The TV Addict’s Take: Are Video Games Hurting Movies and Television?

gta iv

Astute readers of may have noticed that all of yesterday’s posts were not written by the TV addict. The reason. I was too busy running over innocent bystanders, picking up hookers and blowing stuff up.

But before you accuse me of reaching ‘Paula’ levels of dementia, let me assure you. All of the mindless mayhem took place within Liberty City and the fictional confines of GRAND THEFT AUTO IV.

And no, this isn’t going to be your standard headline-grabbing proclamation that Video Games have all but replaced the movie, or in my case television industry. Because I truly don’t believe that.

[Cue dramatic pause for TV and Movie Executives to catch their breath, or stop tying the noose.]

What I do believe is that video games, particularly ones as interactive, engrossing and fun as GTA IV, not to mention the just released MARIO KART for Wii are ‘game changers.’ Seismic shifts in popular culture that should force the television and movie industry to press pause, step back, and ask themselves, “Is ‘TIL DEATH the best we can do?”

Take last night for example. Rather than spending two hours watching FOX’s Wednesday night line-up, this TV Addict managed to squeeze in an extra hour of GTA IV by skipping ‘TIL DEATH, watching BACK TO YOU in twenty-two minutes [sans commercials] and fast forwarding through the majority of the extended Coke/Ford advertisement known as the AMERICAN IDOL results show. Only to slow down to watch Ryan awkwardly attempt to explain ‘Paula—Gate’ and Brooke White’s incredibly emotional and heartfelt farewell. [Side note: How was Jason Castro not voted off last night?]

In other words, quality entertainment, like tonight’s incredible six and half hours of new television, not to mention this weekend’s release of IRON MAN are here to stay. But ACCORDING TO JIM and a summer filled schedule of reality Television may soon find itself going the way of the unfortunate Copper I just ran over in Liberty City. You know, roadkill.

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