Good News, Bad News: LOST, 90210, Tricia Helfer, Ugly Betty & More!

Good News: Tricia Helfer will be heating up USA’s BURN NOTICE this summer. Bad News: Canadians still don’t get BURN NOTICE. Which begs the question: When will Global, CTV, or CITYTV wake up and pick this show up. [Source]

Good News: Rebecca Romijn will only be returning to UGLY BETTY next season as an occasional guest star. Bad News: Ummm… we got nothing. Since the moment she hijacked Mode’s big fashion show, Alexis Meade has been the show’s weakest link. [source]

Good News: LOST returned! Bad News: It’s audience didn’t, with Thursday’s phenomenal episode down a whopping 20 percent from the show’s February premiere. [Source]

Good News: Big names are being offered roles on the BEVERLY HILLS 90210 re-boot. Bad News: With the latest ‘big name’ being Lizzie McGuire Hillary Duff. Who’s next to join the cast — THE SUITE LIFE’s Zack and Cody? [Source]

Good News: E!Online’s Korbi is moving on to bigger and better things at Bad News: The TV Addict is still waiting to hear how his audition tape went over to be “America’s Next Korbi!”

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  • I disagree on the bad news for Lost. That’s one way to look at the numbers, the other is to say that the audience was up from the two last episodes, that it was a clear winner on the demo, that the retention from lead-in Grey’s Anatomy was better than pretty much anything ABC tried before (Big Shots, WMC, October Road…) or just better than anything on that slot before, like Eli Stone.

    Adding to that how Lost is a demanding show, that you need to be really focusing on as you watch it, you can’t be half asleep, and as such 10.00 is a bad slot for it, it always do better earlier, and no, it was nothing but good news for Lost I’d say.

    Plus, the show always performs well in time shifted viewing, so when those numbers will be out it might even get better! 😉

    I’d suggest another item instead:

    Good News: Supernatual returned! Bad News: It was the worst episode of the show ever.

  • Tim

    I agree with fred here. The #’s were actually pretty good. It was #2 in the 18-49 demo and held a big chunk of the overall audience, as well. It’s funny how so many people call Ugly Betty a huge hit, and say Lost is losing viewers by the boatload, but Lost still has way better ratings than Betty.

  • Common Sense

    ABC has exactly ONE iconic, transendent show: LOST. Viewers who didn’t show up Thur. at 10pm simply missed one of the most riveting hours in TV history. And yes, at 10pm, it’s a huge DVR and VHS and Online viewing favorite. Frankly, to catch every detail that we love so much, more than one viewing is necessary.

    Thank you, ABC, and the producers/writers of this series. Television lovers can never thank you enough for this gem, the best show in TV history.