Did Allison Mack Just Get Super—Snubbed By the CW? You Decide!

super snub

Remember yesterday when I promised “some gossip on why Allison Mack fans might want to be very concerned for their favorite female heroine?” Well here’s some photographic evidence.

Each night that Network President Dawn Ostroff revealed at yesterday afternoon’s UpFront was accompanied by a photo of the show’s stars on the big screen. Unfortunately for Chloe fans, Allison Mack was quite clearly left off of the ‘SMALLVILLE shot’ to make ‘room’ for Erica Durance. Oversight? Accident? Super—Snub? I’ll leave that up to you to decide!

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  • Bob

    If she wasn’t signed on for season 8 yet when they produced this promo, why would they shoot themselves in the foot by putting her in it?!?

    It only makes sense…

  • It’s because she hasn’t signed a contract for next season yet, sheesh. For someone who worships the ground Ausiello walks on, do you even read his column?


  • shannon

    ohhh jensen and jareds faces. okay i’ll stop now.

    but um yes, i’d call that a snub. the upfronts are when they present shows to all the advertisers to get money for the ads for the next season, her missing that is never good.

  • I do not know how I can going to break it to my dad if she doesn’t sign on for next season. Last season when she “died” my dad called me in a panic.

  • 2btru

    She was also left off of the S8 cast list. They only list Tom, Kristin (for the few episodes she’s signed on for), Erica and Aaron.

    So unless this is a huge red herring (like Chloe “dying in the explosion”), it looks like Allison is out.

  • Beth

    Oh well…bye Chloe!

  • Mel

    Bob and Tim G are correct. She can’t be listed if she hasn’t signed a contract yet.

  • Sheindie

    Ostroff cancelled Everwood and short-shrifted Supernatural … so.. of course she doesn’t want Chloe on Smallville … the creators are gone, Lex, Lionel, The Kents, Lana are all gone …..Chloe is the best thing about Smallville and why they couldn’t use her talent and popularity to give her awesome storylines and more $ is beyond me…BOO to Dawn O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    Yeah, Erica is more important then Chloe. Because all the myths and other stuff. Chloe is a fan favorite and i’m glad she’s back. But i’m looking forward to see the Lois and Clark relationship, alongside with some action with the 2 new villains.