HBO Shows Now Available for Download on iTunes

hbo online itunes

As exciting as it is that HBO has finally stopped pretending the internet is a just ‘passing fad’ by making available some of their most popular shows for download on iTunes. At first glance, this TV Addict can’t help but be a tad underwhelmed.

Where is CARNIVALE, SIX FEET UNDER, THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW and JOHN FROM CINCINNATI? Sure I’m kidding about that last one. But I really was looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to appreciate [read: start watching] some of HBO’s most fascinating dramas that I may have missed in my youth.

Here’s hoping that HBO’s limited offerings are just the start a bold new [read: existent] digital strategy.

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  • The reason there’s not Six Feet Under, etc., is this:

  • Thanks for the heads up Aleks.

  • Yeah, I was afraid of this. It’s just older shows. You won’t be able to see last week’s episode of Entourage cause the football game ran long and your TiVo missed it. You can just download old episodes of shows like Sopranos. Why again?

    If someone wanted to start watching an old show like Sopranos or Deadwood I would have to believe they would simply rent the DVDs. TV on DVD makes up 80% of my Netflix queue, it’s a great watch to catch missed shows. Why in the world would you pay nearly $40 for a season of Sopranos. Another $10 and you could buy the DVDs.