2008 UpFront Buzz: MOONLIGHT Cancelled, MOTHER & CHRISTINE Picked Up

GOOD NEWS: Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that CBS is said to have picked up both HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISITINE for another season. BAD NEWS: Unfortunately, MOONLIGHT wasn’t so lucky. But to steal a quote from theTVaddict.com senior writer/superstar Amrie Cunningham, “Thinking of all the shows that Jason Dohring and Alex O’Loughlin could join now that Moonlight is gone. Silver lining, folks…”

GOOD NEWS: You can follow the ABC UpFront live, via theTVaddict.com’s Twitter account. BAD NEWS: Metrics, advertising value index formulas, marketing, commercials, demographics… ZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz… you’re really not missing much!

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  • Johan

    CBS and CW programming “genius” Les Moonves’s thoughts, quoted from Variety:

    Playing to the pinstriped crowd during a wide-ranging Thursday sesh at the McGraw Hill media conference in Gotham, Moonves criticized the TV biz’s incessant focus on courting younger viewers.

    “The only upscale 18-year-olds I know are my children, and they have to come to me if they want to buy a car. It’s a bullsh*t demographic, forgive me,” he said, “that they’re the ones with the discretionary income, and the 50-year-old is thrown in the garbage. It’s one of the great old wives’ tales.”

  • Jenna

    Remember when Letterman used to make Moonves the butt of his nightly jokes, and then said Moonves came into his office and demanded, “You got a problem with me??”

    Well, Les, frankly…YES.

  • Common Sense

    Uh oh. Moonlight fans are going ballistic on TV Guide and E!. CBS is about to experience the same backlash that their same programmers dumped on part-CBS-owned The CW when they pulled Veronica Mars. CBS can still save face by simply shifting ML to CW and making everyone happy. But they’re so stubborn, you know they won’t.

  • John K.

    Since you rbought up other shows, can I be the first to say what we’re all thinking: Dohring as Ryan. As for O’Loughlin, once he gets a decent hair style, he could be unstoppable (see: The Shield).

  • I’m thinking that Jason Dohring can get back with the star power of Bell and get to making Veronica Mars season 3. Who was elected? Will they get back together? What’s up with that crazy mob boss kid? I NEED to KNOW these things!

  • Would Jason Dohring not make a phenomenally wicked villain on HEROES?

  • Sorry for Moonlight, but I’m so glad that Christine will be back!

  • Melissa

    Re: theTVaddict, Jason on Heroes?!?!
    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. GUH. Too bad it’ll never happen though, right?

    Very disappointed in CBS’s choice to cancel Moonlight. Plan on mourning the night away with ice cream and reruns.

  • Naf

    Jason Dohring: The lost Walker? Doomsday in Smallville?

  • CC

    I’m sorry but I am majorly PISSED OFF about Moonlight. It’s not right!!!

  • Josh C.

    yay for himym!!

  • gg

    How about Dohring as the other R on B&S and Alex as Doomsday on Smallvile ?

  • gg

    Or the other way around..

  • Jericho, Journeyman, Jericho again, New Amsterdam, *Men In Trees*, and now Moonlight… The falling dominoes of great or promising shows is getting depressing.

    Is anyone else feeling hesitant to even try watching new shows next season for fear of disappointment when they inevitably get cancelled? Aren’t ratings only counted for those who have a Neilsen ratings chip installed in their TV? If so, I’m tempted to not watch new shows until I know they’re going to survive and then catch up using iTunes or DVD.

    Why can’t shows at least last three seasons? That’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. These 1- and 2-year shows feel like they barely get started before their legs get chopped out from underneath them. I fear the pendulum of sustained quality is once again swinging away from TV.

  • I left out Women’s Murder Club. I knew I was forgetting another cancelled show. Urgh.

  • allie

    I am so f*#$ing angry about Moonlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have done so much better on the CW paired with say Supernatural.

  • daniel

    i cant believe that cbs axed moonlight, i thaught fox was suposed to be the axer of great shows, although i heard that fox got a newer smarter regime, maybe the old regime of axers moved to cbs. maybe cw, scifi, or possibly fox might pick up moonlight. cw so they can get viewers & last for a few more years, scifi because this with eureka would make an awsome night and possibly pickup & air an hour block of dark shadows and get rid of ecw while there at it. if fox picked it up then that would prove a regime change from axe happy sorts to possibly people with common &/or businness sense & fox wouldn’t be the worst network anymore

  • SimplyKimberly

    Todd I agree with you about being hesitant about giving new shows a chance. And I know the chances are great of having my heart shattered into a million little pieces with the coming Dollhouse – but that cast and writing staff just is too strong for me to resist.

    And CW should pick up Moonlight. It would instantly garner at least twice the viewers, if not more of any of their other shows. 7-8 million viewers is a hell of a lot to ignore.

    CBS has earned my disgust on the level of the WB and their axing of ANGEL and Everwood. Good luck winning me back there. Moonlight was one of the only shows I watched on that network. The rest I can easily give up.

  • Christy

    Ooh, ooh, I know who Jason Dohring could be…JOSEF KOSTAN ON MOONLIGHT.

    CBS needs to get their head outta their you-know-what and renew this show. The fanbase is rabid and we are PISSED.

  • Linda B.

    I’m so disappointed by this news.

    Maybe if everyone watches the last episode of Moonlight this Friday, CBS will see the awesome numbers it gets and change their mind about cancelling it.

  • Jamie Lamb

    I can’t believe CBS picked Christine over Moonlight. CBS probably just got in a pissing contest because it looked like ABC would take Christine.

    I was on the fence about Christine before – now I will be sure to NOT watch it and to NOT watch the unit

    Thanks CBS!


  • DaisyMae

    No, No, No…..not again! Everything I love, leaves. *sigh*

    Hopefully, Moonlight can find new life on another network, or even online (like “Blood Ties”).

  • Nita

    I LOVED Moonlight! Moonlight and Numbers – it was a great Friday night and I can’t believe they cancelled Moonlight. I loved Jericho, too, and they blew that as well. 🙁

  • I am soooo very up set that we have just heard that Moonlight has been cancelled. Both my Daughter and I absolutely LOVE the show. Is there any sites set up yet to sign a petition to keep the show?

  • VagrantDream

    Cancellation sucks, but it is still so ON! Anyone e-mailed the CW about picking up moonlight? Their email is feedback@CWTV.com

    Come on rabid fans. Time for the fangs to come out! 😉

  • Mark

    “I am so f*#$ing angry about Moonlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have done so much better on the CW paired with say Supernatural.”

    Agreed. If CBS and The CW were smart, they’d put Moonlight with Supernatural and Smallville with Reaper next year. Unfortunately, they aren’t smart so that will never happen.

  • EMora

    I am now firmly in the position that I WILL NOT be watching any new shows this coming season… This week I lost at least 5 shows that I regularly watched. Moonlight was the creulest blow of all – you shouldn’t hold ratings against ANY of the shows this season due to the writer’s strike. I am a strong believer that all these new shows should have automatically gotten picked up for a second season once the writer’s strike started to drag on. I mean, WTF? We don’t even get to get decent endings for half these shows that just got axed!

  • Caitlin O.

    OMG!!! I can’t believe that Moonlight was canceled!!!! It’s like the only show I watch on Friday nights!!!! CBS has lost its mind! You don’t cancel the show because the ratings dropped from the writer’s strike!!! We should at least get a few more episodes!!

  • I am so pissed off with this news! Why did damn CBS have to cancel an awesome show.Why can’t CW renew the show? Who would want to boycott CBS with me?? Is there some kind of way to convince CBS or CW to bring Moonlight back? at this point I am kind of desperate to see them renew the show.I am so tempted to say,”to hell with cbs” but csi is on cbs so i dont think i can