Thursday Night TV: The Good, Bad & Ugly

THE GOOD: Thanks to the ideal balance of comedy, drama and intrigue, last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY continued it’s post-WGA strike string of phenomenal episodes [hence this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story]. There was laughter thanks to George’s fake job as the ‘Chief’s Intern’ and McSteamy realizing that he’s become Seattle Grace’s equivalent of a sexual predator. Mystery, as fans were left wondering if Dr. Erica Hahn is or isn’t, umm… you know, a fan of ‘Ellen.’ And of course sadness courtesy of an emotional guest starring turn by Gay GI Joe and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS alum Benny Ciaramello [Santiago] not to mention a mother trapped in a plastic bubble and Meredith clueing into the fact that McDreamy is her constant. In other words, GREY’S ANATOMY should be required viewing for all future and current television writers. Because unlike some other shows that have returned with less than stellar stories post—WGA strike, Shonda Rhimes and Co. keep hitting it out of the park.

THE BAD: Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for UGLY BETTY. Or as I’m calling last night’s episode — Just Ugly. I mean how many times do we have to see Daniel hit rock bottom? Or Marc and Wilhemina’ scheme fail? To borrow a line from the brilliant Stephen Colbert: BETTY, you’re officially on notice. And if you don’t start to deliver the goods, it’s adios muchachos come September 2008.

THE UGLY: I’m just going to say it. Last night’s episode of THE OFFICE may have been the series worst episode ever. From Michael’s akward and slightly creepy afternoon at the job fair to the been-there-done-that joke that nobody respects Dwight, there was absolutely nothing funny going on in-or-around Dunder Mifflin. Add to that the almost pathetic nature of Pam not realizing that you need to know basic Photoshop and Illustrator skills to work in graphic design [Please Pam get a clue! You spend all day online, frakkin’ google graphic design skills], this TV Addict spent the majority of the show’s twenty-two minutes pondering how much Callaway Golf and H&R Block paid for the gratuitous product placement [that totally worked by the way!].

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  • It’s kinda funny because while I note there are problems with UB and its not as zingful as before, I’m not as bothered by it at this point still compared to how disappointed you’ve been with it. Granted, Daniel hitting rock bottom again was a bit annoying but let’s hope this finally means out, and war with Willy. I really don’t see it that badly (at least compared to the problems going on with The Office or what Grey’s had become in Season 3 because THAT was bad, and look how they recovered!)

    As for The Office, yeah, i think i liked the last Pam bit actually the best (even though I too ws thinking.. how could you not know ANY of those programs in this day and age) part of a dragging episode.

  • TVFan

    I’m with Vance, in that I’m still loving Betty. Especially now that Willi may finally be heading back to Mode.

    But as for the Office, completely in agreement. Brutal episode.

  • bws

    I still got some hearty laughs out of the Office last night but of course, they would be better suited if they just stayed in the actual office for more than 8 minutes.

    LOST is still hitting on all cylinders with its fast-paced mind/time/space bending season. Love every minute of it!

  • shanna

    I actually lol’d this week at Betty, which is more than I can say for last week. Mark and Amanda (though apart 🙁 ) kept me in stitches. As did Hilda and Betty (oooh Coach!) But mostly I’m psyched for Wili’s return to MODE. Reserve judgment until next week!

    I LOVED Grey’s though. I’m just completely smitten all over again.

  • Quinn

    That’s unfortunate the you did not enjoy last night’s OFFICE. I thought that it was very good, very close to what THE OFFICE was at the beginning of the series. Yeah, Michael is more awkward and cringe-worthy than usually, but it’s fine. Last night’s episode was for the true, loyal fans… the ones that get both the humor and heart of the show.

    While the episode didn’t fully take place in the office, every activity is office/business- related, which is why it didn’t bother me that only Dwight and Angela stayed behind.

  • Quinn,

    I’ve seen every episode of THE OFFICE. I think that qualifies me as a loyal fan. That said, just because I’m a loyal fan, doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to my own opinion.

  • Ally

    I’m a fan of “Ellen.” Does that make me a lesbian too?

  • gg

    Being a loyal fan of Office since it started i must say last night episode was bad…And i know most people agree with me from all the review and stuff i have read so far..Michael isnt even funny he is just painful to watch lately the Dwight stuff is ok but i mean come on how many times can you do the same thing..The only thing that saved it was Creed call to Angela and Andy crashing the golf cart this episode was pretty much a setup episode to the finale thou so i can live with it

  • Josh C.

    I’ve never stopped loving Grey’s but if I had, any of the post-WGA strike episodes would have pulled me right back in. I was emotionally invested in the episode in the first 5 minutes with the woman in the bubble and Grey’s did something it hasn’t done in awhile, made me wanna cry. The story line with the gay soldier was heart-breaking and beautiful at the same time. I really hope the next episode and finale stay in good fashion like this

  • Common Sense

    Dudes, you’re being way too hard on The Office. Michael was creepy-funny, but that’s who he IS. No need to water his character down further. I liked it; 30 Rock had more laughs, sure, but overall, it was the funniest hour of TV this week, no question.

  • I think that every TV show writing staff should be required to go back and watch their entire run of episodes, like I read that Shonda and the GREY’S writers did, once they get three or four years into a show. Cause, it sure is working out well for them. They seem to have remembered what made the show great. The post-strike episodes of GREY’S have been some of the best of the series.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m glad we finally agree on something. I loved Grey’s Anatomy last night. The show has had some good episodes ever since the season started, but this week’s was the first one that I thought could stand up to Seasons 1 and 2 in quality. The show is finally back to it’s great self and I’m loving it. My favorite storyline was the one with the gay soldiers. Heartbreaking, yet touching.

    I think you’re over exaggerating about The Office though. It was just average. Plus, 30 Rock was so great that it made The Office look bad in comparison. I can’t believe we have to wait months again for more.

  • Jacob

    I didn’t think it would happen but….I actually 100% agree with you tvaddict.

  • Kelly

    I completely agree with your review of Grey’s but you seemed to have forgotten the best part of the episode. And that would be the dramatic monologue by Sandra Oh. She nailed that scene and I believe that one scene will (or should) win her an Emmy.