First Look: J.J. Abrams’ FRINGE

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Don’t get me wrong, I worship the ground J.J. Abrams walks on and have the utmost respect for writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci. But is ‘from the writers of TRANSFORMERS” really the way FOX wants to promote FRINGE — their most buzzed about new fall show? I mean we all saw TRANSFORMERS and let’s face it, I’m not so sure the writing was the film’s selling point.

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Cr: Mark Ben Holzberg/FOX

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  • Yes, why isn’t the ad just a big picture of Pacey Witter, hmmm?

  • Tivo Queen,

    Any chance a possible FRINGE mystery might be Pacey’s ex-girlfriends apparent brainwashing by a mysterious and secretive cult?

  • I may be in the minority here, but in my opinion, Transformers didn’t have a selling point (except the title of the movie, perhaps).

    The writing for Transformers was pretty bad, but on the bright side, the directing was worse.

    So, I might give Fringe a chance, despite the writers. Oh wait, it’s a sci-fi show on Fox. I think I’ll just read the episode summaries on Wikipedia after it’s cancelled. Shouldn’t take long.

    (Wow, with all the recent cancellations, my attitude about TV is lousy right now. Apologies.)

  • blueberry

    No, we all know what the selling point of Transformers was: Megan Fox.

    Maybe Fringe can market that.

    Fringe: From the writers of the movie that had Megan Fox. Oh and a bunch of robots.

  • jess

    what is the series supposed to be about i feel so out of the loop

  • james

    hey. shia labeouf SOLD transformers.

    remember disturbia????

  • James,

    Loved DISTURBIA. TRANSFORMERS was a glorified toy commercial. That’s not to say if I wasn’t ten I wouldn’t have loved it.

    and Jess, Here’s the official FRINGE write up from FOX.

    FRINGE (Tuesdays, 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT): From J.J. Abrams (“Lost”), Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the team behind “Star Trek,” “Mission: Impossible III” and “Alias,” comes a new drama that will thrill, terrify and explore the blurring line between science fiction and reality. When an international flight lands at Boston’s Logan Airport and the passengers and crew have all died grisly deaths, FBI Special Agent OLIVIA DUNHAM (newcomer Anna Torv) is called in to investigate. After her partner, Special Agent JOHN SCOTT (Mark Valley, “Boston Legal”), is nearly killed during the investigation, a desperate Olivia searches frantically for someone to help, leading her to DR. WALTER BISHOP (John Noble, “Lord of the Rings”), our generation’s Einstein. There’s only one catch: he’s been institutionalized for the last 20 years, and the only way to question him requires pulling his estranged son PETER (Joshua Jackson, “Dawson’s Creek”) in to help. When Olivia’s investigation leads her to manipulative corporate executive NINA SHARP (Blair Brown, “Altered States”), our unlikely trio along with fellow FBI Agents PHILLIP BROYLES (Lance Reddick, “The Wire”), CHARLIE FRANCIS (Kirk Acevedo, “Oz”) and ASTRID FARNSWORTH (Jasika Nicole, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”) will discover that what happened on Flight 627 is only a small piece of a larger, more shocking truth.

  • Kristen

    So it’s kinda like Lost but on the other side.

  • nathan

    and i beg to differ about fringe being the most anticipated fox show next season. i believe dollhouse takes the first spot there. agreed?

  • shanna

    I can’t trust anything on FOX. I’m afraid if it’s not a hit, I’ll get all excited and they’ll cut it and then I’ll be pissed about not knowing the mystery.

  • Shanna,

    Have a little faith in FOX. Look how well they treated BACK TO YOU… oh wait…

    And Nathan,
    While I can’t wait for DOLLHOUSE, January is a long way away. Is it okay if FRINGE is the most anticipated new show of the Fall!?

  • babygirrr

    Can’t agree more about Transformers, the only reason I watched it was because of Shia Lebeouf. However I will watch anything Sci-Fi or Joshua Jackson related, so I am looking forward to it. My only gripe is similar to everyone else, when does Fox ever give Sci-Fi a chance anymore?

    Oh and I am a die hard Joss Whedon fan so anything he touches is gold in my eyes!