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You know how just the other day I was bitching about the fact that too many shows have come back from their extended strike-induced absences with lame episodes featuring virtually no plot movement? Well, although SUPERNATURAL’s first post-strike episode (with the GHOSTFACERS reality crew) wasn’t my favorite, last nights offering more than made up for it. The Winchester boys were in find sted as they dealt with a zombified doc, the search for Bella, the ticking time bomb that is Dean’s date with death and perhaps the most highly-anticipated demons ever, Lillith. Anyone else get goosebumps every time her name is mentioned? (Maybe it’s because I only recently finished reading the Morrigan’s Cross trilogy by Nora Roberts, which featured a cool-ass vampire by that name.) The episode was gruesome (stolen body parts!), revealing (Lillith killed Bella’s folks) and funny (“Demons? Untrustworthy? Imagine that!”). I know, I know, there was a time when I loathed this show with a fiery passion. Well, you people can pat yourselves on the back for having made a believer out of me. I hope you’re happy!

The second the needle hit the record during the opening seconds of LOST, I knew this was gonna be a good one. From the John-related flashbacks to what may have been my favorite line of exposition this season (“Hopefully, the man who lives in the cabin can tell us what to do about the people who are going to kill us.”), this week’s tale definitely made up for last week’s less-than-thrilling hour. Of course, as always, more questions were raised than answered, (Especially once John entered that damn cabin, which left me with, to quote an AP article which came out last week after Paula Abdul’s infamous IDOL double speak, “the furrowed brow of mystification.”) And how precious was the scene in which Hurley and Ben shared a candy bar?

The minute Erik started talking about redemption during last night’s tribal council on SURVIVOR — and Cheri brilliantly spoke of his need to prove himself to be a man of his word — I knew that moron was going to hand over the individual immunity idol. Those rhymes-with-witches! Sitting around the fire, sanctimoniously going off on Eric as if they hadn’t lied to him (remember the crossed fingers a few weeks ago, when they swore they wouldn’t vote him out even while planning to do exactly that, only to have their plot derailed when he won immunity?) and tried more than once to throw him under the bus. That said, Lord, how I wanted to slap that boy. The jury just sat there shakin’ their heads as yet another shocking twist helped make this the most surprising season ever. As Parv said of the move, “You’ll officially go down as the dumbest survivor ever in the history of SURVIVOR. Ever.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  • Common Sense

    WHY doesn’t some sane-minded soul KILL that boat-thug on LOST?? Geez, he’s just about the most-hatable character ever. I hope the producers are planning a painful demise for him.

    Meanwhile, the bag that the chopper dropped….what’s the point of that? Is Jack misreading its intent?

    So many questions, so little time. Another episode leaves me speechless.

  • CC

    That scene with Ben and Hurley. That was the greatest! hahaha

  • Rosewood

    Great Supernatural episode last night – it had everything – the eww factor (I’ll never look at an ice cream scoop the same way), good monster-of-the week story, the exit of Bela, interesting Hunter (Mr X! from X-Files), and the excellent Brother Angst and Humour. Time is really running out for Sam and Dean to get Dean out of the Deal. I have no clue what Eric Kripke has in store but it’s gonna be a wild ride next week!

  • tim wilkins

    I couldn’t agree more about Survivor’s Erik. Have these people NOT watched previous seasons? Jeez. I could have b-slapped him myself. Why? U had a guaranteed 4th place and U blew it. I know Erik has got to be kicking himself. He got played! Like those 4 women left can say “their word is any good.” He fell out of the coconut tree and hit his head. But good TV. lol

  • Patty

    Ah! you like Supernatural now! You don’t know how happy you just made me…to go from a hater to a lover…that’s just so great 🙂

    I LOVED the episode last night. By the end I was literally sitting less than a food away from the screen. It was such an adventure to watch. I would be laughing one second to freaking out because the freak-face guy (he was on Charmed as the fear demon dude!) was looking all freaky-deaky and stuff. I am so excited for next week now…I can’t even imagine what is going to go down but, whatever it is, it’s going to be an emotional adventure.

  • ct

    I’m a big-ol’ cliffhanger fan, so I’ll be anxious to see how they resolve this story while at the same time set up something cool for next season. I can only imagine the final scenes will revolve around Lillith. Or so I hope!

  • Mark

    Glad you joined the Supernatural bandwagon, CT. I’m living proof that you don’t have to be a fangirl to enjoy it.

    I’m also a cliffhanger fan, so I’m even more excited for next week’s episode. I would love it if they gave us a cliffhanger similar to the Season 1 ending. That was one hell of a summer hiatus.

  • ct

    Oh, come on, Mark… we both know that inside is a big ol’ fangirl just dying to burst out and scream, “I LOVE YOU SAM!”