Spotted: The TV Addict Covers the 2008 UpFronts

In case you didn’t notice the enormous new ‘spotted’ image above, the TV Addict is up at 5:30AM this morning because I’m getting ready to head down to New York city to cover the CW and ABC Up Front presentations live and in person.

So check back throughout the day for all the latest news, celebrity stalkings sightings and hopefully photos that include myself with the casts of GOSSIP GIRL and BEVERLY HILLS 90210: THE NEXT GENERATION. Because Hey, a TV Addict can dream can’t he?

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  • Jeremey

    Variety has released the CW’s likely M-F lineup, which includes another FRIKKIN REPEAT of America’s Next Top Model on Fridays at 9pm after the two comedies.

    Am I dense, or do most people not have DVRs, VHS’s, CD recorders, iTunes, or the ability to watch the shows ONLINE, as well as TV???

    WHY? WHY? WHY is ANTM repeated, when the slot could easily have been filled with Moonlight or any of the other CW pilots which didn’t make the cut?? Dear CW: There comes a time when you have to think of your network QUALITY and REPUTATION instead of the $$ you save by repeating an 11-year (cycle) old show!!!!!!!!! You have 10 hours to fill each week now….and you’re using one of those hours for RERUN? Are you serious?

  • Josh Emerson

    The CW is such a joke. I don’t see how this network will last for very many more years. They let their highest rated show go to MyNetworkTV just because it doesn’t “fit in” with their brand, they sell off a night of programming to an ad agency, they use 1 of their 10 programming hours to air a Top Model repeat, and they overload two nights with teen dramas.

    Addict, I’m gonna be jealous if you get to meet Penn Badgley.

  • Rick

    I just read a story about how Tom & Katie were fawning all over Chace at some recent event, even inviting him into some VIP area….which supposedly left Penn steaming. The story says that “Penn” was supposed to be the “breakout male star” on Gossip Girl, but it has turned out to be Chace.

    Uh, ‘scuse me, but this is Penn’s FOURTH series on the network. He ain’t “breakin'” anything except “wind” after a burrito. He’s a nice complement to the show, but geez, Chace is in contention for best-looking male alive. And Westwick is a huge hit w/ the fans. Penn better get over himself, if the story is true.

  • Common Sense

    CBS just cancelled Moonlight, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Common Sense

    From Variety:

    “Moonlight,” meanwhile, was done in by a combination of factors. It’s understood that Eye execs were not impressed with the show’s creative development, and there was much drama and turnover behind the scenes among producers and scribes. The final straw was the show’s middling ratings perf during the past few weeks after its post-strike return.

  • daniel

    instead of airing reality crap the cw could air moonlight, jericho, new amsterdam, & an excellent scifi show 1 of the networks decides to axe, & when the cw gets top ratings, they can rub it in to the other networks who could of had the viewers but instead figured why would people want to watch great tv when they could watch reality crap instead, & then the cw will scream HA-HA! we got lotsa viewers & ya got none & then cbs & fox will be screaming D’OH