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Afford me a moment of clarity: A woman who slept with a married man while also sleeping with another lover and then assumed — and, more importantly, allowed everyone else to assume — that her child belonged to the wealthier of the two somehow reacts to her daughter finally learning the facts of (her) life by kicking her out? What in the world has BROTHERS & SISTERS done to Holly Harper? Granted, she was never the most moral of women, but now, she’s been turned into a lying slut with a persecution complex! Worse, Holly then swooped in and basically took over the Walker family biz before anyone could find out about the fraud she’d perpetrated upon them via her daughter. Frankly, Rebecca should run as far from this dynasty of dysfunctional drunks (and take Scotty with her). I mean, Justin reacts to finding out that she’s not his sister by going off on the poor girl? This show frustrates me like no other… I love the actors, love the fun aspects, but when it comes to storylines it is as unsatisfactory as sex with a blow-up doll. Um, from what I hear.

I have so many mixed feeligns where this weeks GOSSIP GIRL installment is concerned. Plot wise? Great episode with a lot of fun stuff going on. Man, are they making great use of Georgina. But here’s where I get slightly disturbed: I get that in the end, GG sent a very nice message by having Serena and, eventually, Lily accept Eric’s homosexuality, having Asher toss around words like “queer” and “faggot” was a little unsettling for a show aimed at a teen audience. It might have felt different had we seen the self-loathing Asher brought down, but the social humiliation fell on the shoulders of his “hag”, Jenny. Meanwhile, what the hell has happened to Chuck? Remember when he was our nefarious nasty? These days, he’s Eric’s off-screen confidante and a background player. And why no Nate and Vanessa? Would it have killed the show to have them show up at — and utter a few lines during — Asher’s party?

Another week, another subpar DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. If the networks want to know why their shows aren’t doing so well, they might want to consider the fact that despite the fact that shows have fewer episodes (thanks to the strike) and we were told a heck of a lot of story would be crammed into them, what we’re actually getting feel like filler. Quick, name a major plot-point from this weeks DH. Were there some snappy lines? Sure. (Thank God for Gaby.) But most of the episode revolved around Kayla’s bad girl act (a retread of the routine she pulled upon first arriving), Susan’s trying to impress her ex-husband (yawn) and Bree refusing to forgive Orson. But again, and you’ll notice this is a recurring theme with me: Do we need yet another recurring regular (Gaby’s housemate) when so many interesting ones exist but are never used? Where is Bree’s son, Andrew? How about Susan’s nephew, Tim? Or maybe Rick, whose restaurant Lynette’s boys burned down? Why is Tuc Watkins (gay nabe Bob), one of the funniest actors to come out of daytime (where he plays ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s David) being completely wasted? Maybe it’s my completion issues, but it annoys me when shows introduce us to characters and then let them sit there doing nothing.

I have rediscovered my love for E!’s THE SOUP. Years ago, I was all over TALK SOUP when it was hosted by Greg Kinnear. But somewhere along the line, I just stopped watching. A few weeks ago, I came across the new and — in my never-very-humble opinion — improved version, hosted by the wildly funny Joel McHale. After a few viewings, I find it much more satisfying that VH-1’s hit-and-miss BEST WEEK EVER.

Is it wrong that I want the second season of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF THE OC to come out on DVD, like, immediately? Someone gave me the first season ages ago, and I swore it was something I’d never watched. But one day I got bored and gave into temptation… next thing you know, I’d sat through the whole damn season. Am I proud? No. Am I dying to see what happened to these gold diggers and their spoiled offspring? Sadly, yes. (At least I can still proudly declare that I’ve never seen an episode of THE HILLS.)

  • Common Sense

    B & S: Holly can do no wrong for me. Loved her showdown w/ ‘Becca.

    GG: Gay dialogue rings true. Too much going on to involve others this wk

    DH: Is it wrong to want Kayla kidnapped…or worse? That kid’s pure evil

    Agree, big-time, with your one thought: With fewer episodes and more plot promised, many shows—One Tree Hill, in particular—are delivering NOTHING. It’s excruciating to sit for an hour and watch absolutely zero plot advancement. Note to writers: TV shows should not happen in “real time.” We want major shockers, not trips to the freakin baby doctor.

  • Common Sense

    P.S. Forgot to note….Justine Bateman does not look healthy on DH. Is this intentional, because of her drug-dealing story? If not: seriously, get her some high collars and a better hair and makeup person. This guest role is not helping her image.

  • I think the use of ‘faggot’ in GOSSIP GIRL worked perfectly and was intentionally unsettling to here. It’s a sign of the times. If it wasn’t unsettling, it would be far more worrisome.

    In terms of DH, I think it was a fun episode. I think ‘evil’ Kayla is great fun and was sort of hoping that Gaby would turn her place into a little whore house for extra income. No doubt hilarity would ensue.

  • Linda B.

    DH: I so agree about them having existing characters and never using them. I almost forgot about the gay couple that moved into Wisteria Lane this season til we saw them again in last week’s episode. I was really disappointed that they barely used Nathan Fillion’s character, and now he’s not even on the show anymore 🙁

  • Cris

    I Think the gay foul words worked perfectly with the storyline, and so did Jenny going down. It shows perfectly that the ”it” crowd will always side with the rich one. I guess it would have been different if there weren’t two people involved, but she was and she said he took her V…so, to me it made all kinds of sense. I guess in the end nobody was shocked he was gay, but that she was covering up big time for him….

  • Josh Emerson

    B&S: Take Scotty with her? Whaaaat? No! He’s got to stay on this show. He’s way better than any of the other guys Kevin has dated. And he’s barely shown anyway. Hope that changes next season when he’s a regular.

    But yeah, overall I have not been impressed at all with Brothers & Sisters since the post-strike return. It went from boring to annoying to just puzzling. Could this be the affect of the creator leaving the show? I’m not sure when he officially left, but something must’ve happened for the show to turn into this. Storylines bordering on incest (I don’t care if they aren’t “technically” blood related!) is where a line has to be drawn.

  • Aileen

    Vanessa was in the episode on Monday, but she was kind of blink-and-you-miss it. She was at the coffee shop when “Sarah” met Serena.

  • Naf

    Venessa also was chating with Dan and “Sarah” at the place where she works at the start of the episode.

    I don’t have a problem with Holly on Brothers and Sisters, and I thought this weeks episode was fantastic after just a poor run recently. Holly is a complicated woman who has made a lot of mistakes in her life, but i wouldn’t band her as a “lying slut with a persecution complex”. She feel in love with a married man, and then had a child after having sex with another man. All of this whilst being broke. I believe Holly wanted Rebecca to be a Walker just as much as Rebecca did. In lesser lands, the character could have been someone we could easily hate, but Patricia Wettig is so fantastic in the role that I can’t help but feel for her. Her confrontation with Rebecca was fantastic, and even when the storylines on the show are subpar, you can always rely on the characters to rise above it.

  • ct

    For the record, I’m a big ol’ Holly Harper fan. I just don’t lke the way the show has chosen to write her. as with other characters, they sort of twist and bend her personality to meet the needs of the plot du jour. I was stunned when she went off on rebecca. Was it a good scene? Yeah. But did Holly REALLY have a leg to stand on? After she repeatedly lied to Rebecca, claiming there was “no chance” that anyone but William could be her father? For Holly to turn around and make her daughter feel like crap when, in reality, it was Holly’s lie that caused all the heartbreak just felt very wrong to me.

    And y’all are right: I forgot about Vanessa’s two-second scenes in the coffee shop. Sharp eyes, y’all!

    JOSH: When I say “take Scotty with her” I mean that he’s too good for that messed up clan, as is Rebecca. I like Scotty. He’s a little whiny sometimes, but I suppose that balances out Kevin’s neurosis. Of course, this show has the same problem as most shows which try to write gay characters, and that is in defining who is the, for gentle readers, “male” and who is the “female.” It seemed pretty obvious that with Kevin’s last two boyfriends, he was the female, while with Scotty I’ve gotta think he’s the male. And if ever there was a character that didn’t seem to qualify as “versatile”, it’s going to be Kevin. I remember having the same problem with both Will and Jack on WILL & GRACE.

    COMMON SENSE: Oh my God, I totally did not realize that was Justine Bateman. You’re right… she looks like crap. I even remember thinking, “Lord, couldn’t they have found someone… at least a little more attractive???” And I’d say that I’m with you on the Kayla thing if it weren’t for the fact that without her, we might have even less plot movement. I mean, heck, if she can convince a couple of the scavo kids to jump off the roof and break their necks, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. (Who said that???)

    Guess I’m the only one who thought the “queer” and “faggot” stuff on GG was out of place. I agree that if it weren’t shocking, I’d be more concerned, given what that would mean about our society. So good point, TVAddict.

  • Kristen

    I can’t believe it’s taken you this long to discover what is the brilliance of Joel McHale on The Soup!