Beverly Hills 90210 Casting Scoop

Shenae Grimes 90210

The news from America’s most famous zip code keeps getting better.

Our sources, and by ‘sources’ this TV Addict is of course referring to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello just broke the news that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT alum Jessica Walter has been tapped to play fading 70’s movie starlet/current booze hound Tabitha Mills on the CW’s much hyped 90210 re-boot.

Also joining the cast is current DEGRASSI star and fellow Canadian Shenae Grimes. Grimes will play Annie Mills, the beautiful and naive sixteen year old who undoubtedly becomes hot the moment she ditches her theatre-loving persona and meets whomever the show decides to cast as Dylan McKay ‘the bad boy’.

Lori Loughlin, Jessica Walter and Shenae Grimes. Is anyone else getting as excited for fall as I am?

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  • Common Sense

    “I’m busting…BUSTING, Jerry!” as George Costanza might say!

    JESSICA FREAKIN’ WALTER!!!!! IIf she ‘s 1/100th as good as she was as Lucille Bluth, we’re in for a treat! This lady is downright hysterical.

    90210 just became the zip code of choice for Fall 2008! Keep up the imaginative and utterly brilliant casting, CW! You’re on a roll….

  • Common Sense,

    It seems the casting department is on fire. Now the only question remaining is how the script is shaping up!

  • scsc

    you should check they had this up 4 hours ago.

  • BHcolin

    I was excited with just the fact 90210 would be reborn — Jessica Walter is an added bonus.
    Now if we could just get a one or two of the originals back it will be amazing. But I have conditions– Donna can’t come back unless David is back too, and with Brian Austin Green added as a regular to TSCC it’s a no go. If Kelly comes back we also need Dylan because I feel they would of stuck together. Now I’d love Brenda back- and she could come solo and that be fine because we never saw where her life took her. I liked Steve but he was really always the weak link for me and Janet is off in the Lipstick Jungle. Always loved Valerie, she was a great addition to 90210 but not sure how they could relate her to the new show. There is Brandon who could go back to his stomping grounds become a teacher after his work in the newspaper biz – I like Jason Priestley and thought he was good in the recent Lifetime show Side Order of Life (now cancelled)

    I’m going to tune in no matter what — but for me to be invested in it for the long haul I hope they bring back an original.
    It took me a while to get into Kelly and Dylan — cause I loved him with Brenda, then Antonia (oh that wedding/death episode, the scene with the wedding dress at the end — makes me cry every time I see it) but I just think they would be a great pair to bring back. Love Jennie Garth, she’s the reason I watched What I Like About You, and Luke Perry and really like to see them at this point in their characters lives.

    No matter what I hope they have great scripts out of the gate

  • okay. fine. my interest is slowly peaking. Especially if they can get Walters.

  • Jenn

    I just hope the show will be given a chance in the ratings and not cancelled 2-3 weeks in like so many other great potentials. I vote for Brenda coming back…she could be the drama teacher leaving it open for Brandon to come and go.