UGLY BETTY Behind The Scenes Bumbling Continues

How exactly do you say ‘missing the boat’ in Betty’s native tongue?

Because with the news [courtesy of TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello] that ABC is in serious discussions with the producers of UGLY BETTY to shift the show’s entire production to New York next season in an effort to cut production costs and give the show a more authentic New York feel, this TV Addict can’t help but feel that’s exactly what’s happening.

While moving the entire production across the country might sound like a good idea. BETTY’s ratings blip won’t be solved until the proverbial ‘Powers That Be’ and the whomever is running the show right now take a moment, reevaluate where they’ve taken the character of Betty and harness the magic that made millions fall in love with Betty in the first place.

The problem with BETTY has absolutely nothing to do with location. After-all, we’re not talking about KIDNAPPED [rest in peace] or LAW & ORDER here. In fact, never once have I watched UGLY BETTY and gone, “Hmmm… you know what’s missing, that gritty and realistic feel of New York City”. Have you?

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  • Naf

    I can’ really see what moving location is going to do for the show. But I think, creatively, Ugly Betty has been pretty good during season 2. I know the ratings are down, but I’m not exactly sure what they can do to bring people back. Why having the numbers dropped so much?

  • Naf,

    Unfortunately ratings are down for virtually every show on TV since the end of the strike. I blame GTA 4!

  • tim wilkins

    Location doesn’t matter. It’s the writing. Character development over PLOT. Yet, I still love “betty”. Just not as funny as it use to be. I’m available if ABC is interested in cheap labor. =)

  • Ally

    This is so dumb. When the ratings go down, you’re supposed to spend LESS money in order to show the network that you’re worth keeping. If networks cancel well rated shows for being too expensive, then what is the logic in this move.

  • shanna

    So I thought about it, tried to justify it, and it makes no sense. Most of the scenes essentially take place at MODE, (If they don’t, they should) therefore it doesn’t matter where the show is shot. Seriously, if moving to NY means more scenes outside of MODE than what’s the point? That’s where the action is (or should be).

  • I like the idea if only to get more Broadway actors as guest spots. First, it gives them something other the L&O to do. Second, if its campy bitchy actors they need, isn’t Broadway the best place to look for them!?!

    i however didn’t realise (or I did but forgot) that they fired showrunner Marco P during the strike?

    No wonder you feel its off. I do think its still re-finding itself after the strike (although I guess maybe thats not an excuse really) but Im still enjoying it.