3 Things We’re Not Buying on Last Nights BIG BANG THEORY, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER & GOSSIP GIRL

The TV Addict isn’t buying the fact that Sheldon’s three closest, make that ONLY friends didn’t know he had a twin sister that looked like she just stepped out of an episode of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. Surely less than a season in, THE BIG BANG THEORY isn’t already running out of ideas? Because Sheldon’s surprise twin sister is not a good sign.

While it may seem like we now know what Serena did last summer, this TV Addict can’t help but feel like there are still a few OMFG!—worthy moments to come as GOSSIP GIRL finishes off the season. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the first season is far too early to turn America’s newest sweetheart Serena van der Woodsen into a cold-blooded killer [that’s more of a fourth season running-out-of-ideas plot if you ask me]. And in time it will be revealed that one Georgina Sparks pulled the trigger. Assuming a trigger was involved.

Nothing against actress Sarah Chalke whom I love on SCRUBS, but it’s awfully hard to buy Ted and Stella as star-crossed lovers when most of their relationship seems to have blossomed off screen. Would it not have made more sense for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas to cast an actress who wasn’t already committed to another series as the possible love of Ted’s life? Because at this rate, the big engagement episode will be seen off camera and left to fan’s imagination.

But to end on a positive note, Barney’s search for a new Bro: Legendary… wait for it… dary. And if I may be so bold to yet again throw out a brilliant marketing idea/story-line for CBS to make money off of… the TV Addict is totally available when you want to start THE SEARCH FOR BARNEY’S NEXT TOP BRO!

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  • Sheldon has mentioned he had a twin sister in earlier episodes. It was either him or his mother (Laurie Metcalfe) who mentioned it. The guys just didn’t know how beautiful his sister was because Sheldon’s not the type to keep family pictures around. It wasn’t a shark jumping, the episode was hilarious as usual.

    HIMYM was very good too. There’s word that should Scrubs film it’s entire 8th season this summer, Chalke would be available to join HIMYM on a more regular basis this fall.

  • Naf

    There’s obviously more than meets the eye with Serena’s “I killed somone” revelation, and I doubt they’ll turn her into a “cold-blooded killer”. I just hope she did actually pull the trigger, and the writers don’t make this a “wrong place at the wrong time” situation. There’s a lot of talk that Serena used to be a very very bad girl, so I’m hoping that drugs and booze continue to make this a really interesting storyline. Remember what Gorgina said last week. “It was just as much you, if not more” I’m just happy that Gossip Girl is finally fulfilling its potential. Last nights episode was probably the best yet, IMO.

    I completely agree with you about Stella on HIMYM. I love Sarah Chalke, and she did a great job of making us like the character in one episode. I would have been more than happy if she turned out to be the mother. But Bays and Thomas should have cast someone who would have been there during the last few episodes after Silverstone bailed. I found it really hard to invest in their realationship when I’d only seen them together for one episode. Also, why is Ted being such a bitch of Barney. I’d understand if Ted was still angry at Barney, but to forgive him but then claim that you’ve outgrown him is a bit childish.

  • Naf,

    I’m thinking Serena was so drunk and stoned that Georgina has just made her believe she did something really bad. And yes, I’m in complete agreement with you, GOSSIP GIRL was AMAZING last night and most definitely living up to its potential.

  • Ash

    Was it just me or was there a shout out to the TV Addict on Gossip Girl last night when Eric and Serena were talking about the rumor that Eric was GG? I thought you had said that a long time ago.

  • Naf
  • Ash, Naf…. not that it wouldn’t be the coolest news ever, but there was no way there was a TV Addict shout out on GG!

  • Chirs

    I disagree that Sheldon’s three closest friends would have known he had a ridiculously hot twin sister. Sheldon doesn’t function like a normal human being in any other aspect of his life, why would he be the sort to be forthcoming about his hot sister. I find it pretty unlikely he would be at all aware that his sister was hot anyway and her mentioning that if he wanted to be a brother suddenly, that’d be great — just makes it more evident that Sheldon isn’t really the “talk about the family” kind of guy.

  • Chris,

    While I totally respect your opinion. Think of your three closest friends. I’m willing to bet good money (or TV on DVDs) that you can name every member of their immediate family, including pets!

    Sheldon, Leonard, Wolowtiz and Raj spend all their time together, there’s only so much WoW and Halo one can talk about! Eventually you move on to family.

    Yes, I know this is TV and already I’ve taken this conversation ‘too far’. But if my best friend had a sister like Sheldon’s, I’d know about it!

  • I did find the twin appearance a little “convenient” but dont these things alwys pop up on sitcoms? After the first moment, I sort of got over it and just went with it.

    (and uh, maybe i’m a bastard but i actually can’t name every member of my closest friends family and Im even starting to forget who married who and what their childrens names are! im horrible. I was actually going to open up an excel file and writing it all in, dob, dom, etc etc…)

  • Common Sense

    Did anything…A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G…happen on One Tree Hill last night? I watched it, and am still wondering.

    Who thought bringing Baby On Board was a good idea?
    What is the deal with Mouth and Millie? Seriously.
    Where is Deb? Again.
    Why do we have to see Nate yelling the same thing at Dan, over & over?
    How long will we have to suffer thru Lucas & Lindsey?
    How is seeing Peyton and Haley and a piano compelling TV?
    Why hasn’t any other hoops team consulted OTH for its ‘shoot every 8-sec.” plan?
    Why does little Jamie have such a strong attraction to a stranger, Dan?
    When will we get to see Dan and his usual conniving ways?
    Can we bring back nanny Carrie for some life here, people?

    Am I alone in my assessment? Has the OTH crew watched how it’s really done on Gossip Girl?? Get with the program, dudes. Or get new writers.

  • shanna

    I’m a bit with you CS. OTH is dragging and repetitive (which is sad cause the first half of the season was so on). I think the strike and finding out they’re having a s6 means stringing out what they’d probably anticipated as the end of the show.

    TvA: I have to disagree about Sheldon. It’s SHELDON! He considers his entire family inferior to him and he doesn’t think his sister is hot because he’s still upset that she’s not smart. Like he said, they shared a womb and went their separate ways. I can definitely see his friends not knowing his sister was hot.

  • Melissa

    In GG last night when they mentioned Eric may be Gossip Girl, I think they were referring to when S found out that E was listening in on her phone calls. She suspected that it was him back then. But the episode was AWESOME!!! It actually made me wonder all night what is going to happen next week!!! I can’t wait!

  • tim wilkins

    Gossip Girl, where was the same sex kiss? I haven’t seen such “edited” passion since Melrose’s “gay kiss” that never was. LOL As for S’s “I killed someone” I am betting that S and G did drugs and the guy OD’d. Accident. But S was passed out as usual. lol

  • Kristen

    It sounded to me like Serena was about to get raped on the tape so I wouldn’t be surprised if she really did intentionally kill someone.