Who’s Going Home on AMERICAN IDOL?

Since the TV Addict is suffering from some serious allergies this evening, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Jason Castro will be going home tonight after phoning in not just one, but two performances. Agree/Disagree, post your pick for who you’d like to see sent home. [Aside from the annoying swaying arm chicks in the mosh pit]

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  • Daniel

    I totally agree. Jason has become pretty ordinary these last few weeks. Ever since “Over the Rainbow” he has gone downhill.

  • You too on the allergies huh? Outdoor sucks.

    if Jason leaves, it would be too good to be true. Which means it probably won’t happen knowing my luck.

  • John K.

    Jason or Brooke. The Davids are guaranteed to the final two, and DialIdol is saying Syesha is number one (I think Cowell pronouncing her dead was his sly way of encouraging sympathy votes).

  • Good golly, I hope Jason or Brooke goes. I don’t like either one of em. I think Jason doesn’t give 1 whit about the show or trying to become the Idol. He looks & sounds like he barely has any energy to get up on stage. And Brooke’s 1st song especially was WEAK. Her voice was definitely not strong enough for that. And I just frankly don’t like her attitude. She tries so hard to be meek and laid back and yet, it just feels forced and fake to me now. I dunno, just def. not my thing.

  • Marisa

    I think Brooke will leave.

  • blueberry

    Nothing new here. Castro has phoned it in since day one. And of course, for reasons unknown, he will smugly be kept on for the next week, and the next, and the next…

  • Common Sense

    NOOOOOOOOO! I’m not ready for Jason to go yet. He needs to at least make the final three….then pull a stunning upset, when the two Davids split the vote!

    I believe his laid-back style works against him, because people are just impressed with LOUD NOISE. He sang fine, nothing special. But Brooke and Syesha were stink-o. And frankly, I wasn’t overwhelmed by either David. All five singers picked N. Diamond songs I don’t care for, thus it was an excruciating night for me.

    PAULA ABDUL HAS GOT TO GO! She had it predetermined in her mind that she was gonna rip on Jason even before his 2nd performance. She has no idea what’s going on right in front of her. Why is this trainwreck of a has-been idiot allowed on television?????? If it wasn’t obvious that the judges want to “fix” the results….what more proof do you need?

  • Ashlyn

    I’m torn between sending Jason or Brooke home. Brooke at least appears to care, and I liked her second performance. “Forever in Blue Jeans” wasn’t horrific, but he doesn’t seem to care, and honestly he should have been gone a while ago. He isn’t American Idol caliber.

    When are the judge going to start criticizing Archuleta?

    Archuleta and Jason seem to be staying on for all the wrong reasons.

  • Anna

    This is the situation:

    It’s is beyond time for Sayesha to go home.

    Jason has such a large fan base (all the girls!). He’s cute and charming.

    Brooke is faux humble and it comes off as fake. I think people are getting sick of it.

    David Cook will definitley be top 2. He is smug though which is annoying.

    David Archuleta is the next John Tesh. What is deal? I don’t know why everyone loves him so much. Who is his audience? 70 year old grandpas into easy listening? sure, he’s humble-pie which is a nice contrast from david cook & brooke but that novelty will wear off. anyone remember Melinda Doolittle? anyone heard a peep outta her? nope.

    I think the top 2 should be David Cook & Jason Castro.

  • tonya

    In that this has obviously become a popularity contest and not a talent contest, I’m not surprised by your comments. IF this was based on talent, Sayesha would stay to the end. I can’t figure out what you people are thinking. Her voice is 10 times stronger than Brooke’s and she’s got a zillion times more personality. Again, I’m not going to argue the facts of popularity but if you have ANY experience in music, you’d know that Sayesha is extremely talented AND gorgeous. The two David’s are going to end up neck and neck with Cook coming in real fast on lil David.