No Such Thing as a Stupid Question? Check These Out

This being Friday, the TV Addict thought we’d have a little fun by offering up a few random observations/questions guaranteed to either (a) put a smile on your face or (b) help you pass the time at work until you’re set free to enjoy the glorious two day break that’s commonly referred to as the weekend.

1. Is the budding relationship between Justin and Rebecca not the creepiest thing on television right now? Sure, they’re not biologically ‘brother and sister,’ but “Ewwww!”

2. The recent news of TV Guide Magazine’s financial troubles, got this TV Addict thinking, isn’t it time for a name change? TV Guide got rid of the ‘guide’ years ago!

3. THE OFFICE’s Darryl reveals to Michael that aside from the Crips and Bloods, he used to be a member of the Newsies. Who knew Darryl was such an accomplished song and dance man. [see clip].

4. What’s the biggest mystery from last night’s episode of LOST? The untimely disappearance of Claire, the mysterious return of Christian Shephard or Jack’s oddly shaved chest?

5. What reeks of ratings desperation more? HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s casting of Britney Spears or UGLY BETTY’s rumored woo-ing of Lindsay Lohan?

6. Do the producers of SMALLVILLE seriously expect the introduction of DOOMSDAY and a mysterious new female villain next season to fill the super-sized void left by the phenomenal Michael Rosenbaum?

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  • Common Sense

    #4…..the desperation is all BRITNEY’s. She was the one pleading to go back on the show. Tragically, it’s the most positive experience she’s had…well, maybe EVER. It must rank above spending time with her two children, because she sure didn’t seem concerned enough about cleaning up her tired drugged-out act to get visitation.

    As for “The Guide,” as the Seinfeld nerd put it….who subscribes to that thing? And why?

  • SimplyKimberly

    I don’t watch Smallville because I don’t like Clark or Lana.

    Lex (MR) and Chloe were the only reasons I ever gave it a shot. If there were a Lex/Chloe show – I’d watch that.

    They should have just ended the series instead of trying to bring on new villians.

  • a waxed matthew fox is a less sexy matthew fox.

    kate must like her men smooth, either that or jack is moonlighting as a competitive swimmer.

  • Josh Emerson

    1. Yup. A Justin/Rebecca relationship would be disgusting.

    2. I subscribe to TV Guide! But the subscription was 100% free so why not.

    5. I don’t know why people are making such a big deal out of Britney’s appearing on HIMYM for an episode or two. If Veronica Mars could’ve been saved by having some tabloid celeb appear for an episode I would’ve gladly agreed.

  • Does Paris Hilton appearing in the first season not count?

    I can understand if most people blocked that memory out…

  • Naf

    “the phenomenal Michael Rosenbaum”

    What? Lex is terrible on Smallville. Enough with the “my dad…” speeches, and bring on the evil. Too bad he’ll be going without properly turning into the evil mastermind we know he’ll become. How are they going to explain his leaving?

    Also, I don’t think I can ever get used to Justin perving on Rebecca. As soon as that couple starts to make out, I’m turning the TV off.

  • Allie

    In Australia our ‘TV Guide’ is called ‘TV week’ (although ours does have a guide in it, along with the usual columns, blogs, interviews, gossip and articles).

  • shanna

    #1. The Justin/Rebecca thing is skeevy cause he still thinks their related and he’s throwing out game.

    #3. I don’t watch the Office but any references to Newsies makes me 🙂 I force my students to watch it as much as I can. lol

    #4. Jack’s shaved chest was so we could see the (faint) appendectomy scar and realize it was a flash forward.

    #5. If Ugly Betty is wooing La Lohan that is a little sad. I liked last year when they made fun of her by having Betty break that girl out of rehab to reshoot the Mode cover.