Hey CBS, Before You Put a Stake in MOONLIGHT, Read This!

Full disclosure: Having just devoured TWILIGHT over the weekend, this TV Addict is the first to admit that I may be a little bias when it comes to protecting all things Vampire.

But as a result of to today’s speculation courtesy of Variety’s Cynthia Littleton that MOONLIGHT may not be seeing a second season pick-up thanks to CBS being high on a slew of new dramas in development. I thought I’d take an opportunity to remind the proverbial ‘Powers that Be’ of the following. Remember CANE? SMITH? THE AGENCY? 3 LBS? THE BROTHERHOOD OF POLAND NH? Neither does anybody else!

Which is why I’m imploring you to give MOONLIGHT a second chance. Or at least consider this interesting idea by theTVaddict.com reader Eric S., “Maybe it’s time to suggest to CBS that it place one of its minor cult hits (Moonlight) on its younger-skewing partner network, The CW.  That would bring new viewers to The CW, give it a vampire hit (the show really belongs there), and keep the show in the “CBS family,” as well.”

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  • Mel

    Wow! In theory, what a fabulous idea! I would love that! But the CW is all about Gossip Girl. Its new fall shows are clones of it — it has cut the budgets of shows in the genre (Supernatural/Smallville) while ordering an extended season of GG and Reaper may not be renewed because it doesn’t have the demo numbers that GG does although the overall ratings are similar. The CW is not smart enough to pick up Moonlight. Dawn doesn’t “get’ genre.

  • Lfuif

    Please dont cancel moonlight!! we love mick and beth!!

  • Rick

    Dawn and Les both belong at Gossip Girl’s OSTROFF CENTER for the mentally-challenged.

    Wonder if 7th Heaven is coming back this year?

    Putting Moonlight on the CW just might make up for that insane blunder.

  • LMM

    I will follow Moonlight to any network they will put it on. But I would prefer it to be on CBS. Or Showtime is actually better. Then Moonlight will become even more exiting…:)
    Please, TPTB. Keep this little gem.

  • Common Sense

    The Hollywood Reporter just issued the news, dated an hour ago:
    CBS has **cancelled** Moonlight.

  • Common Sense

    Quote from Variety:

    “Moonlight,” meanwhile, was done in by a combination of factors. It’s understood that Eye execs were not impressed with the show’s creative development, and there was much drama and turnover behind the scenes among producers and scribes. The final straw was the show’s middling ratings perf during the past few weeks after its post-strike return.

  • Linda B.

    Haven’t all shows suffered in the ratings a bit since their post strike return?

    They should look at the ratings this show had when it was airing new episodes week after week. I bet it would return to these ratings if they gave it a second season.

    I’m really disappointed in this news 🙁

  • Johan

    Hmm, wonder if “The Unit” getting cancelled would generate over 50 posts in support of the show? I venture to say there would be ZERO. Hope CBS realizes it has the same old viewers, no rotation, who sit and mindlessly watch crime show after crime show. In fact, here are Les Moonves’s thoughts about young viewers—which beg the question: Why is this old man involved in programming The CW???…

    Playing to the pinstriped crowd during a wide-ranging Thursday sesh at the McGraw Hill media conference in Gotham, Moonves criticized the TV biz’s incessant focus on courting younger viewers.

    “The only upscale 18-year-olds I know are my children, and they have to come to me if they want to buy a car. It’s a bullshit demographic, forgive me,” he said, “that they’re the ones with the discretionary income, and the 50-year-old is thrown in the garbage. It’s one of the great old wives’ tales.”

  • tara

    i just hope some network decides to pick moonlight up; i dont know if i can live without it. seriously it was my new favorite tv show and it deserves the 2nd chance. we may have a small following, but we’re devoted. someone needs to pick up this show!!!

  • Silversprings

    CBS management have completely lost touch wih their audience. If CBS axe my favourite show Moonlight, I will never watch CBS again.