First Look: Britney Returns to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

britney spears how i met your mother

More concerning than Britney yet again stealing the spotlight from the gang on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is the circumstances surrounding her return. To find out why Barney’s hanging with Britney, aside from the obvious bump in the ratings, simply click the link below.

Turns out Barney is only dating Abby when they realize that they have one thing in common — their mutual hatred of Ted!

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  • Josh C.

    i don’t care if Britney is a ratings stunt, she’s funny, she looks great and she’s getting better. Not only that but I feel like she isn’t just some random character who I would get annoyed with. I could see her still on the show in the future if Sarah Chalke ends up staying or they find something interesting for abby to do. More Britney I say!

  • paketep

    I don’t particularly like her acting (or her, really), but if her presence brings numbers, and thus a new season, I’m not going to be the one complaining.

  • Katrina

    I agree! As long as Britney can continue to perform as a mildly funny sideline character, then her apperance on the show is a benefit to everyone. Not only is it boosting ratings, so we can have a season four of HIMYM with or without Britney; it is also helping Britney’s sanity and public image. So good for her!

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with Katrina! This looks like it’ll be an entertaining episode. Britney might not be a great actress, but at least she’s no Paris Hilton.

  • shanna

    I think it’s great. Plus, you know Barney is just going to realize how much he misses Ted by the end of the ep. And Brit is a great comedic actress. She’s got roots in the Mickey Mouse Club doing skits. I think she’s doing a great job and her character makes sense.