Since it’s way too too nice to be inside today in the TV Addict’s beautiful hometown of Toronto Canada, I’m going to make this quick. Ready… set… blog…

elly taylor jennie garth 90210 Michael Ausiello is reporting that the original bad-girl-turned-good Jennie Garth will be returning to the show that made her famous, signing on to BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Version 2.0 [this show really needs an official title] in a recurring capacity as get this — West Bev’s Guidance Counsellor. And while this TV Addict is thrilled with the news, surely I’m not the only one who finds it hard to believe that Kelly Taylor — the original Queen Bee of Beverly Hills high — is living the life she’s accustom to on a guidance counsellor salary. Unless of course she married rich. Hmmm…. Dylan McKay cameo anyone?

Two rare gems on television, smart shows that actually make this TV Addict laugh — ALIENS IN AMERICA and BACK TO YOU are both said to be on the chopping block this week. And while ALIENS axe comes as no surprise considering the CW put about $5 into marketing the show. BACK TO YOU’s sudden cancellation is quite the shock and disappointment. Especially since FOX is renewing ‘TIL DEATH [as in, what I wish for when when I’m watching the show] for a third season. Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton deserve a far better fate than this and if it helps make my argument, the epicenter of cultural cool [Entertainment Weekly] agrees.

Over on ABC, E!Online’s Kristin is speculating that ELI STONE is a lock for a second season pick-up. And while this TV Addict isn’t one to toot his own horn, I can’t help but think someone at ABC noticed the over a hundred comments and counting left by you — my awesome fellow ELI STONE Addicts — pronouncing your love for the denizens of Weatherby & Posner LLP.

  • Go Eli! I’m in love with Loretta Devine since her Boston Legal days.

  • Josh Emerson

    I can’t believe Fox is axing Back to You while renewing ‘Til Death for a 3rd season. I know Grammar and Heaton probably get paid way more, but the show does get a few more viewers and it’s actually not bad!

    I read that Reaper is most likely returning. That’s good to hear, considering the rest of CW’s awful lineup.

  • Linda B.

    I’m so thrilled about Eli Stone, but i won’t breathe a sigh of relief til it’s officially announced on Tuesday.

  • Gowan

    I think you mean Boston Public, Gaz.

    I enjoyed the Eli Stone episodes I saw. Hopefully they’ll rerun them over the summer if it gets picked up. I don’t really have any interested in any of the other shows. It just amazes me continually what executives keep and cancel.

  • jake

    it was just over a hundered, and some comments were negative..i dont mean to toot MY own horn but i can bet they werent looking at this website.

  • Josh C.

    GO ELI!!!

  • ct

    Sadly, BACK TO YOU put more money into the on-screen big stars then they did the scripts. Some aspects of that show were just awful. And God knows it was a mistake (in my never-humble-opinion) to reveal the whole “she had his baby” thing right out of the gate. It felt like they didn’t trust in their format.

  • TVFan

    Jake — Obviously the hundred plus comments on theTVaddict didn’t really influence ABC. But I do think that network execs notice when shows have an impact. And viewers voicing their opinion on this site, and others place a part.

    Also, as my mother used to say, if you don’t have anything nice to say…

  • Gowan, you’re right! I always mix these titles.

    Isn’t Jennie fed up with all that TV work? Original Beverly Hills, What I Like About You, Dancing With the Stars and now what? 90210 once again? Within a year there will be a discussion that 90210: TNG is too costly to produce, and may be canceled.

  • CT — While no FRIENDS, BACK TO YOU had more than enough potential to warrant a second season. But frankly seems like a better fit on CBS or even NBC

    Jake — Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Thanks for yours.

    Gadz — I don’t think Jennie’s fed up with TV. I think she’s a working actress who enjoys the work.

    Josh — I guess I’m going to have to re-jump on the REAPER bandwagon during the summer. I loved the pilot, but subsequent episodes just seemed way too formulaic.

  • Maybe Kelsey Grammer deserves better, but Patricia Heaton deserves a swift kick in the rear for being such a preachy bitch.

    On another note, I hope the news about Eli is true. 😀