Jason Castro Gets His Wish

jason castro

As I sit here listening to Jason Castro’s incredibly addictive version of “Over the Rainbow,” I’m not going to say Jason Casto isn’t talented, but I think even the most ardent Castro supporter [and yes, I’m talking to you frequent TV Addict reader ‘Common Sense’] would have to agree that nobody was happier with last night’s AMERICAN IDOL results than Jason Castro himself.

Yet with Jason’s exit, here’s where things get really interesting. Who do Jason’s supporters flock to next? Should Syesha bother showing up next week? And most importantly, what will you miss more — Jason’s dreamy hair, or his talent?

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  • Common Sense

    Jason made millions of fans with his laid-back, unaffected persona, not to mention his movie-star face. Can’t wait to see how he outsells some of the others from this show.

    Pretty good talent for being a self-taught musician and novice singer. With the right songs, his album will skyrocket.

  • Common Sense,

    Well I guess we’ll have to see how he does when his first album hits the street. I wonder if your comment will come back to haunt you. Because on the internet… your opinions live for ever [cue maniacal laugh.. hahahhaha]

  • Josh Emerson

    I doubt we’ll ever hear from him again. I liked some of his earlier performances, but he lasted way too long. And got too dull. I don’t really have any interest in an album from him.

  • Jason was so stoned last night. No one in their right mind would show that much happiness at being eliminated!

    I still cant get over how Syesha is the last girl standing.

  • Haya,

    I agree with the Syesha thing…. My top 4 was David C and A, Carly and Brooke… Having Syesha going this far doesn’t make sense.

    About Jason… well, he is talented, and I’ve got some of the studio version of the songs and they sound really nice, the problem is that it seemed like he couldn’t care less in these past weeks, and this week it was just plain bad… I do hope he does as well as Common Sense wants though.

  • blueberry

    The first time I purposely missed a week of American Idol and Castro gets voted off.

    I should have purposely missed episodes about seven weeks ago.

  • showtime

    i think jason wanted to be off the show and sabatoged himself. the proof of that was in his reaction when he was voted off. i’ve never seen a bigger smile on a loser…

  • I personaly loved Jason’s sweet and smooth voice.. I downloaded A LOT of his songs and they’re very relaxing…
    He said on an interview that he was happy because, as you know, he has a girlfriend and he missed her a lot.. he wears a ring in 1 of his dreads that his girlfriend gave to him to have her near him..
    They live in different states, so they don’t see each other too much, and he missed her really really bad…
    I don’t blame him…. plus he went really far and he was happy because he knew he wasn’t going to win, and he said he was suprised and happy that he went this far in the competition.
    And yes, I would buy his album! 😀