Week in Rewind

Not only was spending the full twenty-two minutes at Dunder Mifflin Scranton a welcome change of pace from the recent over-the-top zany antics of Michael Scott. It gave the Dunder Mifflin denizens a welcome opportunity to shine. Stanley’s tour-de-force performance aside, anyone else curious as to what Phyllis the delinquent teenage vandal immortalized in cement all those years ago? Because you just know she was a wild child!

Even with the new team and the return of Cutthroat Bitch, this TV Addict can’t seem to get excited for HOUSE anymore. Is it just me, or are we watching virtually the same show each and every week? Diagnose, Snarky Comment, Cure, Repeat.

As a stare blankly at my ridiculously large collection of Entertainment Weekly magazines [quite literally, almost every one], this recovering eBay Addict couldn’t help but laugh sympathize with Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz and Raj’s Time Machine predicament.

It should come as no surprise that television’s most frustratingly uneven series relied on the tired and clichéd “It’s a Wonderful Life” plot contrivance for their very special 150th episode. Talk about your super lack of creativity.

After the train—wreck that was season one of PRIVATE PRACTICE, Addison’s brief return to Seattle Grace was a welcome reminder of what Kate Walsh can do when given great material. Here’s hoping the PRIVATE PRACTICE writers took notes.

I think my Rogers PVR [Personal Video Recorder] is developing a mind of its own. Rather than obeying my commands, it failed to record Thursday’s SUPERNATURAL and SCRUBS. Stupid Toaster!

Move aside NIP/TUCK, because after this week’s paparazzi filled installment, the continued adventures of Vampire Mick St. John, complete with uber—cheesy voiceovers and an over-the-top Jason Dohring may officially be this TV Addict’s new guilty pleasure. Bonus points for giving 8 SIMPLE RULES Martin Spanjers an acting gig outside of the occasional Pizza Hut commercial.

  • CC

    Moonlight is amazing! So glad it’s back.

  • Josh C.

    I’m so glad Grey’s is on such a good run of episodes. Shondra was right in saying these episodes were full of hope……full of hope that Grey’s can still be good and that season 5 will be better

  • Josh C.

    btw enjoying the new week in rewind as well…..nice arrow graphics lol

  • Stef

    Where’s Lost!

  • allie

    I agree that the illness aspect of House is repetitive and boring. However, I actually found the other aspects of the show amusing this week and even found myself chuckling at Wilson and how he let the ‘2 dogs sniff each other’. I wish CB was on the team rather than 13. 13 is too much like Cameron, whereas CB is another House, and the fireworks between them is fun to watch.

    Loved Moonlight also! I’m going to be devastated if this isn’t renewed!

  • I think this episode of House of good. I don’t remember House being bad. In fact, I think I already forgot what it was about. Was this the one where Foreman was doing the performance reviews, and House pretended he had Syph? Don’t get me wrong; I love the show, but I guess this episode was somewhat forgettable.

    Moonlight was pretty good. I wonder what Beth will do now that she doesn’t work for Buzzwire?

    I wish we could talk about Men In Trees, but there wasn’t a new episode this week. I’m not sure we’ll be talking about it much longer anyway… I’m dreading to read it, but on another browser tab I have a TV Guide article that I think is by Michael Ausiello about the definite cancellation of Men In Trees. Hopefully, the headline was a mislead or exaggeration.

  • KaeDee

    While Moonlight can’t reign up there with my Angel-adoration, guilty pleasure is what it has become for me as well. I certainly hope we get more adventures for Mick St John next season.

  • Josh C. Thanks for the compliments on the arrows! Hours and hours of research and development!

    Stef… LOST was not my favorite episode this week! But I’ve got high hopes for this Thursday.

    Todd W…. Do you think she’ll partner up with Mick as a Lady Detective?

  • Stef

    Yeah I hated this week’s Lost too! Cross your fingers for next week!

  • Sheindie

    Moonlight is my new favorite show =)