Take the Monday Night TV SAT Challenge

In honor of last night’s SAT—themed installment of GOSSIP GIRL, this TV Addict thought he’d throw out a few questions of his own.

Question #1: Serena is to Blair as to oil is to _________ ?

Question #2: Georgina is to GOSSIP GIRL as to Heather Locklear was to _________ ?

Question #3: Ted and Robin are to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER as to J.D. and Elliot are to _________ ?

Question #4: Cameron is to HOUSE as to Jenna is to _________ ?

Bonus Question: To make THE BIG BANG THEORY’S Leonard feel better, the dumbest spur-of-the-moment purchase you ever made on eBay was _________ ?

For the answers,

Answer #1: Water
Don’t get me wrong, between Jenny’s search for a wealthy suitor, Blair’s scheme to get Nelly Yuki off her game, the adorableness that was ‘Nessa’ [Could Vanessa and Nate have a worse ‘Brangelina-esque’ nickname?] and the arrival of Georgina Sparks that did not disappoint, this TV Addict loved every moment of last night’s GOSSIP GIRL. My one qualm, the fact that the NY Daily News’ assertion that stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester “avoid each other like the plague” seem to be dictating the show’s storylines. How else to account for the fact that ‘S’ and ‘B’ have shared virtually zero screen time since GOSSIP GIRL returned last week..

Answer #2: Melrose Place
Following in the manipulative and devious footsteps of original bad girls Heather Locklear and Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Georgina Sparks lived up to her namesake last night by injecting some much needed excitement into what was becoming the slightly tedious lovey-dovey romantic life of Serena and Dan. Not only does Georgina Sparks have serious issues with little things like the truth, drugs and alcohol. She knows what Serena did last summer. Which begs the question. What’s the secret! And more importantly, did Blair’s start-of-season random Asian sidekick disappeared because she ‘knew too much’!

Answer: #3: SCRUBS
Okay, so that was easy. But if last night’s final scene on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is any indication, fans haven’t seen the last of Ted and Robin. Why else would showrunners Carter Bays & Craig Thomas pull a LOST by teasing the fact that Robin is living with Ted one year from now. Fade to black. Cue mysterious LOST music.

Answer: #4: 30 ROCK
Now that the fun of House selecting his new team is over, this TV Addict can’t help but feel bad for Cameron. Like 30 ROCK’s Jenna, who as of late seems to have quite literally left the building, Cameron is lucky to get two minutes of screen time in a given episode. Which is hardly the way an original character should be treated [unless your name is Michel and you ‘star’ in GILMORE GIRLS].

Bonus Answer: In my eBay addicted heyday, this TV Addict’s dumbest purchases probably include a few hundred issues of Entertainment Weekly. Sadly, I have virtually every issue and at this moment, they’re doing a fantastic job of collecting dust in my parent’s basement.

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  • haha i got 3 out of 5

  • Amy

    I really hope that comment about Robin living at Ted’s in a year’s time doesn’t mean anything – that she’ll be there because her apartment floods or something. Putting my love of Robin and Barney together aside, I think they did a great job of breaking up Robin and Ted without making anyone look bad. They showed that the two of them aren’t right for each other long term, and I’d hate to see them go back there.

  • shanna

    I think the Robin living at Ted’s thing might have to do with Lily and Marshall finally moving out of the apartment (I hope).

  • Matt P

    Shanna I had the same thought as to why Robin would be living there.

  • Ally

    Because S and B weren’t in lots of scenes together in ONE episode, all of a sudden the Daily News was right? They did have one scene together (where Blair gives Chuck the dirty look) and the story dictated that S be distant from her best friend and boyfriend. I really don’t understand your reasoning on this one. S and J didn’t have any scenes together. Maybe those two are fighting. Lily wasn’t in the episode at all. Maybe she has a drug problem.