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vanessa gossip girl Jessica Szohr

On Friday, the TV Addict had the opportunity to talk with actress Jessica Szohr, better known around these parts as Dan’s best friend Vanessa on everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure GOSSIP GIRL. The following is what Szohr [pronounced Zee-oh-ar] spilled on what the cast is really like, those Nate and Vanessa rumors and how she’s handling all the media attention surrounding the show.

How did you break into acting?
I grew up in Wisconsin, modeling and doing commercials. I never thought acting was a realistic dream. But in my senior year of High School, my parents sat me down and asked if I really wanted to go to College, or was I just doing it for them. So with their blessing, I decided to go out to Los Angeles for pilot season.

What was it like joining the show part way into the first season?
I was super nervous. I’d seen the pilot, so joining the show four episodes in [episode 104/105] was like being the new kid at school. But everyone was so welcoming and sweet.

On-screen we know that you’re Dan’s BFF [Best Friend Forever], but whom would you say you’ve become closest with off-camera? Who’s your off-screen Dan?
We’ve all become close in certain ways, but I’d definitely say off screen I’m closest with Ed [Chuck Bass]

How are you finding all the media attention surrounding the show?
It’s very interesting. You don’t realize that aside from acting, there is this whole other side. Photo shoots, interviews, it gets a little complicated. It’s not really my place to talk about everybody’s personal life. Vanessa, Dan, Nate I’m more than happy to talk about.

Any interesting fan experiences in New York?
I forget that I’m on a show people watch. If people do recognize me, I usually think they need directions to the subway! There are a couple of fans that come to the set everyday and stand around and watch. Which is a little weird. But we need the fans, so I think we all try our best when people are watching.

vanessa gossip girl Jessica Szohr

So what can you tell me about Vanessa and Nate, there’s been an awful lot of rumor, not to mention photos, swirling around online.
Growing up in Brooklyn Vanessa is from a completely different world. She doesn’t really understand the the Upper East Side — limos, jets, parents worth billions. She works at a normal job in a café. But with Nate, she sees a guy who’s not completely part of that world either. Nate’s not self-involved and I think Vanessa tries to reach out with him, to become friends.

Maybe more…
[Laughs] I’m not sure what I can really say. But in the season finale, Vanessa goes to her first society function and things get pretty interesting.

Do you know where the character of Vanessa will be heading in the second season?
We’re just wrapping up the season finale and we’re back in June so I don’t even think they’ve started writing the second season. But the writers are so good at what they do. I mean, they wrote THE OC. So I trust them completely.

GOSSIP GIRL fans, don’t miss the return of Vanessa tonight at 8PM on the CW. And return to theTVaddict.com next Monday for our interview with Gossip Dad Matthew Settle.

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  • Josh C.

    this isn’t related to Vanessa on GG, but I was wondering now that the normal tv schedule is back are you going to start writing the best episodes of the week and worst again? That was something I always enjoyed reading

  • Josh C,

    Glad you liked it. I’ve been thinking about bringing the week’s best and worst back for a while. Just have to find the time!

  • Aileen

    Jessica Szohr seems really nice. I feel bad for her that there is so much hate for her character–it’s not really the actress’ fault. It’s that the character was kind of annoying and pointless. Maybe with Nate she will now have a point (and will be less holier-than-thou).

  • nctodc

    I’m in the minority, of course, but V is actually my favorite character on Gossip Girl. She’s a little bit of normalcy in the otherwise fantastical world of the upper east side.

  • Kristen

    I love Vanessa! I think a lot of it has to do with the books, but I think she’s great on the show! I’m just waiting for them to shave her head! Lol.

  • NellyYuki

    Vanessa is my very, very, very favourite. If she leaves, I’ll cry and then turn off the tv.

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  • iustin

    I love you Jessica 😡 … kisses from Romania 🙂

  • Samantha

    Jessica Szohr IS really sweet and nice in real life…I don’t really watch the show, so I’m not familiar with her character, but we are both from the Milwaukee, WI area…we met through a mutual friend; hung out a few days when she was living in Los Angeles. She’s so down to earth and very sweet….just thought I’d mention that to those who were curious! 😉

  • srikanth

    hey VENESSA…. this is srikanth from… uk… n there is a girl in my college… who looks very similar to U…. when ever i see her i think of U..n VENESSA i like u very much… i’ve ALSO told her that she looks like U…. n wish u all the best with ur actin job…. dont stop comin on the screen… U R DA BEST……. CHEERS MATE….

  • Androi Smith

    i dont like nate anymore because i wanted him to be with jenny