Meet BEVERLY HILLS 90210’s Cindy Walsh Version 2.0

lori loughlin 90210

With today’s news by Michael Ausiello that Lori Loughlin is joining the CW’s 90210: The Next Generation as Celia Mills, an ex-Olympic athlete who relocates to Beverly Hills with her husband and two children. This TV Addict can’t help but wonder…

Which other FULL HOUSE alum would you like to see writers Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah cast as Loughlin’s TV husband and Beverly Hills High’s new principal? Here are the candidates, post your pick in the comments below.

Bob Saget
Pros: Already has a track record of raising [Olsen] twins.
Cons: Confirmed ‘bachelor’ spent the majority of his adult life living with two other men. We’re just saying!

John Stamos
Pros: Made TV’s most memorable mullet work.
Cons: It’s Uncle Jesse we’re talking about here. What’s not to love? Okay fine, we weren’t exactly thrilled with his bizarre Beach Boys obsession.

Dave Coulier
Pros: Tell me Dave Coulier’s hilarious impersonations didn’t have you on the floor laughing [when you were 8]
Cons: Hasn’t been seen since FULL HOUSE went off the air in 1995.

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  • Aileen

    John Stamos. By far the cutest. And I’d like him to be on a show that I actually watch (as opposed to the five billionth season of ER).

  • Ashlyn

    Dave Coulier does stand-up tours now. I just saw him about a month ago. Not sure he’s really 90210-spinoff material though. In fact, one full-house vet is enough for one show, I think.

    Though i’d trade Lori for Stamos anyday.

  • so i’m UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED about lori loughlin coming back to tv, but I have to disagree with pretty much everything you wrote about the full house men.

    1. Danny had SEVERAL girlfriends throughout the run of the show, and [not counting the twins] there were more women than men in the house.

    2. Uncle Jesse wasn’t obsessed with the Beach Boys. John Stamos used to play with the Beach Boys.

    3. Dave Coulier HAS been seen since “Full House” ended. It’s hardly considered acting, but he was on a season of Vh1’s “The Surreal Life.” That counts lol

  • Linda

    John would make a great spy or cop that borders on both sides of the law, especially with the stubble!! WOW!! so smokin hot!!

  • showtime

    I could care less who plays her husband.
    I’m just glad that Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah are writing for the show…how I miss Life as we Know it *sighs*