I didn’t even try. I just TiVoed everything and watched LOST. But it was a fantastic choice because last night ranks up there with some of the finest hours of television ever.

    I cannot frakking believe they killed Alex. I was holding my breath waiting for Claire to bite it that I never really saw it coming.

    Sawyer being all noble and heroic is scaring the crap out of me because those things are usually precursors to an even bigger, nobler death scene. And I don’t want to lose him. He and Locke are the untouchables for me.

    But Ben Linus is such a mystery. Each new bit of info we get about him weaves an even more complex character and I love it!

  • Alison

    I never thought I would say this, but I caught myself laughing out loud more during Grey’s then during the Office. Hopefully Grey’s can get back on track and I look forward to the “sense of hope” to restore what I used to love about Grey’s — the characters. Like you said, they been whiney and kind of annoying as of late. “Being aware of your crap and actually overcoming you crap are two very different things” — I think part 1 of this quote has been acknowledged and I look forward to them getting past it all.

    The Office was a huge disappointment. I had to go back and re-watch last weeks episode to get the bad taste out of my mouth from the half hour that got us no where and was mildly amusing at best.

    LOST !!!!!!! enough said.

  • nctodc

    Glad I wasn’t the only one that was disappointed by the return of Ugly Betty–I didn’t find it particularly funny. I’m hoping that the lack of humor was really a side effect of Betty not being at Mode, instead of the changes in the writing staff that happened during the strike. We’ll see next week, I guess.

    I’d disagree with you a bit on Grey’s…mainly because there didn’t seem to be much heart in the show.

  • I also couldn’t make it through the whole night. I only watched Lost, Scrubs, and The Daily Show. Will catch up on Betty & Grey’s over the weekend. What about Survivor? Was it on, or did they skip this week (will have to check the TiVo again)?

    Lost was pretty good. Was pleasantly surprised Claire wasn’t killed in that *rocket explosion* (holy crap), although I wonder if that’s inevitably coming soon considering Aaron’s future life with Kate and there being no Claire-centric episode in the rest of S4. Fairly surprised they did kill Alex. Guess that leaves less room for a Rousseau survival (her character may have served its purpose already).

    “Funny” how Sawyer dodged a barrage of bullets, but three nameless/faceless 815 “red shirts” were picked off with a single shot each. Where are the other background Locke followers, if there are any more? I wonder if our main cast members will be the only survivors by the time the O6 get off the island.

    Scrubs was good. Not as hilarious as the older episodes, and I’m not convinced people would care that much about Kelso, but the show does heartfelt as well as it does funny.

    Considering the mixed reviews, I’m not overly anxious to see Betty or Grey’s, especially since I feel Betty S2 has been uneven, and I’m only a moderate fan of Grey’s in the first place.

    On Survivor, looking forward to seeing James & Amanda’s reactions to Parvati helping to vote off Ozzie last week. Ozzie’s skills are impressive, but in both of his seasons, he’s gotten cocky. So, I’m glad someone finally had the fortitude to vote out a strong player instead of just talking about doing it.

  • I actually really liked Scrubs, but both Smallville & Supernatural were kind of a yawn to me. Supernatural had too much of the other people in it and not nearly enough of the guys. I mean, I know that was the point of that ep, to make it mostly like a reality type show, but it was just ho-hum. Not nearly as fun as I’d hoped it would be.

  • jeff

    I liked Ugly Betty! Not their best episode, but it was a good one. I do agree Wilhemina needs to be back at Mode though.

  • John K.

    Hey, don’t go claiming to scale Everest when you’re saving the final ascent for the weekend. Last night I WATCHED: Smallville, SPN, Earl, Scrubs, Office, 30 Rock, Betty, Grey’s and Lost. 7 hours, all watched! And I even had time to squeeze in a fastforwarded version of I Know My Kids a Star and FOX News’ Red Eye (my fave guilty pleasure ever). I had to stay awake until 2am, but it was worth it!

  • Sorry, I cheated on you and watched The Office as I was brushing my teeth when I got home.. haha…

    That being said… NOOOO don’t drop Ugly Betty just yet…!!! I have hope yet!!!

    Come on… pertty colours!!!

    I know. not as funny as you wanted and probabyl too sweet for your taste but they needed to catch everybody up and get the dramatics out of the way for more comedic set up! yah. thats it… !

  • shanna

    Ha! I beat the TvA. I managed to watch Grey’s, Ugly Betty, Lost and Supernatural (I don’t usually do SN but I kept hearing about the Ghostfacers thing, it was hilarious).

    I agree, the Betty/Henry thing is getting old. I’m holding out for Betty/Daniel (He remembered he’d forget!) but Betty/Henry is making me angry.

    I LOVED Grey’s. I feel like it’s back to what I love, good medicine, funny competitions, plenty of heart and just enough angst.

    LOST killed. Lost and GG right now are two shows that have been consistently good all season.

  • Congrats to everyone who actually managed to conquer Everest. Sadly I’m only half way there! Rest assured, I’ll make it up to the top this weekend, or die trying!

  • Alyssa12

    I actually liked The Office. I didn’t think it was the best episode, but last night’s episode had its moments. Personally, I thought the Toby scene was HILARIOUS. The Office does a great job with exploiting the awkward moments in human nature.

    I also watched Supernatural last night. I didn’t think it was any better or worse than usual, just different. It focused more on the humor rather than the scare tactics. I was looking forward to having my weekly horror film, but a good laugh was much appreciated.

    Last, but most certainly not least, LOST was AMAZING!!!! I was shocked when Alex was killed. I can’t even put into words how much I loved this episode, but all I can say is I can’t wait for next week!!!!!!