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Normally, I ask y’all not to judge me. But today… yeah, feel free. Because I’m gonna admit that last night, I watched FARMER WANTS A WIFE. Not that I’ll be making that mistake again. Where the heck do they find these people? From the kinda creepy titular farmer, Matt, to the ladies competing to play hen to his rooster, this show was a mess. And not the kind that comes with the word “hot” before it. Of course, several of the women are virgins, because that’s the new thing on reality. (When even PARADISE HOTEL 2 landed one, virginity officially became a reality trend.) And what are we to make of Josie, the republican who declares that she wants to live on a farm so she can ride horses and attend polo matches, because “a farmer’s wife doesn’t work. She has people who work for her.” If there’s one thing the women — save Brooke, who actually, heaven help her, seems like a nice gal — have in common, it is that they believe “big city” guys are losers. Hello, pot? This is kettle. I will, however, give the show credit for having one of the most unusual elimination ceremonies in the history of reality television: Each girl had to pick up a live chicken to see if it was sitting on an egg, with the egg-free lass being sent back to the city. I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried. Given that the first episode ended with Farmer Matt sending Stephanie packing instead of the idiotic Josie, who is obviously there to create drama and wouldn’t accept if this guy proposed anyway, tells you everything you need to know. Obviously, producers had more to say about the outcome than the farmer, so having the entire thing come down to the laying of an egg is wildly appropriate.

Anybody else think BROTHERS & SISTERS moved way too fast with Kitty and Robert? Why the heck are they suddenly all about having a baby? Haven’t they been married for, like, three minutes? Meanwhile, the whole Rebecca/Justin thing is just playing kinda creepy. Yes, we suspected for a while — and now know — that she wasn’t a Walker. (First clue: She doesn’t drink nearly enough.) But Justin doesn’t know that, so he needs to stop leering at his supposed sister! And it was nice to have Scotty refuse to be patronized to by or settle for Kevin’s offer that they become domestic (or, as one of the Walker boys put it, “domesticated”) partners. More and more, I’m realizing that I watch this show more for the dialogue and acting than the storylines. In fact, I tend to watch it DESPITE the storylines. Am I alone in that?

SURVIVOR has been on fire this season, and in recent weeks, it’s been entirely about the hidden immunity idol. First, Ozzy found the real one, replaced it with a fake and used it to great advantage before being blindsided. Then Jason found the next hidden idol, failed to play it and was blindsided in exactly the same manner! It’s been a while since I’ve been this into SURVIVOR, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Remember when DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES knew how to end each episode with a cliffhanger? While the idea of Bree and Katherine going into business together is bliss on a stick and the fact that the show isn’t afraid to revel in Gabi’s self-absorbed nature earn it major points, it might be time to accept the fact that having only a single mystery-arc per season is a mistake. Even during this shortened-by-the-strike season, the secrets of the Mayfair clan are unfolding at a snail’s pace. And for the love of God, Lynette needs to get those kids of hers into therapy, pronto!

As a whole, the LAW & ORDER franchise hasn’t had a great year. But this week’s SVU showcased everything this show does best: A perfectly-cast Robin Williams in a typically twisted story that began on a “ripped-from-the-headlines” note and spiraled outward to include everything from a message about the dangers of blindly following authority figures to a pillow fight. But it’s time to stop putting Olivia in jeopardy and having her rescued by her male co-workers. Let’s see the tough-as-nails Det. Benson be the one kicking butt and taking names. And that ending? With the detectives assuming Williams’ alter ego was dead rather than, oh, maybe hiding in the bushes? Lame.

My on-again, off-again affair with GOSSIP GIRL is definitely on the upswing after this week’s fantastic episode. The budding romance between Nate and Vanessa is unexpectedly charming, and Blair is back on top where she belongs. I like the addition of Michelle Trachtenberg as gorgeous Georgina, but man, she looks so much younger than the rest of the cast. In other words, she looks age appropriate. And why has the show abandoned Lily and Rufus? Nothing irks me more than when storylines go missing for weeks at a time. We invested in it, and so should the writers.

I want to give SUPERNATURAL props for trying something different, but I have to admit it wasn’t my favorite episode. (And yes, since being raked over the coals by fans of the show, I’ve seen each and every offering put forth this season.) There were good moments, but overall, it just felt a little too cheesy for my taste. It felt way like a filler episode, and after so many weeks away, I really wanted the show to come roaring back with the Winchester boys front and center, not an episode which wasted far too much on characters I didn’t really care about.

ONE TREE HILL’s Mouth and Millicent are officially my favorite couple (of the moment). This wasn’t a particularly great week around the dial for couples, so I’d have to give my runner-up spot to GREY’S ANATOMY’s Callie and Hahn… because come on, they have more chemistry with one another than with the moronic men surrounding them!

  • Naf

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Brothers and Sisters. The acting is top notch, and the Walker’s are still a joy to watch, but I’m tired of these boring storylines. The Justin/Rebecca relationship is just too creepy for words, and unlike the George and Izzie mistake on Grey’s Anatomy, making Rebecca not a Walker can’t be undone so easily. They’ve got a great cast, but the writers don’t seem to know what to do with them, and the only reason I’m still devoted to the show is because of the memories of the first season.

    I agree with you about Gossip Girl also, Finally, S and Dan have a proper sotryline. That couple got boring, fast.

  • Common Sense

    Things actually happen on Gossip Girl. Then….there’s One Tree Hill….

  • I’m really disappointed in Brothers & Sisters for going the direction they did with Rebecca. They invested a lot of storytime in making her a part of the family, and now, she’s not.

    Of course, it’s a no brainer that she and Justin will hook up romantically after they learn such a thing wouldn’t be incestuous, and eventually, they’ll probably marry, making her still a part of the family. Unless the actress leaves the show, Rebecca keeps the secret *forever*, or the Walkers say DNA-shmee-in-aye, how else could it possilby go.

    As for Robert & Kitty, I don’t have a problem with their accelerated relationship. Afterall, four months passed off-camera to match the real-life time away during the writers strike, and at least this time their conception efforts are post-wedlock. And, for Kitty’s age, the window of baby-making opportunity may not be huge. My problem is with the whole Presidential campaign which went on too long. At least that ended with Robert turning down the VP spot, one thing the last episode did right.

    As for Survivor, I’m still trying to figure out how I missed last week’s episode, especially since it sounds like a good one. Either I deleted it by accident (maybe thinking it was left over from the previous week), or my dual tuner TiVo actually had a rare 3-way scheduling conflict. Ugly Betty is also on 8:00; maybe Scrubs is on at 8:30.

  • CT

    Todd W:

    Go to and watch the episode, It’s worth it. It was really a good one.

    As for Robert/Kitty… even with the four month fast-forward, it still feels kind of sudden. Especially when they were going for fertility treatments AND running for the White House. I mean, come on, kids! And after all this time we’ve invested in the campaign, it’s just… over?

    I will say this, though: No show does a better job — love it or hate it — of telegraphing exactly what’s going to come next. When what’shisname warned that Robert would eventually look at Kitty and see the woman who cost him the whitehouse, well, you could practically see the “Previously, On Brothers & Sisters” moment in which they would show that scene and begin the storyline. Probably next week. LOL

  • CT

    Common: Yeah, I’d have to agree. Either everything happens on OTH at once (ala the wedding episode) or nothing happens (ala let’s all sit around and talk about our feelings in therapy).

  • CT

    GOSSIP GIRL’s D&S proved exactly why you never, ever let your couple get togethr so quickly. Especially when they’re teenagers (ie it ain’t like a long-forgotten wife is going to come out of the woodwork, l the way it would if you were dealing with adults).

    I liked the moment when Dan and Blair saw Nate and Vanessa together. But it also kinda drove home the point that Blair seems to have given up on Nate awfully easily. Shouldn’t the master manipulatrix be working overtime to win him back? And wouldn’t this storyline be more interesting if they’d played at least a little of Dan wanting Vanessa? Like, him being torn between the flashy Serena and the Earthy Vanessa? That’s just good storytelling!

  • Naf

    I’m not sure about a Dan, Serena, Venessa love triangle. I like that they’re atleast trying to keep the couple interesting without resorting to the obvious triangle. The only thing the writers of The O.C could think off was love triangles for Seth and Summer, and after Anna, Zack and Alex, it got old fast. Although, Dan and Blair teaming up to break up Nate and Vanessa would be great to watch.

  • ct


    Maybe they could actually throw an interesting twist by having Dan and Blair commiserate about the fact that they don’t really like seeing Nate hook up with vanessa. And then Dan and Blair could find themselves, after a few drinks too many, making out…