Your WB Favorites Set to Return Online

Great news EVERWOOD fans, the TV Addict’s all-time favorite brilliant-but-cancelled series will soon be returning to the small screen. Albeit a screen slightly smaller than what I’m used to.

This morning, the Warner Bros. Television Group announced the launch of, a premium, ad-supported, video-on-demand, interactive and personalized network. According to a press release sent out this morning:

“ will feature full episodes from a dynamic lineup of programs that have shaped popular culture and inspired devoted followings over the past decade, including FRIENDS, SMALLVILLE, ONE TREE HILL, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ALL OF US, THE OC, GILMORE GIRLS, THE WAYANS BROS., VERONICA MARS, EVERWOOD, and ROSWELL among others to be announced”

And while we can only hope JACK & BOBBY, FELICITY and GROSSE POINTE are among the “others to be announced,” this TV Addict can’t help but applaud Warner Bros for giving fans the opportunity to re-discover their favorite shows online.

All that’s left is for Warner Bros. to take this TV Addict’s advice and release the shows on iTunes.

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  • will the shows be accessible from outside the US?

  • tim wilkins

    oh to relive the “buffy” days. lol too bad the cw can’t put “gossip girl” online. for free.

  • CC

    Is it going to be free?
    Well this is great news. What about Dawsons Creek? Popular?
    Why is friends going to be on that? It plays fifteen million times a day already lol
    And I second Felicity!!!

  • Much like the service will be free, but ad-supported.

  • Josh Emerson

    Veronica Mars!! Oh how I miss that show.

    I wouldn’t mind checking out Buffy and Roswell if I have some free time.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Everwood! :sigh: That show is second only to ANGEL on shows I still have a hate on for the frog network over canceling it.

  • shanna

    This is great. Plus, I can catch some of the shows I didn’t watch from the beginning like Everwood.

  • Lynn

    Any clue as to whether or not Roswell will have its original music? It’s a shame they had to change mostly all of it for the DVDs.

  • Linda B.

    Lynn, I feel the same way about Felicity’s music. It was so obvious when they started airing the show on WE that they had changed much of the music. I think i heard the DVDs were the same as well – something about not having the rights anymore. I’d love to watch Felicity again from start to finish, but the way it was intended to be seen.

  • Common Sense

    The site will not be complete, or even worthwhile, without FELICITY, POPULAR, DAWSON’S CREEK and ANGEL. What are they *thinking” ??

    All of Us? Seriously? Could there be a less-funny “comedy?”

    And The O.C. is not a WB show. Friends is included because it was produced by Warner Bros., and they don’t think we’ve seen Ross and Rachel on a break quite enough yet.

  • Sigh, I miss Everwood.

    I wonder if we’ll actually get this in Canada or like Hulu will it be blocked? Argh…