Got a Spare Hundred Million? Buy a Night on the CW

With today’s news that the CW is putting ‘Sunday’ up for sale so that a media conglomerate can swoop in and develop their own programs and sell advertising, this TV Addict just thought he’d pose this question to all of our readers out there: Anyone have a spare hundred million dollars lying around?

Because if you do, consider this. We’d have three hours to program the ultimate night of television! An evening with Joss Whedon [BUFFY, ANGEL, FIREFLY!] a Greg Berlanti retrospective [EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY, DAWSON’S CREEK], FOX the early years [90210, MELROSE PLACE, PROFIT], Brilliant—But—Cancelled [FREAKS & GEEKS, GROSSE POINT, ACTION, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT], the best of the WB [FELICITY, POPULAR, ROSEWELL!], the Original See TV [FRIENDS, SEINFELD, THE COSBY SHOW, WILL & GRACE, CHEERS]… the themes and possibilities are endless. I mean can you imagine, for lack of a better word, the absolute ‘awesomeness’ of a Sunday night of television programmed by television addicts, for television addicts. Ohh… the power!

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  • ewanspotter

    Stride Gum should buy Sundays. Oh, wait, they already own Smallville. Nevermind.

  • Josh Emerson

    I think my ideal lineup would include an hour of classic comedy with Friends and Seinfeld, followed by the return of Jericho and Veronica Mars.

  • Night of women : Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Felicity

  • TVFan


    that’s a great idea. Or how about a night of butt-kicking women

    Alias, Buffy, Dark Angel

  • SimplyKimberly

    There is no contest. If I had a spare $100 mil, I would make Sunday night – The All Whedon night – Buffy, ANGEL, Firefly and any future show Joss, Tim, Jane, Drew, David, et al wanted to do.

  • Thanks TVFan,

    It’s a pity there are only three hours, otherwise I would include Buffy.

    What about a classic male-female driven night: Northern Exposure, Moonlighting, Remington Steele?

  • I’d love a classic David E. Kelley night:

    – Ally McBeal
    – The Practice
    – Picket Fences (especially since it’s taking forever for seasons 2 – 4 to be released on DVD)

    How about Sci-Fi Sunday – Preferred Plan:

    – *Babylon 5*
    – Farscape
    – Alien Nation / Firefly (alternate since only one season each)

    Sci-Fi Sunday – Plan B (not as good but acceptable):

    – Highlander: The Series
    – Quantum Leap
    – Sliders

    Or, ’80s Nostalgia Night – any three of the following:

    – Airwolf
    – Dukes of Hazzard
    – Knight Rider
    – MacGyver
    – The A-Team

    Or, ’70s/’80s Nostalgia Night – Family Version:

    – The Carol Burnett Show
    – Little House on the Prairie
    – The Muppet Show

    Or, ’80s Nostalgia Night – Animated Version:

    – Transformers
    – Voltron
    – Robotech
    – Starblazers
    – Speed Racer
    – G.I. Joe (I wasn’t a fan, but I couldn’t think of a better 6th one)

    How about a miscellaneous but intriguing combo of:

    – Gilmore Girls
    – The O.C.
    – The West Wing

    Or, of course, a rotating roster of brilliant-but-cancelled shows (or at least shows that had potential) that could include:

    – Alien Nation
    – Brimstone
    – Commander-in-Chief
    – Crusade
    – Firefly
    – Jericho
    – John Doe
    – Journeyman
    – Men In Trees
    – Standoff

  • and the CW admits they have the creative knowledge of a house fly… Cant think of 3 hours of ok television? cant compete with fox’s animation block? geez… there is nothing that women want to watch on sunday night… get your own Hill’s show… create a summer show about the hamptons… make a winter show on Aspen… get a wedding makeover show (have people apply and weekly redo some aspect)…