You Be the Critic: Sunday Night TV

Since this TV Addict turned REEL Addict for the night by catching a 7:15PM showing of IRON MAN [click here for review], I leave it up to you, my fellow TV Addicts. Did BROTHERS & SISTERS up the Justing/Rebecca creep factor? Did Lynette institutionalize her two fire-starters on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? Is anyone watching the soon-to-be-brilliant-but-cancelled ALIENS IN AMERICA? Post away with your comments below.

  • Naf

    I’m watch Brothers and Sisters as we speak, and it’s making me want to throw up. Justin perving over Rebecca is just horrible to watch, and I’m not even sure how much more of this I can watch. The other stuff is great, and the acting is still great, but I can’t take much more of this Justin and Rebecca relationship. It’s getting worse.

  • nctodc

    Watched Brothers & Sisters last night and, if I had to come up with one word to describe it, I’d call it abrupt. Everything about last night’s episode just seemed so abrupt.

  • Linda B.

    Didn’t catch Desperate Housewives last night, but i did see Iron Man yesterday. It was awesome!

    I hope you stayed through the ending credits. There was a secret scene afterwards.

  • Linda B.

    Like my fellow nerds in the theatre, I of course already was tipped off to stick around for the after credit surprise. And while I’m not about to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it — it was totally worth it!

  • I watched both.
    Desperate Housewives was mediocre.
    as for Brothers & Sisters- Justin and Rebecca is VERY weird but the Kevin and Scotty stuff was lovely and there were some nice Sol moments (which is very rare). go to for my review of the Kevin and Scotty storyline.

  • Jessica

    I’ll probably be booed and yelled at for disagreeing with what seems to be the consensus but Justin and Rebecca don’t gross me out. Maybe that’s because we (the audience) know they aren’t related. Perhaps Justin has always known deep down inside that they weren’t related and that’s what caused these feelings to come to the surface. Plus, if they aren’t related then what is the big deal?

  • Naf

    It’s just that, I’ve always seen Justin and Rebecca as having a very brother and sister like relationship, so even though they now aren’t related, I guess I still think of the characters as being brother and sister. The whole scene in the cinema made me cringe. I also didn’t fully understand Justin’s reaction to finding out that Rebecca lied to him. Surely he’d understand what she must have been going through, so to just yell her out of the house seemed a bit odd.

    But all in all, I thought it was a very strong episode. The family dealing with the company going down was great to watch, but I’m surprised that Kitty was so sidelined in the episode. Patricia Wettig knocked it out of the park in her scene with Rebecca.

  • Jessica

    I agree that his reaction was a little odd but I assumed that with everything going on with Ojai, the family history with Holly and his drug problems that one more lie was just sort of the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

    I am wondering how Rebecca ends up at the wedding next week considering Nora already knows the truth. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this family still embrace her as one of them because of everything she has been through. In the end (despite this one lie) she was just believing what she was told.

  • Gabi

    I have nothing against Rebecca/Justin, maybe it’s because I’ve seen chemistry between them from the beginning. Except for the wonderful Kevin/Scotty proposal scene, the episode was pretty boring.

    DH was ok, but not really so funny.
    Aliens in America was GREAT. Really really funny.

  • Jeffrey Bryan

    Rebecca and Justin…. I think the reason it creeped me out so much is because it creeped them out so much. Dave Annabelle was amazing in how he tackled the material last night, being utterly disgusted with what he was saying. I think creep was the adjective they were wanting to illicit. But I agree with Naf… the moment that *didn’t* work was his reaction to her “lie”. It seemed excessive.

    But the show last night was Kevin and Scotty. I’d rank it second in television proposals (behind Monica and Chandler which is basically unbeatable). It was a beautiful scene, and made me fall in love with them even more.

  • Common Sense

    1) Aliens…hilarious, as always. I may start drawing again.

    2) DH: Kara = Damien. Evil, evil, no redeeming quality. Just want to slap that kid.

    3) B&S: I’m not creeped out at all by Justin & Rebecca, and I’m shocked at the horrible backlash by some really overly-sensitive fans. It’s only TV. They’re not really related…here or there. Chill.

    Less Kitty & Lowe = Better episode. Zero Kitty & Lowe = Four-Star Episode.

    Patrica Wettig….wow, what an actress. Any scene with her and Sally Field is Emmy-worthy. Can’t think of another drama with 2 better actresses.

    Scotty has big nostrils. Needs to tilt head down slightly so we’re not always staring right up his nose. Petty, but true.

  • Naf

    Common Sense, it’s not just that I find Justin and Rebecca’s relationship creepy. It’s just that this twist undoes so much of what happened in season 1. The 2nd half of season one was about the Walker’s dealing with a new sister, and gradually accepting her into their lives. It also forced them again to deal with their fathers affair. Undoing that just so Justin and Rebecca can get together is just wrong IMO, and makes all that character development pointless. But, it’s done now, and it can never be reversed. And the show is doing a much better job at it then I could have imagined.

  • Allie

    Loved Brothers & Sisters. For some reason I don’t find the Rebecca & Justin relationship creepy (which is weird, because when I think of my brothers I want to chuck). Maybe I never really thought of Rebecca as a Walker. I thought the bit where Justin told Kevin was hilarious. I was laughing out loud – fantastic! The whole episode was, in my opinion, great. Some may say it is abrupt, but that is because they had to squeeze much more into the final episodes because of the strike. I for one loved it. I am pi$$ed that the merger happened before everyone knew Rebecca wasn’t a Walker, although that is going to make for some great fireworks. Can’t wait for the Holly/Nora scene in the finale next week. Totally love this show!!!

  • I agree with a lot of what people have already said about Justin & Rebecca.

    What’s even weirder than Justin’s attraction to Rebecca is how quickly he went from embarrassed and apologetic to angry and offended. Nctodc picked the right word for it — abrupt. I also agree with Naf that this new twist betrays & undermines so much of the season 1 setup.

    It’s also a little hard to believe Holly would kick Rebecca out. Rebecca is all she has, and Rebecca had a right to be angry.