Lex Luthor For President!

lex luthor for president

With tonight’s 150th episode SMALLVILLE extravaganza revolving around the classic television story-telling device: What if [insert lead character] never existed, the above photo has been haunting me all week long. What campaign slogan did President Lex Luthor cook up to get elected? Because the best we could come up with was “An Oval Head for an Oval Office!” Got something better? Post away.

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  • Common Sense

    “Lex for Prez…Fits Like a Glove.”

  • Speaking of the glove. Do we think the black glove has any special significance?

  • cam3150

    Yeah, what’s with the glove? And is that Braniac behind him?

  • Aileen

    Okay, so the white suit is probably for creepy/symbolic effect but have you EVER seen an American president EVER wear a white/tan suit? No. The only president I can remember seeing in such an outfit is the president of Iran. And if that’s what they’re trying to channel, more power to them, but I highly doubt the US president is going to start messing around with the traditional black suit and tie look. What Lex is wearing makes him look too much like a huckster/charlatan (again, possibly the intention).

  • Tarn

    Never mind Lex, I’d be worried about the guy behind him (yep, that’s Brainiac). Talk about eminence gris! Yikes…

    The white suit makes him look like an icecream salesman.

  • nick

    is that James Marsters in the back?Im not a fan of this show(i like the real Superman)but i might check it out now.

  • Steven

    The black glove is a nod to the comics- in some variants of the comic, Lex wore a Kryptonite ring to protect himself from Big Blue, and the Kryptonite eventually caused him to lose his hand. This is the second time they’ve shown Lex in white-suite/black-glove presidential mode in the series.

  • Tom

    Roosevelt often wore a white suit, Reagan often wore blue suits and white suits and Lincon and those guys wore white suits.