Allison Mack vs. the CW: Get Ready to Rumble!

If ‘Team Chloe’ thinks they’re going to apply pressure on the ‘powers that be’ at the CW by leaking the news that negotiations have broken down between the network and Allison Mack, this TV Addict has three words for them: Amy-Sherman Palladino.

If Team Palladino’s highly publicized not to mention failed contract negotiations over the final season of GILMORE GIRLS taught fans anything, it’s that in the network’s eye, everybody’s replaceable. And Warner Bros. and the CW aren’t afraid of change if it comes down to the almighty dollar. So tread carefully Chloe Sullivan, because you’ve already been fired from the Daily Planet, do you really want to be let go again?

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  • Linda B.

    I think Smalliville needs to call it a day. With the departures of Lex, Lana, and now possibly Chloe, who’s left for Clark to hang out with? Even his parents are MIA (or in the case of his dad – DOA).

    I’m really surprised Tom Welling hasn’t expressed his desire to move on. Hopefully next season will be its last and it will go out in style and not look like a show that has long overstayed its welcome.

  • Linda B.

    While we’re usually on this same page, on your Tom Welling point I gotta disagree. For the rest of his career, he’s going to be branded as Clark/Superman. He might as well milk this sucker for every dollar it’s worth. It’s not like his film career’s taken flight? And take a look at how Dean Cain is doing.

  • ewanspotter

    You know, Tom Welling should try his hand at directing. He’s decent at it (and his skills behind the camera are better than the ones in front of it). Plus, his “celebrity” status is bound to get him directing gigs he wouldn’t otherwise get.

  • Common Sense

    All these actors who are so keen on jumping ship should talk to some colleagues who’ve done the same…and never been heard from again. If you’ve got a show that keeps your face in front of millions each week, why throw it away for the “hope” that your career will just skyrocket afterward? It ain’t that easy to get good parts, folks. Stay with your series thru its natural conclusion.

  • Common Sense,

    I wholeheartedly agree. Just ask Mischa Barton how her post-OC career’s going.

  • Naf

    Allison Mack has been the only good thing in Smallville for years! Maybe next year could be the Justice League season? How is the show even going to explain all of these exits? Lex, Lana and Chole all dying is some freak accident? Knowing this show, Clark will probably forget they all exist within a few episodes.

  • David Dean

    LOL BAF! That was funny!

    Personally…ALLISON MACK IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO SMALLVILLE! infact, if chloe wasn’ in it I would have stoped….actually prabably never started…she hookd me in season 1….and since I have HONESTLY (not jumping on the bandwagon) ONLY watched smallville for her!

    I do believe she could have an amazing career outside of smallville…she is simply talented! but, I will weap the day that the WB…I mean CW kicks here off……….It is THE LAST SHOW I WATCH ON THE CW! the CW is really starting to act like fox…and that scares me…the only “safe” network to be on is CBS and I am so sick of CSI: (insert city)!!! TV is heading down the drain……

    Chloe, Alisson Mack, I believe you are worth EVRY PENNY! Fist Popular……eventually Angel………then the (horrid ending) Gilmore Girls…….and now Smallville, the only show you have left ………….I just don’t know

    PS. on a side note….One Tree Hill really has saddened me…thay had such great possibnility to be amazing…4 YEARS WENT BY AND WHAT HAS REALLY CHANGED? ………….eh! meh! Nothing!

  • They should put a fork in it Smallville is done. I can’t even imagine how next season would be without Lex and Chloe. Chloe is my favorite character on the show and if she wasn’t there tonight someone would be a dead duck right about now.

  • Mab

    Chloe is one of the best things on the show. If anything, the CW should learn from the GG debacle not to mess with a show that works, and with the people that make the show work, especially going into it’s last season. That last season of GG was horrible and many fans felt the same way. I’d hate to see this show go out the same way, but without Chloe and Lex it seems inevitable that SV will be horrible come season 8. TW cannot carry the show with Erica Durance. She’s never been leading lady material and they have no chemistry when compared to Allison and Tom.

  • Minion

    The CW/WB are complete idiots if they think Smallville will succeed without Allison Mack’s Chloe.

    She’s given them credibility & is their most popular heroine & critically acclaimed actress.

    What a way to crap out the show for longtime fans.

    BOOOOOOO! Pay Allison what she deserves & respect the status she’s earned on the show!!

  • AB

    Allison Mack needs to stay. She is the only reason I still watch this show. Having invested on her journey and not having a proper payoff is like I wasted 7 years of my life I wont waste another year if she is not there. Nuff said.

  • s

    She’s worth every single penny. If they don’t get her back I hope the whole show crumbles in a few. The show can’t take losing Chloe at the same time it loses Lex.

  • Ms. C.

    The CW is the one who needs to learn a lesson. The last season of 7th heaven and Gilmore Girls was a joke. The management does not have the style and class of the WB. They are constantly making bad choices. I’m glad all their new shows have abysmal ratings. They show no appreciation for the shows and the employees who have been performing well for them.

    I only watch Smallville for Allison Mack now. If she goes, I go and I know a LOT of people who feel the same way. As it is, I am already upset about MR and KK leaving. For Allison to go too? No way would I watch next season. Ausiello got it right. She’s the most popular heroine and losing her would be a lethal blow to the show. I hope the CW wises up and spends money rewarding the people who deserve it.

  • what?

    Let me get this straight. Nobody said anything about Micheal and Kristin fighting for every penny even though in the last few seasons their characters have practically been non-existent, yet Allison should not fight for what she’s worth even though she’s been the shows female lead without the title since at least season 5?

    This article is crap and an insult to Allison.

  • 1123CMB

    What Gilmore Girls taught everyone was that the CW is clueless and should know by now to listen to the fans, the show creators, et all. Same with Everwood’s non-pick up. Same with 7th Heaven’s from the dead revival. The CW needs to pay shows what they are worth so they can keep the fanbases happy, the viewers watching, and the advertising money rolling in. That means singing actors. That means signing show creators. And that means knowing when something is dead or not – all of which are major issues the CW seems to have.

    That means in this case, simply, pay AM. Pay MR. And if they aren’t totally broke, get the original creators back. What really needs to happen (rather than snarling at an actress who is the female lead basically and wants paid accordingly) is the CW needs to care about making good television rather than sucking all the money they can from wherever they can get it.

  • Dear ‘what?’

    I’m all for actors and actresses fighting for what they believe they’re worth. I just think that holding the network hostage and negotiating in the press (ie, leaking the news to Michael Ausiello) is not the right approach, because let’s face it, CW/WB has a track record of letting people go over money. See: Amy Sherman Palladino.

  • what?

    It looks like it was the CW camp to leak this info. I can’t see any reason why Allison and Co. would leak information painting her as a person taking advantage of MR/KK respective exits.

    To me it looks like the CW putting out a feel on how fans would react to her exit. Let me tell yah, its not pretty. Nobody wants to see a show about Nois and Clark or not the old school fans that have stuck with it from the beginning.

    With that said, No Allison…I’m out. Is there a way to get my money back for s1-6 in dvd and those damn books? probably not…but I’ll be free of any future spending!

  • Ms. C.

    Yes, I’d like to know where you get the idea that Allison’s people would leak this story. The article suggests she is using KK and MR’s exits from the show as leverage. That doesn’t sound like the spin her representatives would have on it. They’d be focusing on how they aren’t treating AM fairly given how long she has been on the show, how much she contributes to it and how she hasn’t ever been treated well by the CW especially how she was one of a handful of full time castmembers from their shows who were not invited to do their image campaign to launch the network. Everyone on the much less successful VM was invited to participate. That really stuck out when it happened.

    The CW has never treated AM well and I hope she get them to pay her what she’s worth which is a lot.

  • isagill

    noooo i can`t belive it..
    Allison is the best actress on the show, she is the only reason why i am still watching smallville, Allison and Tom have a great chemestry.If Allison left the show i wouldn`t watch smallville next season i don`t care about LOIS and Jimmy and kara

  • Christina

    Well, if the CW was smart they would pay her what she deserves. She has been on the show since the begining and then need to give her what she wants. I think it would be a big mistake not to keep AM as CHloe.

    If Chloe is gone I am gone, so Please pay her what she wants and listen to the fans this time!!!!!!!!

  • jess

    truthfully i find chloe’s character annoying and would rather see more of Lois than her annoying cousin. also its time clark started using that superbrain of his, i mean come on u can’t tell me that he shouldn’t be able to zoom thru the internet on his own. die hard superman fans know what am talking about chloe’s gotta go eventually anyway

  • Margroks

    Allison Mack is a real treasure and the character she portrays has been there from the start. AM hasn’t leaked anything that I can see; rather she has been keeping mum throughout this and I think she deserves to be treated right. It’s an actor’s perogative to ask for the money or place in the credits or whatever if they feel they deserve it. MR has refused to return and it was due to both other interests and money so where are those complaints?

    Truth is, without Chloe and with no possibility of a real honest relationship between Clark and Chloe, which should have happened long ago before we had to suffer through seven years of nauseating Clana with zero or even retro-growth for the supposed hero while he fixates on the Lana the kidnapper and torturer. Lately, episodes making no sense at all with characters being retconned into something they aren’t like ED’s Not-Lois suddenly being shoved down our throats as Clark’s good friend and real reporter when she has never been either of those thingsl is just crap and I don’t want to watch any more if this is the pathetic payoff we get after seven years.

    The CW is lucky to have TW, MR AND Lex and if they squander that then it’s their loss. THey should divest themselves of usless characters in whom most fans are not interested and stick with the basics that have gotten them to year seven. The core four, Clark, Lex, Lana and Chloe are the characters we need to see finish the show and without them, or the payoff with Clark seeing Lana for what she really is and finally flying back to Chloe as he soars to become Superman, this show has wasted too many years of my viewing life.

  • Johanna

    I am absolutely in agreement with this articll…pretty DUMB to try to pressure the netwrok…and sorry I TOTALLY believe this was leaked by AM people…

    AM could be all sweet or whatever you want but when it is about money everything charges, it could be her it could be her agents…

    I frankly don’t care if she goes or stays, I firmly think Smallville needs to move on and Clark to work more alone and not needing to go to Chloe “How To…” Sullivan.

    If she is pressuring the network with “I am the only one who is left cause MR and KK are gone” this is surely will go and blow in her ass.

    This kind of “pressure” maybe would have work from MR and KK, Lex and Lana…But Chloe who??

    Good bye AM and have a wonderful Misha Barton kind of career.

    I love the comparation with her cause she left and the only thing we have seen of her is her DUI incident.

    But can someone tell me about Rachel Bilson? and Adam Brody? Ben McK?…ohh yeah…right…movies…movies….movies

    Misha must be kicking herself on the butt for leaving the O.C.

  • mcvs2104

    I would rather have MR back than AM. MR has made Lex an interesting character in the past 7 seasons. The Kents Vs Luthors is the core of Smallville . But Chloe knowing Clark’s secret is only digressing Clark’s character. Until S4 where Clark was able to handle all his issues by himself suddenly has to run to Chloe for everything. No thanks.

  • Jess

    Yes, “in the network’s eye, everybody’s replaceable” and now they must be really happy to have lost another show with decent tatings when their ratings are abysmal ! Dawn Ostroff is making really good choices for sure!!! Now CW is going to let go the best actress in their higher rated show. After loosing two leads, that’s really a good way to make money… No way I’m watching without AM.

  • Marikology

    If the CW doesn’t want to pay Allison Mack what she deserves, she’s better off. She’d be doing Smallville a favor by doing Season 8, NOT the other way around. She’s beautiful and talented, and for those of you who are comparing her to Mischa Barton and Dean Cain, take into consideration that she’s been a successful actress since she was in *preschool*. She did fine before Smallville, she’ll do fine after it.

    I sincerely hope the CW did leak details to the press, if their intention was to see how fans would react, cos the majority of comments are telling them that SV won’t last 8 episodes without Allison Mack. They are already losing a huge fanbase with Lex’s exit. I love Tom Welling, but people don’t really care about the comics kids who appear in every other episode and joined the show a few years ago. No Chloe, no me!

  • Smallville is suffering sagging ratings, Michael Rosenbaum will not be returning in season 8, and now TV guide is reporting that Allison Mack, who portrays Chloe Sullivan, maybe leaving over contract negotiations. Chloe Sullivan is Clark Kent’s long time confidant, popular know it all can do anything heroin, and one of only a handful of characters who knows Clarks super secret identity.

    Smallville may need to hold on to Allison, but only because the writers or producers seem stuck in the past. For years now Smallville has retreated again and again to storylines about meteor freaks (humans mutated by Kryptonite) and the tired moral message that keeping secrets is bad (sometimes secrets save us).
    more @

  • RepairmanBob

    I am not sure how you can read the article from Michael Ausiello and get the impression that Allison Mack’s agents leaked the story. The “sources” said “Allison’s camp used Michael leaving as leverage in the negotiations with [Warner Bros.]…They need Chloe now more than ever — and Allison’s people know it.” It also says Ms. Mack’s reps declines to comment on the article. So, from that, how did you possible come to the conclusion that Ms. Mack’s reps are leaking a story that is make sher look like a greedy, money grubbing opportunist? Please enlighten me, becasue I am not seeing it.

    Now, this is not to saw Ms. Mack is not pushing for more money, the formal position of female lead, a better place in the credits, or the chance to direct (which she was scheduled to have before the writers’ strike). For all intensive purposede, Ms. Mack has shared the (uncredited) role of female lead with Kristin Keruk for the past 2-3 years. She has had more screen time than anyone except Tom Welling for the past two years. In my opinion, she is entitled to try for a good deal, especially if the new showrunners want to promote another actress (Like Lois Lane / Erica Durance) above her this late in the show’s run.

  • Jennifer

    Chloe is a staple character of Smallville and one of the 2 reasons I watch.
    Allison Mack is the most talented actress on the show, regularly spinning crap writing into gold with her fantastic delivery, the only one able to exposit worth a damn, and she has been amiable, fan and media-friendly, and professional to boot.
    She is worth every penny they can find and if money is hard to find they should find other ways to entice her to stay. But I really doubt that she personally is giving the network a hard time. I just don’t see that about her. If her agents are working the CW hard, maybe the CW should think about that the next time, before they wait till the eleventh hour to start negotiating a return contract with a vital player. I think it’s kind of insulting: they’ve known for months that S8 was a go, but they wait till after negotiations with MR and KK are finished to approach her? Ever consider that maybe she’d like to have an inkling if they want her for next year? Maybe they gave her too long to imagine what her post-SV career could be like, and now she wants out? Hmmm.
    I also think it’s possible that speculation over negotiation break downs maybe be just that: speculation.
    I want AM back for Season 8. If she’s gone, I’m gone.
    And as long as I’m posting my wishes, I’d also like a happy future for Chloe Sullivan when the series does end. Preferably with Chlark and Chlois. 😉

  • Ann

    Frankly, I’d be surprised if Mack returns. Because, let’s face it, the CW is a broke network that pours its money into Dawn Ostroff’s new vision of “Lifetime for teens.” Smallville is barely getting a budget as it is – just watch how the special effects degrade despite having better technology as the years go by. While I may not necessarily like how everyone except for Welling, Durance, Ashmore, and Vandervoort is leaving; it does create more opportunities to explore more special effects-laden storylines, like a possible continuation of the Justice League. And I think everyone agrees that last season’s Justice was a high point for the entire series.

    I know that plenty of people want Rosenbaum back more than Mack (I happen to fall within this group), but it was his choice not to come back. Unless he’s offered an obscene amount of money, he’s not coming back. But, luckily, the writers were able to develop his character into the iconic Lex Luthor that we all love to hate, so I’m not so worried about him. More focus on the growth of Clark into Superman, that’s what we really need.

    And while I agree that Mack is a good actress, the character of Chloe is getting extremely worn out. It seems now that her main purpose on the show is to provide exposition and to think for Clark, preventing him from using his “genius intellect” (yes, Superman has that). I want more scenes like that last Clark scene in Apocalypse, when he was actually looking up stuff on the computer himself. He is supposed to become an award-winning journalist, and unfortunately Chloe has ultimately prevented him from doing so.

    I’m not saying that Chloe can’t be written well – season 4 is my favorite season because of the Chlo-Lo and the great characterizations of pretty much all the characters (please, disregard the entire witches/stones arc that dragged the season down). But the mean/jealous/fronting Chloe is not an enjoyable character, and, IMO, is bringing the show down.

  • Melissa

    That’s a pretty big leap to make to assume Mack’s camp leaked the info, but no matter what I’d say the network people are bigger fools than I suspected if they don’t give her the deal she actually deserves based on the show we’ve watched for the last seven years rather than on the name of her character. If the CW wants anykind of success for Smallville next year, they need AM and Chloe Sullivan (and the original version, not some lobotamized mutant that is only there to prop up the rest of the cast)

  • Lara El

    Is anyone else thinking “Bitch, please” at AM and her team? Because if fans and the writers should fight for ANYONE to come back, it would be Lex Luthor/Michael Rosenbaum and Lana/Kristin Kreuk.

    She’s utterly replaceable. Just have Jimmy teach Clark how to do that “magik hacking”, or better yet, don’t because then I’d be bored with Clark too.

    Frankly I’m tired of that characer and the actress is pitiful. She’s always arrogantly lecturing Clark or doing unbelievable hacking into Homeland Security. She had no business taking away Lex Luthor’s screen time either.

    When the dust settles, they should re-approach Michael for guest star episodes. Let this joke of a character go.

  • Beth

    I completely agree with this article – I love Chloe’s character (as long as she’s not pining over Clark – she’s absolutely pathetic when her character is portrayed as a love-struck teenager), but if she goes, she goes. I’d much rather see Lex come back than her as someone wrote above. That will truly put a dent in the show. So I say don’t worry about Allison leaving – get Lex back!

  • Mike Hastie

    with no allison mack, there is no smallville. period. maybe they should just call it quits. Or do like a 5 part episode series which caps off smallville, i konw it would be good to see it go out with a bang

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  • Minion

    ” it looks like the CW putting out a feel on how fans would react to her exit. Let me tell yah, its not pretty. Nobody wants to see a show about Nois and Clark or not the old school fans that have stuck with it from the beginning.”

    I think it’s the CW too, & from what I gather it’s not about money, but Allison’s position on the show. GO ALLISON! She deserves top billing & she’s one of the major reasons Smallville became a success. I have NO interest in watching bimbo Nois & Clark show.

  • Gerard

    AM has made watching Smallville a pleasure. Thank you, Allison, for bringing Chloe Sullivan to life! Hopefully, the CW does not bring about your premature death.

  • Gerard

    AM has made watching Smallville a pleasure. Thank you, Allison, for bringing Chloe Sullivan to life! Hopefully, the CW does not bring about her premature death.

  • Soleil

    If Allison leaves, I will finally be free of the trainwreck that is Smallville. I will not watch the show without her.

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