Exclusive Interview: GOSSIP GIRL Star Matthew Settle

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From playing Captain Ronald Speirs in BAND OF BROTHERS to guest starring on some of our favorite TV shows [BROTHERS & SISTERS, CSI, LAW & ORDER, THE PRACTICE] actor Matthew Settle has played everything under the sun. Well, almost everything. So when this TV Addict was given the recent opportunity to interview television’s newest father figure, GOSSIP DAD Rufus Humphrey, my first question was a no brainer.

How apprehensive were you about taking the ‘father’ role on GOSSIP GIRL?
Matthew Settle:
Aging myself you mean [laughs!]. I really wasn’t too apprehensive. I’m married now with two dogs and a cat so I’m getting ready for a family in the next few years. I’ve learned a lot from playing Rufus, it’s given me the opportunity to read a lot of parenting books.

As a father-to-be [in the not too distant future] are you at all nervous as to what your fictional children [Dan and Jenny Humphrey] are up to? Do you stay awake at night worrying about America’s youth?
I think the show takes on a certain sensibility and the writers ride a fine line between glorifying what is happening and show the consequences of the choices these kids make.

You imdb profile mentions that your father is a Baptist Minister. Does he watch the show?
No, but many people in the congregation do.

[I imagine it helps get folks in the building knowing Rufus Humphrey might step up and star jamming at any moment]

As an actor, do you enjoy watching yourself on the show?
Of course, all of us actors are narcissists [laughs]. But I really like watching what the editors do. How they make all of our hard work seem effortless. Really the kids on the show are such pros, but the editors make me look great.

Is the behind-the-scenes aspect of the show something you aspire to get more involved with?
Oh yeah, I’ve heard of actors directing on shows that go for many years, so definitely I’d love the opportunity. I’m kind of an idea guy and enjoy the steps involved in putting things together. Kelly [Rutherford] once told me, “I can definitely see you directing, you just need a really good assistant!”

So it would be correct to assume, filming the season finale right now, that you’ve been spending an unordinant amount of time with Lily van der Woodsen?
The love triangle is definitely deepening. There’s a huge wedding, one of the biggest weddings New York’s ever seen, and the band is getting back together.

The band Rolling Stone Magazine named on of the Top Ten Forgotten Bands of the 90s?
Yeah, the band is back together, as part of this Rolling Stone event that one of the music networks put on.

On your real-life resume, is ‘Guitar’ one of your special skills?
I’m very musical, but didn’t play guitar. It’s been a fun ride improving. I’m really a novice, who can now pretend to make it work. I’m actually taking lessons right now. My special skill on my resume was actually spoon.

Don’t miss Matthew Settle in a brand new episode of GOSSIP GIRL, tonight at 8PM on the new CW.

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    Lily, are you listening? This guy spoons. Does Bart Bass?