GOSSIP GIRL Spoilers: A Shocking Discovery

Wondering what has ‘S’ and ‘B’ so freaked out? Or why our favorite Upper East Siders [plus Vanessa] are rushing to their cellphones?

They could be shocked that Rufus seems to be getting the band back together. You know, the one that Rolling Stone called one of the “Top Ten Forgotten Bands of 90’s”

Or the fact that Lisa Loeb [Oh God, we’re sensing a trend here!] is performing at their benefit for [insert incurable disease or animal on the verge of extinction here].

But we’re betting it has something to do with these two canoodling! Do people still say Canoodling?

Or possibly the size of the glasses on Sylvia Weinstock [playing herself]. And in case you don’t know who Sylvia Weinstock is, I think she has something to do with cakes.

Could the rumors be true? Was Jenny’s new boyfriend caught doing WHAT? in the coat room [talk about clich√©!]. Find out for yourself by tuning into a brand new episode of GOSSIP GIRL this Monday on the new CW at 8PM.


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  • tim wilkins

    maybe a pic is worth a 1,000 words. on gossip girl. lol =)

  • you know you love me

    I can’t believe the rumors I’m hearing!!! This is all crzy, the writers must have been really bored on stike, cuz this is getting out of control! The twists (which are good, occasionally) are making me sad! D and G? V and N? A and E!!!! OMFG!!!

  • Common Sense