Week in Rewind

Forget the reveal of Serena’s shocking secret, the tornado of trouble that is Georgina Sparks, Eric’s unexpected trip out of the closet and Little J’s downfall. The real ‘OMFG!—worthy’ news is that for once, a television show has lived up to the marketing hype. Now the only question remains is how on earth will GOSSIP GIRL avoid the dreaded second season sophomore slump [try saying that five times fast]

Here’s an idea for TV networks concerned with shrinking viewership. How about not putting all of your must see shows on two frakkin’ nights. Just how jam—packed are Monday and Thursday’s? ONE TREE HILL and SUPERNATURAL are officially being saved on this TV Addict’s PVR for the dark days known as summer rerun hell.

If there’s a silver lining to be taken away from the recent WGA Strike, it’s that creator Shonda Rhimes revealed in last week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story that her medical marvel’s creative resurgence is a direct result of spending her strike—mandated free time re-watching the show’s first three seasons. Cough*hint*cough*hint UGLY BETTY writers… cough*hint…

While this TV Addict is all for television shows mixing things up, SCRUBS not-the-least-bit entertaining homage to THE PRINCESS BRIDE forgot one thing aside from a special affects budget over fifty dollars — the laughs. Memo to Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff — check out NEWSRADIO’s ‘Titanic’ and ‘Space’ episodes to really see comedy done right.