BROTHERS & SISTER Season Finale: We Cast The Other ‘R’

With tonight’s shocking revelation that Rebecca wasn’t actually ‘the other’ Walker, this TV Addict wanted to be the first the throw out his casting suggestion for BROTHERS & SISTERS’ new mystery brother.

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Meet Ryan, EVERWOOD alum Gregory Smith

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  • Sheindie

    I thought the same thing! …. that would be so cool …and, if they also brought back Treat Williams as David (for Nora) ..well …one can hope =)

  • John K.

    That’s a tad…on the nose. Maybe I was inspired by the name, but the very first actor that flashed in my mind: Ben McKenzie. Walker-Wise, I think that would be a better choice. Or to go for the recent cult show trifecta: Teddy Dunn!

  • John K,

    I know it will never happen, but an EVERWOOD fan can dream no?

    That said, I really love your Ben McKenzie idea. Even though I don’t think the brother had to already have been on a previous TV show with the name ‘Ryan’! That and, the Walker’s love to argue, and we all know Ben has a lot of pent-up anger!

  • Common Sense

    Oh, sweet mother….make this happen. Greg + Emily = TV Greatness. (Too bad Ostroff & Moonves couldn’t recognize that.)

  • James

    It’s funny. Korbi asked the same question so I’ll give you the same answer:

    I personally WOULD LOOOOOOVE and DIE to see either Will Estes or Sean Faris embody Ryan.

    I assume Ryan would be someone who’s out there to DESTROY Justin and Rebecca.

    If so, Sean Faris FITS the role a lot after seeing NEVER BACK DOWN.

    Sean Faris is also not a long shot for ABC having considered him for a role in PRIVATE PRACTICE and being in an ABC show LIFE ON A STICK before.

    I call for a reunion with Dave’s REUNION co stars.

    Adam Brody would destroy the show. He should join one tree hill or something, but not Brothers.

  • John K.

    Life on a Stick was FOX, Faris was on Life as We Know It on ABC (with Chris Lowell, who I assume got the same PP role Faris was up for). Faris would make a good Ryan, but I suspect he’s happy sticking to movies. Knowing ABC’s fondness for casting from within, watch it go to Bryan Greenberg or Josh Henderson. Man, this casting game is fun!

  • James

    Lol John K. Sorry about the confusion. I knew it was something Life.

    Yes, Sean was up for Chris’ role in PP.

    I just heard October Road show runners are being given LIFE on Mars so October Road’s chances of coming back are slim to none. ALTHOUGH! I really like Bryan Greenberg and would love to see him do Ryan. BUT isn’t he a little too old though for Ryan.

    Maybe Bryan Greenberg’s brother on October Road: RONNIE! He could be a female Rebecca but I am more than certain Ryan will be completely opposite to Rebecca.

    Josh Henderson can play a nutjob to hell but I personally dont like that kid.

  • Kristen

    I am so for Will Estes! I fell in love with him on American Dreams and have been going through witthdrawls since the way too early cancellation of Reunion! Although, Ben Mackenzie wouldn’t be bad either…

  • John K.

    As far as age goes, old people have been playing young ‘uns for years. For what it’s worth, Bryan Greenberg was born in 1978, the same year McKenzie and Estes were born too. They’re all 30! And James, sorry to disappoint, but October Road is officially dead.

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  • Mariana Rodrigues

    Geregory Smith as Ryan would totally rock!!! And it´s NOT impossible, check out the latest Ask Ausiello (

    “Question: There’s another long lost Walker on Brothers & Sisters? Who’s thinking Everwood’s Gregory Smith as Ryan? — Jake
    Ausiello: I certainly am! But the real question is whether the folks over at B&S are thinking it. “Right now, we’re keeping our options open,” says exec producer Monica Owusu-Breen. “We’re just starting to talk about the character and the actors that may be right for the role. But we don’t have much more than that to report right now.” Notice how she didn’t rule Smith out? Interesting. Veddy interesting. In related news, the campaign to get Gregory Smith on B&S starts right here, right now. Are you with me? I said, Are you with me?!?!? “

  • Mariana,

    Thanks for the heads up! But remember, when Ausiello takes all the credit. You heard it here FIRST!

  • Becky

    Gregory is the only choice in my books.