The TV Addict Podcast: So Much TV, So Little Time! [S02E04]

The fourth podcast of’s second season is now ready for download. And I apologize in advance for the really lame first 10 minutes and the bizarre final few minutes. Actually, my apologies for the entire thing. Really this week was a mess, we’ll do better next week!

This week, Dan and Ari read listener email, discuss your TV favorites and shamelessly plug Ari’s Slam Performance in Toronto [which you can check out Tuesday May 6 at 842 College St at Cervejeria at 7:30pm]

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  • Gavin

    WOW! 4th podcast in a row! This is nuts.

  • Gavin,

    You’ll be taking back that ‘WOW’ after you listen!

  • Mimi

    What are you talking about? It was hilarious, as usual. I agree about what you said about Ugly Betty. I don’t know what happened with that show? I loved it and then it suddenly went down hill. I feel like they peaked too soon. The first season was crammed with stuff and just felt like it was too much going on, you know? A suggestion- have you thought of checking out some of these BBC shows- Torchwood, Doctor Who. They are pretty amazing. Ok, maybe just good.